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Collectorz.com CoreThe book and music editions have been live for a while, so now it’s time to do Core for Movies.

Core for Movies is a new system that lets Movie Collector users help each other by improving the quality and completeness of our central online movie database.

And unlike the book and music editions, Core for Movies does not require you to submit the movie data to us. Instead, you only need to report which movies or barcodes are missing or which movies contain data errors. Our content guys Martin and Rowdy will do the work for you 🙂

Today, the first part of Core of Movies was launched: Report missing movies.

Report missing movies

The Missing Movies part of Core is a new service from Collectorz.com, where we do the work for you. Whenever you search for a movie in our online database (in Movie Collector, Connect or CLZ Movies) and can’t find it, just use the Missing Movie form to let us know which movie is missing.

Our content managers Martin and Rowdy will then add the movie for you, with as much details as possible, within one workday, guaranteed.

Report your missing movies here

Important: Connect account required

To be able to report missing movies and barcode, or to report data errors, you need a Connect account. Of course, a free Connect account is sufficient and can be easily created by anyone. This requirement introduces a small extra step that will hopefully discourage bogus reports.

It also lets us track Core reports per user, allowing us to:

  1. Reward especially helpful users.
  2. Block users who are only sending bogus or otherwise useless data.

Coming up next

The “Missing Movies” system is only the first part of Core for Movies.
Coming up next:

  • Report missing barcode.
  • Report data errors.