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News: all updates for our software and apps

Alwin here, with the CLZ Newsletter for August. In this edition, I wanna invite you to come join me and the rest of the CLZ crew in our new Collectors groups on Facebook.

But first, let me give you a brief status update on our current projects:

Current projects:

  • New User Defined Fields system for all Mac editions
    This is now live for Movie Collector for Mac. Use Check for Updates to get it. Coming up for the 3 other Mac editions in the next few weeks.
  • Music Collector for Mac: Music file cataloging + iTunes importing
    Patrick has finished building all functionality now, just needs testing. However, with a huge update like this, testing will take at least a week.
  • FineDiner, free restaurant finder and fine-dining journal for iOS
    The app is ready and now waiting for Apple’s approval. Live within a week? Full details on our new Fine-Diner.com website.
  • Connect 2.0, a new look and feel for all Connect editions
    Still in progress and almost ready, but slightly delayed because of server side work for FineDiner that came in between. ETA: within 2 or 3 weeks?
  • New manuals and FAQs for all Windows and Mac edition
    This has been Chris’ main project for the past few months, with AJ just jumped in to help with the FAQs. Going live next week, powered by our own Manula product.

Join the CLZ crew in the “Collectors” groups on Facebook

The most popular pictures on our Collectorz Facebook page are those showing the huge collections from our users and our own. And we’re not surprised, as we too love seeing photos of rooms cramped with collectables.

So we decided to create 5 special “Collectors” groups on Facebook, one for each collection type that our software caters for. If you’re on Facebook, come join the CLZ crew and share pictures of your collection and your latest purchases:

Movie Collectors group

Show off your DVD and Blu-Ray shelves, discuss your favorite movies and drop some pics of your latest purchases.

Book Collectors group

Proud of your home library? Show us! Which books are you reading at the moment, what are your favorite authors and why?

Music Collectors group

Still buying CDs and vinyl? Same here! Come tell us about the latest additions to your collection. Pics or it didn’t happen!

Comic Collectors group

What are your favorite comic titles? Tell us about your pull list. How do you have your comics stored? Photos!

Game Collectors group

Which games are you currently playing and on which system? Show off the shiny boxes you bought. Or are you download-only?

Come meet me and the rest of the crew on Facebook!