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News: all updates for our software and apps

Collectorz.com Mac softwareAs you know, Movie Collector 8 for Mac is live and has already received a
number of maintenance builds to fix bugs and tweak the user interface.
Movie Collector 8 for Mac screen shots.

Also, we released a nice update of Comic Collector for Mac (v5.2), introducing
the Backdrops feature, the new toolbar and the Field Defaults screen:
Comic Collector 5 for Mac screen shots

So what’s up next?

First, our lead developer Ronald is enjoying a well-deserved 3 week vacation.
In the meantime, Patrick has started on Book Collector 8 for Mac OS X!

And he’s making good progress. The Add Books Automatically and Edit Book screens
are finished and Patrick is now completing all main screen functionality.
We’re still aiming to release Book Collector 8 for Mac near the end of March.

Ronald will be back at the office (on February 7), well rested and full
of energy after 3 weeks in Vietnam. He will continue the work on both
Movie Collector and Comic Collector, to add more functionality, like
a Loan Manager, Field Names screen, and better search functionality.

To stay up-to-date with our progress on the Mac editions, join the Collectorz.com Mac Club: