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Connect Sync & Share

Today, we have great news for our loyal Collectorz.com customers.
So don’t skip this blog post, it’s too important to miss. Here we go:

In July 2009, we launched Connect, our fully online cataloging and sharing software for movies, books, music, comics and video games. During the past 3 years, we have been continuously improving Connect, adding more features, improving performance and polishing the user interface.

By now, more and more new customers are opting for just Connect, using only the online software to catalog their collections.
On top of that, a lot of users of the desktop editions for PC & Mac, have added a Connect subscription, to share their collection list with friends and family and to manage their collection data from other computers and from mobile devices (e.g. their iPad).

However, we are so proud of Connect, that we want even more desktop users to enjoy Connect.
We want more users to experience the usefulness of accessing their database from anywhere, from any device and the joys of sharing their collection data online.

So we are going to make a big change (starting next week):

  • We will launch a new Connect subscription type, called Connect Sync & Share.
    Sync & Share is a basic Connect edition, created for desktop users who just
    want to sync their collection online and share it with friends, but wish to
    keep using their desktop software to manage (add/edit) their database.
    In short, Sync & Share is Connect without the adding and editing features.

  • Sync & Share will be FREE for PRO users of the *latest* desktop edition.
    That’s right, FREE! If you own a PRO license for the latest version of our
    desktop software you’re entitled to a FREE lifetime Sync & Share subscription!

Movie Collector Connect

Comic Collector Connect

Movie Collector Connect

Comic Collector Connect

The small print:

  • Connect Sync & Share subscriptions include all browsing, viewing, sorting,
    searching, sharing, Facebook, Twitter and statistics features of Connect.
    But NOT the Add feature and NOT the Edit feature.
    In other words, you will be able to upload your collection online, access your
    own collection from anywhere, any device and share the list with friends.
    However, you will need to do your data additions and modifications offline,
    with your trusted desktop software, then re-sync to Connect.

  • To be eligible for a free life-time Sync & Share subscription, you need a
    PRO license of the *latest* version of your desktop software. To be precise: 

    • Movie Collector 8 PRO for Windows or Mac
    • Book Collector 8 PRO for Windows or Mac
    • Comic Collector 5 PRO for Windows or Mac
    • Music Collector 9 PRO for Windows OR Music Collector 3 PRO for Mac
    • Game Collector 4 PRO for Windows

  • Connect Sync & Share subscriptions are free for life. Once activated with
    your PRO license key, you will have lifetime usage of the service.
    HOWEVER, to ensure performance and to make sure we don’t run out of diskspace,
    we will have to employ a 3-month “keep-alive” system for online data storage.
    Which basically means that you will have to either log-in to your account OR
    re-sync your data at least once every 3 months to keep your data online.
    For clarity, if you haven’t logged in or synced for 3 months, we will
    remove your online data, but not your account. A simple up-sync from the
    desktop edition will make sure you’re up-and-running again.

  • Of course, if you are already subscribed to the *full* Connect software,
    you will keep access to your adding and editing features, and you can
    continue to manage your collection online. If you wish, you can “downgrade”
    to a free “Sync & Share” subscription once your full subscription expires.

The new Connect Sync & Share subscriptions will be launched for all 5 Connect
editions in the upcoming weeks, app by app, starting with the Comics edition.
You will be notified by email with full instructions, so watch your inbox!

Book Collector Connect

Game Collector Connect