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This week, our support guys received a Barry question that worries me a bit.

Here it is:

“Will CLZ Barry also work with my Collectorz.com software?”

Wow… Have I been focusing too much on Barry’s general applicability?
(“send scanned barcodes to any program, any textbox on your PC or Mac”)

Of course, CLZ Barry will work seamlessly with ALL Collectorz.com programs,
for PC and Mac, ANY version, including the Connect editions:

  • Barry will instantly send scanned barcodes to the Barcode box of your
    Add Automatically screen (with the help of his friend Buddy).
    Buddy will even automatically “press” the “Search Now” button for you.
  • OR: you can use CLZ Barry’s “offline” mode to scan multiple barcodes, then
    send the entire batch to the Queue Mode of your Add Auto screen in one go.

Wait a minute, Barry’s “offline” mode? What’s that?

In Offline Mode:

  • All scanned barcodes are automatically remembered/queued for later sending.
  • Click the Send button (bottom left) to select multiple or all barcodes.
  • Now you can send the selected barcodes to any program in batch.

  • Alternatively:
    • Send selected barcodes by email.
    • Save selected barcodes to a TXT file and transfer it using iTunes.
    • Send selected barcodes in a text message (SMS).