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News: all updates for our software and apps

Alwin here, with what was meant to be the April 2014 edition of the CLZ newsletter, but ehm… let’s just call it the “early May edition”. Time flies where you’re having fun 🙂

If you’ve been following our Facebook, Google+ or Twitter feed, you have probably noticed that we’re on a roll ! SIX big releases since the last newsletter: the long awaited CLZ Movies 2.0 for Android, three big Cobalt updates for Mac and two for Windows.
And there’s more to come, including a completely new CLZ project for the fine dining enthusiasts among you: CLZ FineDiner (more info below).

On top of that: we reached an important milestone 3 weeks ago: 20,000 Update Plans !

In the meantime, 20,832 users have upgraded their software to the Cobalt version by getting one of our Update Plan options. Which brings the total number of Cobalt users to 45 thousand !
Thank you all for your continuing loyalty, much appreciated!

The topics today:

  • It’s live: CLZ Movies 2.0 for Android!
  • Coming up: CLZ FineDiner – keep track of your restaurant visits.
  • Recent Cobalt updates for Mac and Windows.
  • Upcoming Cobalt updates for Mac and Windows.

It’s live: CLZ Movies 2.0 for Android!

It’s finally here, the first of our 2.0 versions for Android: CLZ Movies 2.0:

  • Now a fully stand-alone movie cataloging app.
  • Add movies to your app database, by Title or by Barcode.
  • Scan barcodes with your device camera.
  • Edit your movie entries right there on your Android device.
  • Two-way sync data between devices through the free CLZ Cloud.
  • Now downloads movie trailers (YouTube) and backdrop images.

CLZ Movies 2.0 is now available in the Google Play Store or the Amazon AppStore for US $14.99.
(if you already own CLZ Movies for Android, then this is a FREE update)

Coming up: CLZ FineDiner – keep track of your restaurant visits

I am very excited to finally tell you about this, a completely new CLZ project that’s been cooking for a while and now has the full attention of four CLZ team members:
* CLZ FineDiner, a diary app for gourmets/foodies to keep track of their visits to fine-dining restaurants.

The FineDiner app will have access to our own central online database of high end restaurants (most of them Michelin awarded) and comes with free and fully automatic 2-way CLZ Cloud syncing.

And here’s a fun fact: We’re doing this project in collaboration with Neil Cameron, the first-ever Collectorz.com customer (back in 1996) and now a good friend of ours! How cool is that?

Recent Cobalt updates for Mac and Windows:

A quick overview of all recent feature updates for the Cobalt versions, just click the links for full details and screen shots.

Music Collector Cobalt.4 for Windows

  • Add Albums Automatically : easily add vinyl (and CDs) by searching Discogs by Catalog Number.
  • Extra vinyl-specific fields: RPM, Vinyl color, Vinyl weight and Media Condition
  • Improved support for classical music : Composition, Conductor, Orchestra and Chorus fields now all allow multiple values (and are now on a separate “Classic” tab).
  • Add Albums Automatically: new Cobalt Compact template for Preview panel

Details and screens »»

Game Collector Cobalt.4.1 for Windows

  • Publisher and Developer fields now allow multiple values
  • New Cobalt Compact template for Preview panel of Add Games Automatically screen

Details and screens »»

Book Collector Cobalt.3 for Mac

  • Add Books Automatically: Now recognizes 23 million ISBNs!
  • New: Automatically catalog eBook files by scanning your computer.
  • Add Books Automatically: New Cobalt Compact template.

Details and screens »»

Movie Collector Cobalt.3.1 for Mac

  • Multi-format support: you can now select multiple formats for movies and/or set the Format at the Disc level.
  • Improved layout of Edit Movie screen, with separate Edition and Edition Specs tabs.
  • New Cobalt Compact template for Preview panel of Add Movies Automatically

Details and screens »»

Comic Collector Cobalt.4 for Mac

  • Add Comics Automatically: New Quick Fill popup when adding comics.
  • Fully configurable Update Comics Automatically feature.
  • Add Comics Automatically: New Cobalt Compact template for Preview panel.

Details and screens »»

Upcoming Cobalt updates for Mac and Windows:

Music Collector Cobalt.4 for Mac, with automatic music file cataloging

This will not come as a surprise, after our recent Mac updates of Movie and Book Collector for Mac that added automatic movie file and e-book file cataloging.

Patrick is now working on Music Collector, the biggest project of the three:

Automatic folder scanning and auto-cataloging of music files (MP3, M4A, FLAC, WMA, etc..), using all available meta information from the file tags (ID3v1, ID3v2, etc…).

Flexible user defined fields system for all Windows Cobalt versions

The new User Defined Fields system will let you define your own extra fields, of any type (text, number, pick list, date, etc…) and as many as you want.

Ronald is working on this and making good progress. He will soon be able to release a new version of Music Collector for Windows that contains this feature. After that, the new flexible system will find its’ way to the other Windows versions, then all our other editions, including the CLZ Cloud / Connect.

That’s all for today!