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Feb 2013 newsletter: Updates for the iOS, Windows and Mac editions

February 27th, 2013

We’re nearing the end of February, the shortest month of the year.
But still, we were able to push out a lot of important releases (7 in total!).

  • CLZ Books 2.0 for iOS available in the App Store
  • 9.1 releases of both Movie and Book Collector for Windows
  • Maintenance updates for all four Mac editions

And this is what the CLZ team is working on now:

  • 2.1 versions for all 4 iOS apps
  • Movie Collector 9 for Mac OS X !!

Let me (Alwin) go into more details for all of the above:

CLZ Books 2.0 for iOS available in the App Store

Programmer Pim is still going strong in our big iOS apps two point oh project.
So here’s number 4: CLZ Books 2.0 for iOS.
You know the drill by now, so here a quick list of the new 2.0 stuff:

  • Add books by Author & Title or by “camera-scanning” ISBN barcodes.
  • Edit your book collection and wish list entries
  • Synchronize two-ways with the Book Collector software through Connect.
  • CLZ Books is now a universal iPhone + iPad app

Click here for more information and screens.

9.1 releases of both Movie and Book Collector for Windows

In these 9.1 updates, we added integrated support for our CLZ Barry wireless barcode scanner app, so that you don’t need to use the Buddy tool anymore. Just connect with CLZ Barry straight from your Add Automatically screen!

In Movie Collector, we also added the much requested configuration settings for the Update Auto feature. E.g. to update Cast & Crew images, but not Episodes.

Of course, these 9.1 updates are *free* for all v9 license holders.

Maintenance updates for all four Mac editions

Collectorz.com Mac softwareOur Mac programmer Patrick has been assisting Pim on the iOS 2.0 updates for
quite a while. But with that project nearing completion, Patrick is now back
on Mac OS X development full-time! This month saw the first results of that…

Four important updates of all four Mac editions (Movie, Music, Book & Comic),
fixing *all* the bugs, annoyances and cosmetic issues reported by you all.
So these updates come highly recommend! Use Check for Update ASAP.

Now, let’s look at what we’re working on now, and which updates
and upgrades you can expect from us in the upcoming months:

Coming up: 2.1 versions of all 4 iOS apps

As stated above, four of our iOS apps have gotten the 2.0 treatment now. But before we proceed with number five (CLZ Games), we decided to spend some time to get the existing four to a higher level with 2.1 updates:

What’s new in the 2.1 app for iOS?

  • Add screen: New option to directly add to Collection or Wish List.
  • New “multi-select screen”, to select entries for batch operations:
    • New: Update Automatically feature: update from the online database.
    • New: Remove multiple entries in one go.
  • Redesign of item lists (format icons, seen it/read it icons, etc…)
  • New A-Z quick-scroll bars in all folder lists.
  • CLZ Comics: Support for Preview Art
  • CLZ Movies: New Data Language setting (to get plots in other languages)

We’re planning to submit the 2.1 apps before the weekend. Live next week?

Movie Collector 9 for Mac OS X !!

Last but not least: Work has started on the Mac edition of Movie Collector NINE! If you have been following the news about the Windows counterpart, you already know what to expect. Full details will be disclosed to members of our MOVIE9MAC Preview Club in next 5 weeks.

About v9 for Mac:

  • What will it cost? -> The upgrade to v9 will cost US $24.95 (or EUR 19.95).
  • But I just purchased! -> The upgrade will be free for everyone who purchased v8 in the last 3 months before the v9 release.
  • Do I *have to* upgrade? -> No, the upgrade is completely optional.

Stay frosty,