Music Collector for Windows updates

What's new in Music Collector for Windows ?

Version 17.0 build 2 (released on February 16, 2017) :


  • Images popup now also supports "Size Picture to Window without stretching" option
  • Quick search: suggestions now also are shown when searching on "Title" field


  • Main Screen:
  • Quick Search: applying a filter could cause unexpected behaviour
  • Images Popup:
    • the status bar wasn't always showing the right image path when opening
    • .bmp images were not showing
  • CueCat scanner wasn't working properly any more

Version 17.0 build 1 (released on February 14, 2017) :

Quick Search: Search-As-You-Type suggestions

Instantly find and select a particular album in your local database:

  • In the Quick Search box, just start typing the first few letters of the artist or title you are looking for.
  • While typing, a drop-down list will appear, showing the first five matching albums.
    (for most albums, it only takes 2 or 3 letters before it shows up.)
  • Once you see the one you were looking for, use the up/down keys to select it, then hit Enter.
  • The album will now be selected in your list, with the details showing in the Details Panel.

Quick Search: Search Field selector

Narrow down your searches to a particular field, e.g. search in Title only, or Notes only:

  • Click the new arrow button to the left of the Quick Search box.
    A list of search fields will appear.
  • Now pick the field you want to search in.
  • Use the Quick Search box as you normally would to search in this field only.

New Multi-Image-Viewer pop-up

Easily browse all images attached to a album:

  • In the album details panel, click an image to open it in the new Multi-Image-Viewer popup.
  • Click the thumbnails on the left (or just use up/down keys) to browse through all images attached to the album:
    front cover, back cover, backdrop and all other image files.
  • No more need to close the popup and click to re-open for the next image.

Version 16.4 build 4 (released on January 04, 2017) :


  • Edit Album: Some combobox functionality for "Vinyl Color" field didn't work
  • Crashes during Check for Update process

Version 16.4 build 3 (released on January 02, 2017) :


  • Tag reading music files: in rare cases some text tags like Artist and Title were not read properly because of different encoding
  • person grids: adding a person with a display name that existed multiple times, would sometimes save the wrong one
  • Templates: subtitle in details template is now on a separate line
  • Edit Album:
    • On User Defined Fields tab, "_[Add pick list item]_" didn't work for comboboxes
    • Changing the role for a credit would mark all albums dirty where that person appeared instead of just the edited album
  • Manage Pick Lists: removing pick list items didn't mark their corresponding albums as modified
  • Main Screen:
    • accelerator keys in main menu (like "ALT+F" for files menu) didn't work
    • selection text at bottom of screen wasn't always properly updated

Version 16.4 build 2 (released on November 10, 2016) :


  • Quick search now also supports Regular Expressions. Enter "matches:" followed by regular expression in the quick search box.
  • Free Trial now has an information panel to show the user how to get started.
  • Trial Popup has been simplified to make it easier to pick one of the options.
  • The Trial Popup sometimes showed when it shouldn't for existing users.


  • Export to CLZ Music: track lengths were not exported

Version 16.4 build 1 (released on October 24, 2016) :

CLZ Cloud: Now stores and syncs *your* track lists

  • The CLZ Cloud system now supports the storing and syncing of track lists.
    (previously, track lists were always shared from Core)
  • For each track, the CLZ Cloud now stores Title, Artist and Length.
  • Now store and sync your own customized track titles and artists.
  • Now store and sync track lists for unlinked albums (e.g. manually entered or imported).
  • NOTE: after updating your Music Collector software, ALL your albums will be flagged as CHANGED,
    so that they will be re-uploaded to the CLZ Cloud!

BTW: To sync track lists to the CLZ Music app, you need
version 4.2.4 for iOS or version 4.3.6 for Android! (both released today)

CLZ Cloud: Improved syncing of Artist Sort Names

  • Improved storing of Album Artists in the CLZ Cloud.
  • Now correctly sync Artist Sort Names to/from the mobile apps.
  • Fixed: difference in sorting between folder panel and album panel in the CLZ Cloud viewer.

Version 16.3 build 11 (released on September 26, 2016) :


  • Add/Link Music Files: now uses a different dialog for choosing the folders to scan, that should be loading the folder structure faster

Version 16.3 build 10 (released on September 13, 2016) :



  • Export to XML is now capable of exporting large databases without "Out of Memory" errors, as it now writes the XML directly to hard disk. This is a bit slower though.
  • Sync with Cloud: Live and Rare fields were cleared when syncing down from the cloud
  • Add/Modify Filter: "Contains" filters were always case insensitive even when "case sensitive" was checked
  • Edit Multiple: F8 didn't clear price values

Version 16.3 build 9 (released on August 17, 2016) :


  • Program could throw a "Handle is invalid" error after multiple edits

Version 16.3 build 8 (released on August 16, 2016) :


  • Main Screen:
    • The folder tree was wrapping the values in the list
    • A double hint was showing for the thumbnail slider to resize thumbnails in Images View
  • When working offline, closing the program could cause Access Violations
  • User Defined Fields: values of check box lists were not loaded correctly in some cases

Version 16.3 build 7 (released on August 08, 2016) :


  • Cloud Syncing: Now does up to 5 retries when a sync action fails because of a temporary connection problem.
  • Edit Album: Improved "search as you type" behaviour of search boxes for adding artists, composers, etc...
  • Dark Skin: active window now has a light grey border, making it stand out more when windows overlap.


