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News: all updates for our software and apps

CLZ Alwin here, with an important heads-up on the upcoming big updates for ALL our software editions, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Please do not skip this newsletter!

I’ll try to keep it brief and “easily digestible” 🙂 Here we go:

Coming up soon:

  • Version 15.0 for all 5 Windows editions.
  • Version 15.0 for all 4 Mac OS X editions.
  • Version 3.0 for all 5 iOS apps.
  • Version 3.0 for all 5 Android apps.

ETA: we’ll be launching all book related editions on all platforms within 3 weeks, then all movie ones, etc…. All products should be live in about 2 months.

So what’s new? -> CLZ Cloud Syncing 2.0!

For the past 8 weeks, most of the CLZ Team has been working on a new cloud syncing mechanism, updating the server code and *all* software products for all platforms.

The benefits of CLZ Cloud Syncing 2.0 :

  • Easier: One button that syncs up and/or down as needed.
  • Faster: Sync your additions and changes within a few seconds.
  • Scalable: Transfer very large databases without problems.

The new system will make it much easier to:

  • Transfer your database between devices, e.g. desktop and mobile app.
  • Update your public collection list on the Cloud.Collectorz.com site.
  • Always have an online backup of your database (!!).

Are these updates Free or Paid?

  • For Windows and Mac:
    Even though v.15.0 is a new major version number, there will be no extra fees for these updates. Just make sure your have a valid Update Plan and you will be able to download the update.
  • For iOS and Android:
    All v3.0 mobile app updates will be free for everyone who already owns an earlier version.

Some quick notes about sync compatibility:

  • The old and new system sync with the same cloud data.
  • So you can mix and match between the two, e.g. :
  • Sync up to the cloud using an old-skool desktop version …
  • … then sync down from the cloud using a modern mobile app.
  • However, you can only enjoy the Sync2.0 benefits if you use a Sync2.0 compatible version on both ends, meaning v15 on PC/Mac and v3 on mobile.

Version 15? What about Cobalt?

Okay, I admit it. Calling the current major version of our desktop software “version Cobalt” was a stupid idea. In the past 16 months it has caused a lot of confusion. We should have just called it “version 12”, which it what it was called “under the bonnet” anyway.

So we’re back to good-ole version numbers!

And to make it even simpler, we’re going to link the version numbers to the year, so that’s why the upcoming major version is going to be “version 15”, as in “2015”.
(We couldn’t resist giving version 15 a cool nickname though: “Carbon”.)

In other news:

A quick overview of the releases of the past month:

Four big updates for all Mac editions

In the last 4 weeks all 4 Mac editions have received a huge Cobalt.9 update, with:

  • Easier adding and managing of person fields (Artist, Authors, Cast, Crew, Creators, Characters, etc…
  • Fully adaptive layout of all Edit screens
  • Improved Tools / Manage Pick Lists screen
  • New “First Letter” folder options
  • More consistent Core / Cloud terminology
  • Many fixes for reported problems

To get the new Cobalt.9 version, make sure your Update Plan is still valid, then just use the Check for Updates command from your program’s menu.

CLZ Games 2.0 for Android

The fourth 2.0 update for Android, CLZ Games!

  • Now a fully stand-alone video game cataloging app.
  • Add games to your app database, by Platform & Title or by barcode.
  • Scan game barcodes with your device camera.
  • Edit your game entries right there on your Android device.
  • Added multi-panel tablet layout (next to phone layout).
  • Two-way synch data between devices through the free CLZ Cloud.

One left to go: CLZ Music. Although it looks like there will never be a CLZ Music 2.0 for Android, we’ll probably jump straight to version 3.0 for that one 🙂

Keep an eye on your inbox for the v15 and v3 announcements!