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News: all updates for our software and apps

Collectorz.com Mac softwareIt’s finally happening, a new major version of Book Collector for Mac OS X!
Completely rewritten *from scratch*, with a faster database system,
a more Mac-like user interface and of course, many new features.

And it’s *very* close now, because development is going so smooth that we will be able to release it 3 weeks earlier than originally planned!

Current ETA of Book Collector 8 for Mac is: Tuesday March 6, 2012.

What’s New in Book Collector V8 for Mac?

Here’s a quick bullet list of everything new:

  • Add Books Automatically: Faster, Better and More data (inc. back covers!).
  • New: Find Cover Image screen, find missing covers online using Google Images.
  • Re-Designed Loan Manager screen, with scanner support.
  • New: Support for Author Pseudonyms / Pen Names.
  • New: Support for book Box Sets.
  • New: Backdrop support, set background images for the Details Panel.
  • New: Cover Flow view, browse your book covers in a cool looking 3D cover flow.
  • New: Collection Statistics (pie and bar charts) integrated in main screen.
  • Improved Wish List functionality (In Collection / Wish List tabs)
  • Save your own field sets for Columns, Sort Order and Folders.
  • New: Automatic Capitalization of book Titles.
  • New: Automatic Sort Titles.
  • Improved Layout of Edit Book screen.
  • Multiple main screen layout options.
  • New V8 templates for Details View and Add Auto Preview

We have prepared a V8 Sneak Preview page with more information and the first screen shots.
Join the Collectorz.com Mac Club to get instant access to this page:

Questions and Answers

When will Book Collector 8 for Mac be released?

We are currently aiming for March 6, 2011.

How much will the upgrade cost?

Upgrading to Book Collector 8 will cost US $24.95 (or €19.95).

(It doesn’t matter which version you own now.)

If you happen to have purchased Book Collector 3 in the last 3 months before the V8 release, you will get the upgrade free. As soon as Book Collector 8 is available, you will automatically be contacted with instructions on how to get your free V8 license key.

Is the upgrade mandatory? Can I keep using my old version?

The upgrade to V8 is fully optional. If you don’t want to upgrade,
or just not now, then you are welcome to keep using your current version.
However, only by upgrading to V8 can you enjoy all improvements that we
are continously doing to both the software and the online book database.

Will my current CLZ Books mobile app still work with V8?

Yes, your existing CLZ Books app is fully supported in V8.

Will version 8 still let me upload my books to Book Collector Connect?

Yes, Connect is here to stay and V8 fully supports it.