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News: all updates for our software and apps

It’s finally here, Movie Collector 8 for Mac OS X!
For Movie Collector 8, we focused on:

** More and better automatic data for movies:
IMDb ratings, movie trailers, movie posters, movie backdrops and more plot summaries (in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish).

** More and better automatic data for more TV Series and their episodes:
Full episode lists with: titles, air dates, plots, runtimes, writers, directors, guest cast and screen grab images.
( and yes, you *can* use Update Movies Automatically to auto-download the extra data to your existing database entries! )

But that’s not all.

Version 8 is a complete “rewrite from scratch”, bringing a more Mac-like user interface, a completely new set of toolbar icons, and many new features.

* New: Movie Backdrops (movie-specific background images) for Details Panel.
* New: Find Cover Image screen, find missing covers online using Google Images.
* New: Cover Flow view, browse your movies in a cool looking 3D image browser.
* New: Collection Statistics (pie and bar charts) integrated in main screen.
* Improved Wish List functionality, All/Collection/Wish List tabs in main screen.
* Box Set support, indicate which movies are in a box, set box level properties.
* Save your own field sets for Columns, Sort Order and Folders.
* New: Automatic Capitalization of Movie Titles.
* New: Automatic Sort Titles.
* Improved layout of Edit Movie screen.
* Multiple main screen layout options.
* New V8 templates for Details Panel and Add Auto Preview.

The full What’s New list with screen shots is here.

When you’re on Mac and want to start organizing your DVDs, now is the time.
The complete overview of features with loads of screenshots can be found on this page. Wanna give Movie Collector for Mac a test drive, sign up to receive the trial software.

Existing Movie Collector Mac users have already received their personal upgrade link in their inbox. If you have misplaced that email or deleted it, use the special upgrade page to upgrade to the latest and greatest with 50% discount.

Movie Collector version 8 for Mac was released on December 27.
Here’s some examples of feedback we received about Vee Eight.

Malcolm Hansman via Facebook:
“The more I play around with the update to Mac Movie Collector, the more I like it. You guys did an awesome job this time.
Everyone needs to get this update.”

Robert Martin, via Twitter:
“@collectorz I had a nice and smooth upgrade to Movie Collector 8 for Mac OS X! Thanks for the awesome software.”

Olivier Glod via Twitter:
“@collectorz Thnx for the hassle-free upgrade to Movie Collector V8 for Mac.Love the new interface!”

Glenn Mark Feldwick via Facebook:
“Once again you guys amaze me. I upgraded from V3 to V8, and am so bloody happy with the ability to match missing covers from the internet!
Its the one thing that has bugged me for years. Great work.”

@seekerofpower via Twitter:
“good day for my movie collection thanks to @collectorz for the big update, it’s incredible the amount of new info for movies and TV series”