  • Screen started to "flicker" after leaving the program inactive for a few minutes.
  • Add Automatically: adding a checked result would sometimes uncheck a result from another search in the queue.
  • Main Screen / Two Panel Mode: selection status text would sometimes show an invalid text when no albums were showing in the list.
  • Edit Multiple: F8 to clear didn't work for memo fields like Plot and Notes.

Version 16.3 build 6 (released on July 19, 2016) :


  • Edit Album:
    • Changing collection status sometimes would unchek a radiobutton but not check the selected one
    • Previous/Next/Ok could mess up data when the edit screen was still loading
  • Add/Link Albums: in rare occasions the program could crash

Version 16.3 build 5 (released on July 07, 2016) :


  • Export to HTML: access violation could occur in some cases when using a custom index template
  • Edit Screen: Checkbox List hints would sometimes not disappear
  • Main Screen: changing font size could make some screen elements disappear

Version 16.3 build 4 (released on July 01, 2016) :


  • Date Fields: Year field's position now also depends on system's shortdate setting


  • Edit Screens:
    • Date fields didn't clear their Month and Day values using next/previous when they weren't filled in for the next/previous item
    • Delete key didn't work in Month and Day fields to clear their values. Backspace did work normally.

Version 16.3 build 3 (released on June 30, 2016) :


  • Date fields now have dropdowns for Month and Day. Order of Month and Day dropdown depends on system's shortdate setting now


  • Edit Multiple: F8 in date fields didn't clear them
  • Main Screen:
    • horizontal scrollbar was sometimes showing in folder tree when it shouldn't
    • Cards View: scrolling using the mouse wheel wasn't working properly
    • layout wasn't always restored properly when quick filter panel was showing
  • Quick Filter Panel:
    • collection status filter wasn't showing in filter description at bottom of the screen
    • Release Year filter couldn't be set when Year list contained non-numerical values
      • Edit Album: Tracks table wasn't following font size changes
      • Edit Track: Genre list was showing grey box when using "Sytem" skin setting

Version 16.3 build 2 (released on June 23, 2016) :


  • Edit Album: Index number was cleared after editing
  • Printing from the menu threw a "class TPageControl not found" error
  • Add Albums Automatically: the search queue was showing Catalog Number instead of Artist and Barcode was showing twice

Version 16.3 build 1 (released on June 22, 2016) :

NEW: Choose between Light, Dark or System skins

Yes, We're getting rid of the gray!

Music Collector now comes with a skin system, which affects the look of all screens in the program,
main screen, edit screens, add auto-screen, sync screen etc.. even the settings screens.

We have designed two different skins for you to choose from: Light and Dark.
The third option "System" is basically the old pre-v16.3 look.

  • Light: A clean look, white backgrounds, dark fonts. Very readable, easy on the eye.
  • Dark: A cool looking, modern design, with dark backgrounds, light fonts.
  • System: Keep things as it was, with the program following your Windows theme.

Please note:
The program now defaults to the Dark Skin. You can change to a different Skin using the Skin option in the View menu.

NEW: Quick Filter panel in main screen

The Alphabet Bar, launched about a year ago, is still one of the most popular tools, as it helps you to instantly list just the albums for which the Title or Artist starts with a particular letter. So we expanded on that idea:

Today's update introduces the Quick Filter panel, a new panel on the left side of the main screen, that lets you easily "zoom in" to a sub-set of your collection.

  • Open the Quick Filter panel using the new button on the toolbar
    (2nd toolbar row, leftmost button)

  • Quick Filters are available for the following fields:
    • Collection Status (All / Collection / Wish List)
      (this replaces the tabs at the bottom left)
    • My Rating
    • Release Year
    • Length
    • Number of Tracks

Version 16.2 build 2 (released on April 21, 2016) :


  • Edit Album/Track: changing the instrument for a musician would mark all albums this musician appeared as "dirty"
  • Main Screen:
    • When composition composers weren't filled in, the composer field would still show semicolons
    • Cards View: selection wasn't always restored properly
    • Scrolling the Details View with the mouse wheel would scroll the list when the scroll bar reached the top
  • Quick search:
    • pasting text into quick search box didn't show the clear button
    • Escape button will now clear quick search
  • Sync with Cloud: cancelling sync didn't always work

Version 16.2 build 1 (released on February 24, 2016) :

New view for the main screen: Card View

Next to List View, Images View and Cover Flow, we have added a Card View, a multi-column view with little info cards for each album, showing the main album details and a small cover thumbnail.


  • Add Automatically: right click menu didn't popup when there were no results showing
  • Main Screen: After adding album through add/link digital files the bread crumb wasn't updated.
  • Carbon + Quicksilver templates: musician images didn't scale down to correct size
  • Linking Albums: disc number will be shown in the queue when linking multi disc albums

Version 16.1 build 3 (released on December 22, 2015) :


  • Loading of backup.xml is now more robust

Version 16.1 build 2 (released on December 15, 2015) :


  • Improved Webcam functionality for Webcam Barcode scanning:
    • Sometimes starting the webcam feature would hang the program
    • Some webcams didn't show any video
    • A JPEG error could be thrown for some webcams
  • Add Automatically: when you didn't want to move an album from your wish list into your collection, it wasn't possible.

Version 16.1 build 1 (released on December 03, 2015) :

Find Image Online tool now uses Bing Image Search

The Find Image Online tool previously used Google Images to find images.

However, it turns out that on December 1, Google terminated the free Google Image Search API
that we were using, causing our Find Image Online functionality to stop working.

Google provides a new paid version of the Search API, but it is limited to max 10K searches per day.
With the amount of customers we have, we need at least 20K daily searches (600K per month!) :-(

The solution: Switch to BING!

Microsoft also offers a paid Bing Image Search API and this one has no limits.
Or, to be more precise, they let us pay more for higher limits.

We immediately went to work and updated all our Windows and Mac programs
to use Bing Images for the Find Image Online tool instead.
Obviously, this generates considerable extra monthly costs (well over US $1,000),
but we have decided that we will NOT pass on these extra costs to our customers.

So here it is: the new Find Image Online, powered by Bing. Enjoy!


  • Freezes at start up for some users, caused by the webcam detection.

Version 16.0 build 3 (released on December 01, 2015) :


  • Access Violation when starting the program after a fresh installation.
  • Access Violation when closing the program.

Version 16.0 build 2 (released on November 30, 2015) :


  • Delete Orphan Images tools didn't account for images linked in the Links / Local Files tab.

Version 16.0 build 1 (released on November 30, 2015) :

Webcam barcode scanning

Use your webcam as a barcode scanner, to add or find CDs by barcode.

  • Scan barcodes with your webcam
    Just use the live camera view to point your webcam at a barcode
    and let our software detect the barcode that is in view.
  • Use the webcam scanner to add CDs by barcode
    Pop-up the scan window and scan CD barcodes,
    either using Direct Search or scanning into the Queue.
  • Or use it in the main screen to find albums by barcode
    Scan a CD barcode while in the main screen,
    to quickly search your local database by barcode.
  • Works best with auto-focus or manual-focus webcams
    Fixed focus cameras will not work well (or at all).

Delete Orphaned Images

Clean up your hard-disk by deleting all unused cover images and thumbnails.

  • This tool scans your configured Images Folders to find all images
    that are not linked to your current database file.
  • Browse the list of found orphaned images in List or Images View.
    Check thoroughly to make sure these can all be deleted.
  • Finally, use the red "Delete Selected Images" button,
    and all "checked" images will be removed from your computer.

WARNING: Do NOT use this tool if you have multiple databases !!!!

Enhanced database Backup and Restore system

Keep multiple time-stamped backups and easily restore them.

  • The software now keeps multiple time-stamped database backups,
    saved to your Backups folder as "backup of [yourdatabasename] - [timestamp].muc".
  • Use the new "Number of Days" setting in Tools / Options / Backup to select
    how many days of backups you want to keep. Older files are automatically pruned.
  • Use the Tools / Maintenance / Restore Database submenu to easily restore a backup.
    Restored backups are copied back to your Data folder as "[yourdatabasename RESTORED.muc".

New QuickSilver template, new QuickSilver Shelves for Images View

Version 15.4 build 2 (released on November 16, 2015) :


  • Cloud Syncing: Hitting OK after editing pick list items without changing data could cause unnecessary cloud uploads.
  • Printing: Items per Page setting wasn't saved when saving a paged list template.
  • On some Windows system with non-English locale settings, the User Defined values didn't load.

Version 15.4 build 1 (released on September 02, 2015) :

Re-designed Field Selection screens for Sorting, Columns and Folders

  • Clearer layout: Available Fields on the left, Selected Fields on the right.
  • Easier selection of fields: just drag from left to right to select, from right to left to remove.
  • Or use keyboard short-cuts:
    • While in Available Fields list: hit Spacebar to move the selected field to the right.
    • While in Selected Fields list: hit Del to remove the selected field.
  • Manage your Field Presets using the dropdown list and buttons top right (PRO edition only).
    • Switch between Presets using the dropdown list.
    • Create a new Preset using the plus "+" button.
    • Create a copy of the current Preset using the Duplicate button.
    • Rename a Preset using the pencil button.
    • Remove a Preset using the trash can button.

Further improvements to the thumbnail quality in Images View

On some Windows systems the thumbnails were looking "pixelated", especially noticeable around text.
We have now further improved the scaling routines to make your cover thumbnails look much smoother.
(this time there is no need to regenerate the thumbnails)

Version 15.3 build 5 (released on August 13, 2015) :

New settings in Tools / Options to control the sorting

Some users just like to sort Artists by their Firstnames.
Others like to sort titles *including* "The" and "A".

