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Collectorz.com user attains Guinness World Record

February 28th, 2014

Hi all!

It’s a short month, so here I (Alwin) am already, with the Feb ’14 edition of the CLZ Newsletter. Today’s newsletter will focus on one of our customers, Michael Thomasson, who has attained the official Guiness World Record for “Largest Video Game Collection”!

But first, let me give you a super-compact overview of what the CLZ Team is working on at the moment:

  • Robbert and Ronald: Updates for all Windows editions, with a new Cobalt Compact template for Add Auto, plus other program-specific new features.
    Their Movie Collector update is already live, more info below.

  • Pim and AJ: CLZ Movies 2.0 for Android. Add Movies screen is finished (inc barcode scanning!), working on Edit screen and two-way CLZ Cloud syncing now.
  • Patrick: Big update of Book Collector for Mac, with automatic e-book cataloging features and the new Cobalt Compact templates for Add Auto.
  • Robbert and Dion: a complete redesign of Connect, with a more modern look that automatically adapts to desktop, tablet and phone screens.
  • Rowdy and Martin: Quality checking all movie and edition cover images in our online movie database, replacing all small and low-quality images with better ones.
  • Chris: A complete rewrite of all manuals of our Windows and Mac editions, using our own online manual software Manula.

Okay, on to the biggest video game collection… in the world…

Game Collector user Michael Thomasson now holds the Guiness World Record for “Largest Video Game Collection”

This is Michael Thomasson, and he is the holder of the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Video Game Collection” : 10,607 video games!. And that’s only including his console games (for some reason Guinness doesn’t count PC games).

Since the official count, Michael’s collection has grown to over 11,000 games and of course, Michael uses Game Collector to keep track of it all!

Here’s what Michael says about Game Collector:

“Game Collector is amazing and does all the heavy lifting allowing for quick entry complete with all the glorious details. After making the transition, I could never go back to simple black lines in a text block when Game Collector gives me full color box artwork, game description, developer/publisher data, and more.

I threw over 11,000 plus titles at it and the program organized, classified, expanded and displayed every entry in record time. The sorting options to filter and output are mind-boggling. What I personally most enjoyed is the display aspect. it me made me PROUD to show my collection. I can’t haul around 11K worth of games, and showing someone a list is boring. When I was a kid I used to place all my Moon Knight comics on the floor side by side to display. Game Collector software brought back that feeling.

So, stop the pain of stumbling through a spreadsheet and discover the joy that is Game Collector software. I can’t recommend the program enough and regret not putting it to use much sooner.”

Movie Collector Cobalt.4.1 for Windows

Last week, we released a huge update of Movie Collector for Windows, version Cobalt.4.1. Here what’s new in this version:

  • Multi-Format support:
    • The Format field is now a checkbox-list, allowing multiple values, (e.g. select Blu-Ray Disc and DVD for those multi-disc releases).
    • On top of that, you can now also set the Format at the Disc level, so that you can indicate which disc is the Blu-Ray one and which disc is the DVD.
    • Of course, the Cobalt and Metro templates now fully support multiple formats, showing multiple format icons at the top and new format indicators for each disc.

  • New “Cobalt Compact” preview template for Add Auto screen:
    • Look and feel based on regular Cobalt template.
    • Designed to easily spot the correct movie and edition.
    • Responsive design makes the template usable and good looking, whatever the width of your Preview panel.
    • Available in both Light and Dark styles.

More screen shots »»

The new Cobalt Compact template will soon find its’ way to the Windows, Mac, iOS and Android editions of our product series. First up: Comic Collector for Windows.

Talk to you next month (or earlier if you’re on Facebook, Twitter or Google+),

Alwin Hoogerdijk