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News: all updates for our software and apps

It’s Alwin, of Collectorz.com, with the first CLZ newsletter for 2015.
2015 is gonna be the year where we’ll take our multi-platform cataloging solutions to a new level, with faster server solutions, better cloud-syncing and lots of cool and useful updates for all platform editions.

In the meantime, we have embarked upon the first step for this, one of the biggest projects in CLZ history and something that effects ALL our products and services: CLZ Cloud Syncing 2.0. More about that one in the last topic of this newsletter.

Next to the cloud project, we have also been able to bring several new releases, with many of them on the mobile front. Plus 4 big Mac releases are coming up soon:

  • Now Live: CLZ Books 2.0 for Android. Coming up: CLZ Games 2.0
  • Now Live: 5 updates for all 5 iOS apps
  • Coming up: big updates for all 4 Mac editions
  • In progress: CLZ Cloud Syncing 2.0

But first, a reminder of our currently running mobile app sale:

It’s CLZ Mobile Week: 33% discount on all mobile apps

To celebrate all the mobile releases (see below),
we made this week into CLZ Mobile Week:

  • All CLZ v2.0 cataloging apps now for EUR €9.99 (was EUR €14.99)
  • CLZ Barry barcode scanner app now for EUR €4.99 (was EUR €7.99)

To buy the apps for the Mobile Week price, just search the App Store or Play Store on your iOS or Android device for “CLZ” and pick the apps you want.

CLZ Mobile Week ends on Sunday Feb 1, 23:59 EST.

Now Live: CLZ Books 2.0 for Android. Coming up: CLZ Games 2.0

Now available in the Android Play Store: CLZ Books 2.0!

  • Now a fully stand-alone book cataloging app.
  • Add books to your app database, by Author & Title or by ISBN.
  • Scan ISBN barcodes with your device camera.
  • Edit your book entries right there on your Android device.
  • Added multi-panel tablet layout (in addition to the phone layout).
  • Two-way data syncing between devices through the free CLZ Cloud.

If you don’t own CLZ Books yet, just search the Play Store on your Android device for “CLZ Books” and buy it there. The price normally is EUR €14.99, but during CLZ Mobile week only EUR €9.99. (If you already owned v1.x, then this is a FREE update)

Next up: CLZ Games 2.0 for Android! (ETA within 2 weeks)

Now Live: 5 updates for all 5 iOS apps

Also released this month: updates for all CLZ cataloging apps for iOS, with several improvements and various bug fixes:

  • Improved Search Bar behaviour (turns blue to indicate that a search is active, new big “X” to reset search, search will auto-reset after adding or syncing)
  • More distinct icons for CLZ Cloud Syncing and Select Mode (previous icons were too similar, causing confusion).
  • All apps now use (way) less storage space.
  • iPad: now also has the alphabet sections in the list (like on iPhone).
  • Various bug fixes.

Coming up: big updates for all 4 Mac editions

  • Edit screens: new person editing grids for Artists, Authors, Cast, Crew, Creators, Characters, etc…
  • Adaptive layout of all Edit screens: no more useless grey areas on large displays.
  • New List Selector panel in Tools / Manage Pick Lists screen
  • Various other improvements and bug fixes.

In progress: CLZ Cloud Syncing 2.0

I already announced it last month, but in the meantime the work on this big project has actually started.

The benefits of the completely new syncing mechanism:

  • Easier: One Sync button that syncs up and down, depending on the changes you made.
  • Faster: Quickly sync only your added and modified entries.
  • Scalable: Synchronize large databases through the CLZ Cloud without problems.
  • Automatic: optionally sync changes immediately, right after you make them.

Our lead web-developer Robbert is currently implementing the server side mechanisms for this. Ronald, our lead client-apps developer, has started with the syncing code for the Windows editions. As soon as that is working, Patrick and Pim will program the Mac, iOS and Android modifications.

Cloud Sync 2.0 compatible versions should appear in your update screens in the course of the upcoming two months.

Talk to you next month!