With today's new "Ignore" settings in Tools / Options / Sorting, they finally can:

  • Ignore the Sort Names of Person items (e.g. Artists) YES/NO
  • Ignore the Sort Title field


  • Carbon Template: Tracks were showing composers even when they were the same as the album composers.
  • Updating from a version before v11 would cause an Access Violation while converting the database.

Version 15.3 build 4 (released on August 05, 2015) :

Further improvements to the Alphabet Bar

  • You can now also use the Alphabet Bar to filter on the first letter of Titles and Composers.
    Use the Settings button on the far right of the bar to switch between Artist, Title and Composer.
  • Hide the Alphabet Bar using the Settings button on the far right of the bar.
    (show it again using the command in the View menu)
  • Fixed: the folder list also showed the "other" artists of matching multi-artist albums.


  • Image Scanning: the selected scanner in the Options screen wasn't always used correctly as the one used for scanning.

Version 15.3 build 3 (released on July 27, 2015) :

Alphabet Bar now also filters folder panel

Clicking a letter in the Alphabet Bar now also filters the folder panel,
so that it only shows folders that actually contain albums.

Improved Thumbnail Generator creates sharper cover image thumbnails

  • Our image resizing routines have been improved to create sharper thumbnail images for covers.
  • All generated cover thumbnails need to be re-generated to see the effect!
  • When you start this new version for the first time, it will automatically ask if you want to re-generate them.
  • Or skip this, and do it manually later, using Tools / Maintenance / Re-Generate Thumbnails.


  • Alphabet Bar: Letters like '≈' were not always showing up under '#'.
  • Image View: now shows the album title/year when moving mouse over a thumbnail.
  • In Tools / Options, the setting "Show front cover as backdrop" option was missing.

Version 15.3 build 2 (released on July 22, 2015) :

Updated: Alphabet Bar

  • Alphabet Bar now uses full width of Main Screen
  • Alphabet Bar menu item now toggles between "Show Alphabet Bar" and "Hide Alphabet Bar"

Version 15.3 build 1 (released on July 21, 2015) :

New: Alphabet Bar in main screen

  • An A to Z alphabet bar is now available at the top of your main screen.
  • Click a letter to quickly filter your album list by the first letter of the Artist.
  • The letter buttons are automatically greyed out if there are no artists starting with that letter.
  • The bar automatically stretches to fit the width of your screen. Wider screen -> bigger buttons.
  • Hide/Show the Alphabet Bar using the new option in the View menu.


  • Connection error popup when starting the program while no internet connection is available.
  • Sync button was sometimes showing Sync Status as "in sync" while it wasn't.
  • Adding music files: some extracted cover images had bad data in the bottom right corner.
  • Main Screen/Edit Album: "Read File Tags" didn't move the extracted cover art to the images folder.

Version 15.1 build 2 (released on July 08, 2015) :

Tweaks to CLZ Cloud Syncing screen and toolbar buttons.

  • CLZ Cloud Syncing screen:
    • Login info and CLZ Cloud viewer link now prominently displayed at the top.
    • Optional "Do you want to view your CLZ Cloud now?" message after syncing.
  • CLZ Cloud toolbar in main screen:
    • Sync button now shows Sync Status (red exclamation mark indicating "not in sync").
    • New View my CLZ Cloud button (existing users: place on toolbar using View / Toolbar / Customize).

More stable CLZ Barry connections

The built-in CLZ Barry support has been changed to always keep your Barry connection "alive".
No more spontaneous disconnects. Requires CLZ Barry 2.0 (free update for iOS and Android).


  • Sync 2.0: accounts with non standard characters in password would return "Invalid Login".

Version 15.1 build 1 (released on June 17, 2015) :

Easier and smarter Update File Links screen

  • The Update File Links screen (Tools / Maintenance menu) has been turned into a step-by-step system that makes it easier
    to update the file paths for missing music files, cover images, pick list item images and other images.
  • The "Automatic" method is now smarter in automatically fixing file paths
    when multiple items link to the same image file (a common situation for pick list items).
  • The "Manual" method is now more flexible, letting you replace any part of the file path with something else.

Version 15.0 build 6 (released on May 27, 2015) :

Submit to Core now automatically resizes cover images that are too large

No more failed image uploads because of the 500kb limit. The Submit feature now automatically resizes images to within 750x750 pixels when uploading to Core.


  • For some users, minimizing then restoring the program could result in changed main screen panel sizes.

Version 15.0 build 5 (released on May 12, 2015) :


  • CLZ Cloud Syncing 2.0:
    • Sync 2.0: down syncing an album could clear the composer when the artist was not filled in.
    • Carbon templates: several pick list items with links were not clickable.
    • Edit Multiple: changing a UDF check list could leave empty values "dangling" internally
      (this didn't cause any problems though).

Version 15.0 build 4 (released on May 08, 2015) :


  • CLZ Cloud Syncing 2.0:
    • Just adding a new credit or musician entry could result in unnecessary cloud uploads.
    • Syncing up new albums could sometimes result unnecessary changes being synced down.
    • Rare "Unknown error getting chunk" messages after syncing last item.

