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At Collectorz.com customer support, we’re regularly seeing confusion about Core, Cloud and Connect, the 3 C’s of Collectorz.com online. So I figured I’d write a clear explanation.

Here it is (including a sneak preview of next week’s Christmas Sale):

What is Core?

Core is the central online database with OUR item data and cover images

In other words, Core is the source of the automatic data and images you get when using the Add Automatically feature in any of our cataloging solutions.

The desktop versions have various Report to Core features for letting us know about missing entries and for reporting and submitting data errors.

What is the CLZ Cloud?

The CLZ Cloud is the cloud storage and syncing system for YOUR collection data

The CLZ Cloud is available for FREE for everyone. To start using it, just login to your account at my.clz.com and click the green “Activate” button.

The CLZ Cloud can be used for:

  • Syncing your data between devices
    E.g. to get your collection data from the desktop to your mobile app.

  • Backing up your collection data online
    Just sync up once in while and you’ll always have a backup in case of local database problems.

  • Publishing your collection list online (optional)
    Your cloud data can optionally be made visible on the cloud.collectorz.com site for online browsing. Browse our demo online movie collection here.
    (You can control your “Cloud visibility” from your account at my.clz.com.

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6-month “keep-alive” policy:
Usage of the CLZ Cloud is free and for as long as you want. That is, if you actually use it. For performance reasons, we’re using a 6-month “keep-alive” policy. Which basically means that if you sync or login at least once every 6 months, we will keep your data online. After 6 months of inactivity, your data will be removed.

What is Connect?

Connect is our online cataloging SOFTWARE

With Connect, you can manage your collection online, using just your web-browser. It has the familiar look of your public CLZ Cloud pages, but with full adding and editing capabilities.

The benefits of using Connect:

  • The Connect software can be used by just logging in to the Connect website.
  • No need to download or install software on your computer or mobile device.
  • Updates are fully automatic and included in the subscription fees.
  • Your data is stored in the CLZ Cloud. Automatically daily backups too.

Connect can be used in two ways:

  1. Stand-alone : Connect can be a fully stand-alone alternative to using the desktop software or the mobile apps. (we have thousand of users who only use Connect!).
  2. As an add-on : Connect is also perfect companion software to your desktop or mobile edition, that can be used to directly edit your CLZ Cloud data, from anywhere, any computer or mobile device.

Wanna give Connect a try? Great, here’s how:

  • Go to the Connect site here
  • Choose the app you want (Music, Movie, Book, Comic or Game Connect).
  • Click the Login button top right and login with your existing CLZ Account.
  • Click the Free Trial button to activate your 30-day trial period.
    (Don’t worry, after the 30 days, your trial subscription will automatically revert back to the free CLZ Cloud level.)

INSIDER TIP: A Connect Christmas Sale is coming next week, so if you’re interested in getting a Connect subscription, wait just 7 days! 🙂

So to summarize…

  • Core is our online data.
  • CLZ Cloud is your online data.
  • Connect is online software.

Thanks for listening!