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News: all updates for our software and apps

2 questions we were getting more and more often:

  • How can I buy multiple licenses or barcode scanners in one go? (preferably at a discount)
  • Can I get some extra discount if I buy Movie Collector and Book Collector at the same time?

Not anymore. As of yesterday, our Collectorz.com shop has built-in and automatically applied Quantity and Bundle discounts.

Quantity discounts

The new Shopping Cart now has a simple selector for the quantity. Increase the quantity and it automatically lowers the unit price.
For example, buy 5 Book Collector licenses plus 5 C37 scanners and get US $116,25 discount!

Here’s how unit prices drop for several example quantities:

Quantity discounts for Connect subscriptions

We are now also using the same quantity discount system for Connect subscriptions.
One year is still US $19.80, but you can now get a 3-year subscription for only US $46.80:

Bundle discounts

Now the good news is, for the Pro and Standard quantity discounts, we allow mixing.
For example, if you buy Movie Collector, Book Collector and Comic Collector together, it counts as quantity THREE, which results in a US $24.90 bundle discount:

BTW: You can add extra Collectorz.com products to your cart in the second step of the ordering process. Alternatively, start your own custom order in the main Collectorz.com shop.