Version 15.0 build 3 (released on May 04, 2015) :


  • CLZ Cloud Syncing 2.0:
    • Several rare problems with the syncing of cover images.
    • After every sync, the "program default" pick list values (e.g. for Genres, Formats etc..) kept being re-added.
  • Tools / Options / Folder settings: Folder selection screen didn't show mapped network drives.

Version 15.0 build 2 (released on May 01, 2015) :


  • Export to CLZ Music: updating collection on device would throw an "Class TCheckbox not found" error.
  • Carbon Templates: Plot/Notes didn't show newlines.
  • Restoring the program after minimizing it when it was stuck to the side of your desktop didn't work properly.
  • Import from Mp3 Collector collection could throw an Access Violation
  • Lookup grids: after adding an item, the search sometimes didn't filter correctly
  • User defined fields: inherited values were not printed

Version 15.0 build 1 (released on April 29, 2015) :

Welcome to Music Collector version 15, aka "The Carbon Edition"!

New CLZ Cloud Syncing v2.0

We have completely rewritten the CLZ Cloud syncing mechanism,
to make it easier to use, faster and capable of syncing very large databases.

  • Easier: One "Synchronize" button that syncs up and/or down as needed.
    No more need to choose the sync direction (Up or Down). Just click the single Synchronize button and
    the system will automatically upload your local changes and download your cloud-side changes.

  • Faster: Sync your additions, changes and removals within a few seconds.
    The software now keeps track of your adds, edits and removes, so when synchronizing with the CLZ Cloud,
    it already knows which items need to be up- or downloaded, making the actual sync very fast.
    ( the initial full sync may be slightly slower though, but you only need to do that once )

  • More scalable: Transfer very large databases without problems.
    The syncing process is now a series of tiny data uploads and downloads, as opposed to
    a single huge upload/download. This ensures that databases of any size can be synced.

  • More reliable: Solves many problems of the old syncing system.
    No more "invalid XML" when uploading large collections, no more changes that keep recurring every sync.
    No more starting from scratch in case of connection problems, just continue where you left off.

New "Carbon" template for the details panels

  • 4 different styles: Carbon Dark, Carbon Light, Plain Dark and Plain Light.
  • Fully adaptive to the width of the details panel, to always make best use of the available space.

New Carbon Shelves style for the Images View

A new carbon look shelves style to match the Carbon template.

Version Cobalt.9 build 8 (released on January 27, 2015) :


  • Manage Pick Lists: deleting several items at once could give an "index out of bounds".
  • Templates: play button wouldn't show for headers with tracks.

Version Cobalt.9 build 7 (released on January 14, 2015) :


  • Play Album/Disc: Some players (e.g. Windows Media Player) do not support UTF8 encoded m3u playlists,
    so a new settings is now available in Tools / Options to choose the encoding type of playlist files.
  • Main Screen / Image View/Cover Flow: after linking music files to an existing
    album using Add/Link Music Files, the template didn't automatically refresh.
  • Update/Link Screen: An access violation could occur after scanning a CD for a search result.
  • Add Automatically: Artist in drop down pick list didn't follow "Show person names as Last Name, First Name" setting.
  • Printing: "file id has no tag xml" error could occur.
  • Edit Album: When using Find Cover screen, the edited values from the screen where not used.
  • Tools / Maintenance "Reset to Defaults" didn't reset the widths and heights of panels within a layout.
  • Win+Tab didn't always show the program in Aero Flip3D on Windows Vista/Windows 7.

Version Cobalt.9 build 6 (released on January 08, 2015) :

Manage Pick Lists: Delete "in use" items anyway

  • It is now possible to delete pick list items that are still in use (#Used > 0),
    without having to hunt down all places where the value is used.
  • Just choose Remove on an item, answer Yes to the "Delete anyway?" question,
    and the program will automatically clear this value in all fields where it was in use.

Find Image screen now supports images on HTTPS

The Find Image screen now supports the downloading of images from HTTPS sites.

Nowadays, more and more sites use HTTPS, which was causing more and more
"Image could not be loaded" errors. These are now supported correctly.
(Note that you can still get this error for sites that do not allow direct image downloads.)


  • Edit Album: resizing would leave "Current Value" label at original position instead of moving it accordingly.
  • Edit Boxset: Catalog number only accepted 13 characters.
  • Templates: "Label" field wasn't clickable when a URL was attached to it.
  • Main Screen: music files with non-standard characters in their filename, weren't playing when playing a disc or album.

Version Cobalt.9 build 5 (released on December 18, 2014) :

Adaptive layout of Edit Album and Edit Track screens

No more useless grey areas on large computer screens!
  • The layouts of all tabs in the Edit Album and Edit Tracks screens are now adapting to fit the size of the screen.
  • Edit boxes and drop down list get wider when you make your Edit screen wider.
  • Checkbox list and multi-value grids get higher (and wider) when increasing the size of your Edit screen.

New List Selector panel in Tools / Manage Pick Lists screen

  • Tools / Edit Lists is now called Manage Picks Lists.
  • New list selection panel on the left replaces drop down menu.
  • New "Favorites" area for your most commonly used lists (defaults to Persons, Labels and Genres)
  • Drag and drop to and from Favorites area to create your own Favorites list.

Even more tweaks for the new Person editing tables in Edit Album/Track

  • New Edit icons in the 2nd column of the person tables, to go directly to the Edit Person screen.
  • The background of the editable columns is now white again (was light blue).
  • Fixed: annoying behaviour when editing text in the search box (cursor jumping to the end)
  • Fixed: the Add button not enabling when pasting something in using the right mouse button Paste menu.
  • Fixed: Column widths were still not remembered properly in some rare cases.

More consistent Core / Cloud terminology

  • "Update Albums Automatically" is now called "Update from Core".
  • "Link Albums" is now called "Link with Core".
  • "Unlink Albums" is now called "Unlink from Core".
  • "Upload Cover for Selected Album" is now called "Upload Cover to CLZ Cloud".

Version Cobalt.9 build 4 (released on December 10, 2014) :

More tweaks for the new Person editing tables in Edit Album/Track:

  • Layout: Title field is now back at the top in both Edit Album and Edit Track.
  • Artist search box: placeholder text "search..." and magnifying glass icon added,
    to make it clearer that this is a search box only, not the actual Artist box.
  • Fixed: Column widths were still not remembered properly in some cases.

Version Cobalt.9 build 3 (released on December 08, 2014) :

Fixes for the new Person editing tables in Edit Album/Track:

  • Column widths were not remembered properly (only with Edit screen in maximized state)
  • Search box dropdown now shows more items.
  • Search box dropdown width now dynamically sizes to fit the widest item.
  • Musicians: When no instrument was filled in, the "..." didn't work. Now opens the Add Instrument screen.
  • Musicians: After adding a default instrument to a person by using "Manage Persons List", the instrument wasn't updated in the Musician table.

Version Cobalt.9 build 2 (released on December 04, 2014) :


  • Adding/Editing online/local links caused an "Ancestor for 'cxTreeStyleRepository' not found." error

Version Cobalt.9 build 1 (released on December 04, 2014) :

Edit Album/Track: Easier adding and managing of Artists and other "person" fields

A new user interface for adding new Artist entries and managing their First and Last Names
straight from the Edit Album and Edit Track screens, without opening the Tools / Edit Lists screen.


  • In this new setup, when you edit within the Artist table, you are actually editing the name/firstname/lastname of the Artist entry, which may also be used in other Albums.
  • If you want to change the Artist, that is, to a different Artist entry, do NOT edit the name in the table (because this will affect all other albums that use this Artist entry).
    Instead, REMOVE the Artist, then ADD the other Artist using the Search box at the top.
  • Screen wide multi-column tables for Artists, Composers, Compositions, Conductors, Musicians and Credits.
  • Tables show multiple columns with Display Name, First/Last Names and Sort Names.
  • Add new entries using a new search box above the table, that auto-filters the pick lists as you type.

  • Directly edit First and Last Names in the table, without opening the Edit Lists screen.
  • Easy re-ordering of entries by dragging the "drag" icon in the 1st columns.
  • Easy removal of entries using the Delete icons on each row (in the last column).

  • Right click entries to generate First/Last Names from Display Name or vice versa.
  • To make better use of large displays, all tables now resize when Edit screen is resized.
  • Direct access to relevant pick lists manage screen using the "Manage ... List" button top right.
    The Edit Lists screen will automatically select the entry that was selected in the Edit screen.
  • Cosmetic: All Edit screen field labels are now bold.

Version Cobalt.8 build 5 (released on November 04, 2014) :


  • Tools / Edit Lists: after editing an item, the Quick Search did not immediately use the updated data.
  • Find Image: When trying to use an image that could not be loaded, it would save an empty image.
  • Templates: User Defined date values did not display in the chosen Windows Date Format.
  • Optimized memory usage when saving database, preventing Out of Memory errors on large databases.

Version Cobalt.8 build 4 (released on October 16, 2014) :

New: getting ready for Cloud, Connect and Core 2.0

Some changes to prepare for the upcoming 2.0 versions of Connect, the public CLZ Cloud pages and the Core site.
  • Downloaded links to our online database now point to the new site.
  • "My public collection" link in CLZ Cloud Syncing screen now points to the new site.

More track fields can now be added as columns in main screen Album View

  • Music File path
  • Lyrics File path
  • BPM
  • File Size
  • Bitrate

Version Cobalt.8 build 3 (released on October 15, 2014) :


  • Syncing to CLZ Cloud could result in error "No argument for format '%snn%s'".
  • Add Automatically / Direct Search mode: "Add Anyway" would always add "to collection" regardless of "Add To Collection/Wish List" setting.
  • Main Screen: Drag & drop between UDF folders didn't properly change the values.
  • User Defined Fields: Values containing multiple consecutive spaces were not saved correctly.
  • Edit Album: Drag/drop of cover images from Chrome didn't work.
  • Syncing to CLZ Cloud: not all tags were uploaded.

Version Cobalt.8 build 2 (released on October 08, 2014) :


  • More detailed error reporting for:
    • CLZ Account login problems (previously just showed "Trial Expired" screen).
    • CLZ Cloud syncing problems (previously just said "Invalid XML").
    • Windows write permission problems (previously just said "A call to an OS function failed").
  • UDF: Unicode characters weren't handled properly in field names and their values.
  • UDF: Crashes when editing UDF's using Edit Multiple.
  • Find Image screen: checking/unchecking keywords could sometimes "glue" keywords together or add extra spaces.
  • Tools / Edit List: the selection wasn't always restored properly after performing an action.
  • Add Albums Automatically would cause "Index out of bounds" error (only with the program set to Swedish).
  • Add Music Files, Link Music Files To Existing Album: problems dragging and dropping tracks in new music files list.
  • Metro Template: (sub)track/disc/header artist was not showing.

Version Cobalt.8 build 1 (released on October 01, 2014) :

Improved Find Image screen

  • More logical layout, with search box top left.
  • Better looking thumbnail and preview area.
  • New setting "Auto search when screen opens (Yes/No)" in Tools Options, that lets you disable the automatic searching each time you open the screen.
  • New: Stop searches and preview actions that take too long.

Quick Search feature now searches more fields

  • Index
  • Location
  • Format
  • Genre
  • Owner
  • URLs of all links

Various changes and additions

  • New automatic Date Added field, that is automatically set to the date you added an entry.
    For existing entries, it is set to "Today".
  • Add Albums Automatically: Search results panel now has a new Catalog Number column.
  • New Catalog Number field for Box Sets.
  • Small tweak to the Cobalt Preview template (Add Auto screen) to show a larger cover image.
  • Choose/Modify Filter command in Search / Set Filter menu is now at the top (useful if you have a looonnnggg list of saved filters).

Version Cobalt.7 build 2 (released on September 23, 2014) :

New: set default values for your User Defined Fields (UDF)

  • The Manage User Defined Fields screen now has an extra column for setting the field's Default Value.
  • Whenever you add a new item to your collection, the UDF fields will automatically be pre-filled with those values.


  • Tools / Edit Lists:
    • When using the Quick Search box, the list was not staying sorted according to the Auto re-sort checkbox.
    • Using the Delete key would always remove the item, even while in "Editing" mode.
  • Location field was missing from the Tools / Field Defaults screen.
  • Edit Album / UDF tab: Scrolling checkbox lists or combobox entries didn't work using the mouse wheel.
  • Access Violations after switching databases (related to using UDF date fields).
  • Import UDF from XML: the year of a date would not be imported when it wasn't already in the year list.
  • Templates: links with "https" didn't work.

Version Cobalt.7 build 1 (released on August 13, 2014) :

Improved Edit Lists screen (Tools menu -> Edit Lists)

  • New: Quick Search
    • Quickly find the list items you want using the new Quick Search box on the top right.
    • The list instantly filters as you type, no need to hit the Enter key.

  • New: Edit directly in the list screen.
    Edit item names and other properties directly in the item list screen, no need to open the Edit screen.
    • Use the Edit in List button to switch to "Edit Mode".
    • While in Edit Mode, just click a value in the item list to edit it.
    • Blue columns are editable, greyed out columns are not
      (for read-only fields like ID and automatically generated values like Sort Name).
    • Exit Edit Mode by clicking the same button again and the screen will refresh to reflect your changes.


  • Column freezing: with the "Collectorz Skin" switched OFF, frozen columns showed a bright yellow header.
  • Main Screen:
    • When using Ctrl-click in the main list to de-select an item, it deselected all other selected items instead.
    • After an Edit Multiple action, the list jumped to the top (both in List View and Images View).
  • Edit Multiple: user defined whole numbers were reset to 0.
  • Import from other collection could crash when the User Defined Fields contained a Checkbox List.
  • Edit in List: Last Modified date wasn't updated after an edit.
  • Import from CATraxx: Some prices were incorrectly imported as very large numbers.

Version Cobalt.6 build 1 (released on July 10, 2014) :

New: Freeze columns in the main screen list

  • Frozen columns stay in place when you scroll the list horizontally. This is especially useful if you use many columns in your list and want to keep the main identifying fields always in view, e.g. artist and title.
  • Right click a column header and select "Freeze" to freeze/lock a column (it will be automatically moved to the left).
  • Right click a frozen column and select "Unfreeze" to unfreeze/unlock a column.
  • Drag columns into the frozen area to freeze them, drag out of the frozen area to unfreeze.

Fixes for User Defined Fields system:

  • Decimal number fields didn't allow negative numbers.
  • After changing the UDH "Header" name, the name wasn't showing up everywhere (Edit Lists, Statistics).
  • Edit Album/Track: when the UDF tab was showing a scroll bar it would disappear after using "Next/Previous".
  • Edit Lists: years in date fields weren't included in used counter in Year list.

