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Server performance problems resolved!

December 12th, 2013

CLZ Alwin here, with a quick FYI:

In the past week, we have had severe performance problems and even several downtime periods on one of our servers. To be specific: the problem server was the one than runs our central online databases, the CLZ Cloud, the Connect software and the Barry server.

Because of these server problems, you may have experienced:

  • Slow searches in the Add Automatically screen of your Windows, Mac or iOS software.
  • Extremely slow syncing up to or down from the the CLZ Cloud / Connect.
  • Sluggish behaviour and even page errors while using the Connect software.
  • Problems sending barcodes to your PC or Mac from CLZ Barry.

Sadly, it took us longer than normal to find what was causing the problems…

However, yesterday evening we found the cause and we were able to get everything fixed early this morning. So I am happy to report that everything is lightning fast again!

My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

BTW: for instant notifications about problems like this, make sure your are liking, following or “plussing” us on at least one of these social channels: