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News: all updates for our software and apps

It’s the end of October, so the busiest months in the cataloging world are coming up. As usual, we have lots of cool stuff planned for December and January: big updates for desktop and mobile, server upgrades, maybe even a Sale.

Here’s an overview of this months releases, plus some insight into what’s going on at the CLZ HQ:

  • Music Collector v15.4 for Mac: More intuitive main screen behaviour
  • Comic Collector v15.5 for Windows: Better support for TPBs and Pull Lists
  • CLZ Server Upgrades: Progress Report
  • What else is cooking?

Music Collector v15.4 for Mac:
More intuitive main screen behaviour

We have finally finished our project of improving the main screens of all Mac editions. This month, Music Collector was the 4th app to receive the new easier-to-use main screen and the re-designed Field Selection screen.

Full details and more screen shots: »»

Comic Collector v15.5 for Windows:
Better support for TPBs and Pull Lists

  • Improved support for Trade PaperBacks (TPBs)
    Catalog TPBs with full details and cover art of all contained issues, automatically downloaded from our Core online comic database. Either: 1. Create a new TPB straight from the Add Auto screen, 2. Merge existing issue entries into a TPB, or 3: Add issue details from to the Contents tab of an existing TPB entry.
  • Add Comics Automatically: new “Pull List” tab
    Manage the series on your pull list using the new Pull List tab, easily find new releases and add them to your database.
  • Other improvements to the Add Comics Automatically screen
    New Date range column in series search results, new popup “This comic is already on your wish list. Move it to your collection?”, new settings to control the downloading and updating of the Release Date and Cover Date fields.

Full details and screen shots: »»

CLZ Server Upgrades: Progress Report

Our web-dev guys Sven and Dion are working full-time to move all our online services (Core, Cloud, Connect and Barry) to a new hosting solution. Previously, everything was running on two high performance dedicated machines: one for all databases and websites, the second for all cover images.
For better performance, stability and scalability, we are now splitting up all services into multiple separate cloud-based solutions:

  • 2 servers for CLZ Barry: 1 XMPP server + 1 database server
    Status: completed on August 17.

  • 5 separate database servers for all 5 Core+Cloud databases
    Status: completed last week for movies, books, comics and games.
    The music database will be moved on Tuesday next week.

  • 5 separate storage servers / delivery networks for all cover images.
    Status: preparing the switch now. ETA: several weeks.

  • 1 new fast webserver for the Cloud, Core and Connect sites and services.
    ETA: within 2 months.

This is a costly project, not only because of the much higher monthly hosting fees, but also because of all the work involved. However, there will be no additional costs for you as a Collectorz.com customer. Just keep your Update Plan or Connect subscription active and we’ll keep your software up-and-running as smoothly as possible 🙂

What else is cooking?

Okay, so two of our developers are working on the server upgrades. But what are the other programmers working on? Here’s a glimpse of what’s cooking:

Ronald and Patrick are implementing several cool new features for the Windows and Mac versions, to be released in major version upgrades in December.

Pim, Robbert and AJ are preparing a big change on the iOS and Android side, something that will let more people experience the usefulness and fun of our mobile apps. (I know that’s vague, but that’s all I can say right now.)

I’d love to tell you more details, but it’s just too early.
Keep an eye on your inbox, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter for more info.