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Yes, the improving covid situation in the Netherlands means we are back at the office!

The return to the office did not exactly go as planned though… Today, we arrived at the office to find part of the ceiling had collapsed. The storms over Amsterdam had dislodged some of the roof tiles, causing lots of rainwater on top of the ceiling.
The result, one dead Mac (an old one, phew), 2 dead keyboards, 2 dead magic mice, and some DVDs with water damage. Luckily our main computers were safe and dry.

Some pictures of the mess:

In the meantime, the roof tiles have been fixed. We still have a hole in the ceiling though.

But, even with the bad start, it is great to be back at the office! For now, Sytske, AJ and I are there full-time. The rest of the team is joining us at the office 2 or 3 days each week, working from home on the other days.