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Music Connect

Many new database fields!

June 10th, 2021

After a few months of hard work by web-developer Stijn and UI designer / tester AJ, we can finally release this major upgrade of the Music Connect software, with many new fields and features.

Musicians, Credits, Headers in track lists, Composition, Chorus, etc..!

Discs and Tracks

Group your tracks under “Headers”

It is now possible to add “Headers” to your track lists, which is a new way to group tracks. This was requested by many vinyl collectors (for grouping track under “Side A” and “Side B” headers), and also by classical music lovers, for indicating compositions.

On the Tracks tab of the Edit Album screen, use the Add Header button at the bottom to add a header. Then either drag existing tracks to move them “under” the header, or use the “Add Track” button in the header bar to add new tracks under that header.

Storage fields per disc

At the same, we added two new fields for the Disc entries: Storage Device and Slot. Super useful if you want to track the location of each disc of multidisc albums, e.g. for carousel devices or sleeves in binders.

People tab: Credits and Musicians

Completely new for Music Connect, the People tab, for listing album credits and musicians.


On the left, list the credits for the album:

  • Songwriters
  • Producers
  • Engineers


On the right, list the musicians / band members, including the instruments they play.
TIP: you can set the instrument in the Musician entry itself, so that each time you use this Musician under an album, it will auto-fill the instrument field.


New Classical tab, with the existing Composer, Conductor and Orchestra fields and two new fields:

  • Composition
  • Chorus

Box Sets

Box Sets are a new way to group albums, a new solution to catalog big boxes containing multiple albums (each album in their own jewel case with their own cover).

To group albums into a Box Set, just add the albums as separate entries in your database, then for all albums, set their Box Set field to the same value.
Tip: Edit the Box Set entry using the pencil icon to set the Name, Sort Name, Barcode, Release Date and Front and Back Cover images!

BTW: Music Connect already supported multi-disc albums, which is still the best way to to catalog albums with multiple discs.

Other fields

Finally, two other fields that were still missing, compared to our legacy Music Collector desktop software:

  • Subtitle
  • SPARS code, indicating analog vs digital for recording, mixing and mastering of CDs, e.g. AAD, ADD, DAD and DDD.