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CLZ Comics (Android)

CLZ Comics 9 Feature Hilite: the new “Check Value” screen

December 5th, 2023

Last week, we released version 9.0 of the CLZ Comics mobile app, our biggest update ever! So big in fact, that you may not even have checked out all the new features.
To help you get started with all new stuff, I am going to do three “v9 feature hilite” emails, each one highlighting one of the three big features of this update.

Today, we’re gonna take a look at the CovrPrice related improvements, for getting comic values in your CLZ App.

New in CLZ Comics v9: the Check Value screen!

Up until v9, the CovrPrice integration has all about getting values for the comics in your collection. Super useful of course, but… since launch, a common question from CovrPrice subscribers has been:

“How can I quickly check the value of a comic that is not in my collection?”

And they’re right. There’s other situations in which you may want to check a comic’s actual value, e.g. when you are looking at a comic you may want to buy.

Before v9, our recommendation has always been: “Either use the CovrPrice.com website, OR, create a “Temp” collection in your app and add the comic there so that you can see the value”.

But not anymore! CLZ Comics 9.0 brings a new “Check Value” screen, that lets you quickly check a value of a comic, either by scanning its barcode, or by using the super-fast issue search. Just set it to Raw or Slabbed, pick a grade and go!

To use the “Check Value” screen, open the menu and choose “Check Value” from the CovrPrice section.

Super useful when checking eBay for your missing issues, or when browsing through the dollar bin at your LCS!

Check value by Barcode:

Check value by Issue:

New in CLZ Comics v9: Value Totals for each issue list

Another common request from CovrPrice subscribers: How can I see the total value for a Series? Or per Storage Box? Or per Publisher?

So with v9 we resolved that too: all issue lists in the app now feature a CP value total at the top right! Combined with the Folder tool, this gives you values for any sub-selection of your collection you can think of, per Series, or per Storage Box, per Cover Artist, per Grading Company, per Tag, etc…