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News: all updates for our software and apps

As you are probably aware, a new major version of
Movie Collector for Windows, version NINE, is coming soon!

Next week, we will start revealing the full feature list, including many
sneak preview screen shots, but *only* to members of our V9 Preview Club.

So this is your last chance to become a member of this V9 Preview club.

Joining is free, just use this form:

Over the next 4 weeks, Club members will receive 5 emails, with full feature
descriptions, sneak preview screen shots and my guarantee that you will be the
first to hear about the version 9 launch.

Some answers to common questions about version 9:

  • When will v9 go live? -> We are currently aiming to release on December 11.
  • What will it cost? -> The upgrade to v9 will cost US $24.95 (or EUR 19.95).
  • But I just purchased / upgraded to v8! -> The upgrade will be free for everyone who purchased v8 in the last 3 months before the v9 release.
  • Do I *have to* upgrade? -> No, the upgrade is completely optional.
  • What about Mac? -> A similar upgrade for Mac is planned for early 2013.

Don’t miss out on these five v9 emails, so that in December you have all
the information you need to make your “upgrade or not” decision.