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News: all updates for our software and apps

We have just released Music Collector 10 for Mac OS X.

What’s New in version 10?

  • New: Cover Flow view, browse your album covers in a cool looking 3D cover flow.
  • New: Backdrop support, set album background images for use in the details panel.
  • New: Collection Statistics (pie and bar charts) integrated in main screen.
  • Improved Wish List functionality (In Collection / Wish List tabs).
  • Multiple main screen layout options.
  • New V10 templates for Details View and Add Auto Preview.
  • New: Re-designed toolbar icons and buttons.
  • New: Find Cover Image screen, find missing covers online using Google Images.
  • Re-Designed Loan Manager screen, with scanner support.
  • New: Support for CD Box Sets, group albums in Box Sets.
  • Save your own field sets for Columns, Sort Order and Folders.
  • New: Automatic Capitalization of Album Titles.
  • New: Automatic Sort Titles.
  • Improved Add Albums Automatically screen.
  • Improved Layout of Edit Album screen.

This is the fourth major upgrade for one of our Mac titles. Comic, Movie and Book Collector have already been updated and released previously.
Our Mac programmer will now start on a completely new product for Mac: Game Collector! This title is now a Windows only tool but we will release its brand new Mac counterpart later this year.
Stay tuned.