Other fixes:

  • In 3 panel view, after editing an album or track, the tree would always scroll to the top.

Version Cobalt.5 build 6 (released on June 25, 2014) :


  • Sync with CLZ Cloud: Albums that should be ignored to link were causing mismatches
  • Edit Album/Track: changing some person names into other persons didn't work

Version Cobalt.5 build 5 (released on June 25, 2014) :


  • Sometimes text on buttons had cut off letters
  • Main Screen:
    • sometimes removing a field from the current folder group could cause an Access Violation
    • when the program was installed in a folder with an ampesand ('&') in the foldername an error "Cannot open file "...templates\jquery\jquery.min.js"" would occur
    • several short cuts like ctrl+c and ctrl+a didn't work in quick search box
  • Edit Screen:
    • Fixed several issues with adding or editing persons having identical sort names as other persons
  • User Defined Fields:
    • Sorting and filtering on date fields wasn't working
    • a checkbox list sometimes would not fit on the User Defined Fields screen and on the User Defined tab of the edit screen where a scrollbar should have appeared
    • Edit Album/Track: "could not convert variant of type (UnicodeString) into type (Double)" or errors of that kind could occur in rare cases
    • Templates: when a url was assigned to a user defined lookup item value, it wasn't clickable in the templates
  • Image View: hovering over a cover didn't display the album title any more
  • Add Music Files: dsf and dff formats now also recognized as music file (not supported for tag reading or writing)
  • Improved CATraxx import routine now imports all CATraxx custom fields from the export XML

Version Cobalt.5 build 4 (released on June 11, 2014) :


  • Quick Search could be very slow.

Version Cobalt.5 build 3 (released on June 10, 2014) :

Fixes related to new User Defined Fields system:

  • "Out of Memory" errors could occur after editing several items.
  • Edit Multiple Albums: F8 to clear the values of a user defined field didn't work
  • When foldered on a check box list, drag and drop of an Track/Album to the 'none' folder didn't clear the values of that field.
  • Edit in List: in some cases the drop down wouldn't have check boxes the first time the field was edited.

Version Cobalt.5 build 2 (released on June 05, 2014) :


  • Crash on start up when Language was set to Swedish.
  • User Defined Fields:
    • Edit Album: Update would give a "a component name label_xxx already exists"
    • Edit in List: clearing a user defined pick list value didn't work
    • Edit in List: clearing a number would set its value to 0
  • Edit Track: '...' button in Orchestra grid was bringing up wrong popup.
  • Edit Track: Autocap settings button was pointing to Sort Title settings.
  • Options: option for double click behaviour in main list was missing.
  • Quick search: inherited values weren't found in track view.
  • Printing: Orchestra wasn't printed for tracks.

Version Cobalt.5 build 1 (released on June 03, 2014) :

New: Unlimited User Defined Fields (PRO edition only!)

  • Use the new Manage User Defined Field screen (Tools menu) to create your own data fields, of any type, in any order and as many as you want.
  • Add fields as Album Only fields, Track Only field or at both Album and Track level with full value inheritance.
  • Choose from the following field types:
    • Text
    • Pick List
    • Number (whole)
    • Number (decimals)
    • Checkbox (yes/no)
    • Date
    • Checkbox List

  • All fields you define will appear on their own tab in the Edit Album and Edit Track screens.
  • User Defined fields work like any other field. You can:
    • Add them as Columns to your main screen lists.
    • Use them as Sort field.
    • Select Pick List and Multi-Value fields as the Folder field.
    • Search them using the Quick Search feature.
    • Filter on them using the Filter feature.
    • View their data under their own header in the Details Panel template.
  • Define your own "Header" name, which is used as the tab name in the Edit screens and as the header in the template.
  • Any existing User Defined fields from the old version will automatically be converted into the new version (only fields that actually contain data).

Version Cobalt.4 build 3 (released on April 22, 2014) :


  • Grouping on Composer didn't work properly.
  • Main Screen / Statistics: "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error when clicking a graph bar while in 2 panel Image View.

Version Cobalt.4 build 2 (released on April 16, 2014) :


  • Scanning for music files would throw an Access Violation.
  • Edit Album: the Vinyl Color combo box didn't list the available colors.
  • Add Album: "by Catalog Nr" tab was not available when program was set to Swedish language

Version Cobalt.4 build 1 (released on April 15, 2014) :

Add Albums Automatically : search Discogs by Catalog Number

  • Use new "Search by Cat No" tab to add albums by entering their Catalog Number.
  • The best way to add vinyl, because it searches our Discogs mirror by Cat No.
  • Also searches our own own central online CD database by Cat No.

Extra vinyl-specific fields

  • RPM field (choose from: 33 1/3, 45, 78)
  • Vinyl color (pick list field)
  • Vinyl weight (number field)
  • Media condition (pick list field)
    (existing Condition field is now called "Case/Sleeve Condition")

Improved support for classical music

  • Edit Album: new separate tab "Classical" containing all classical specific fields.
  • Composition field now allows multiple values, at Album, Disc, Header and Track level.
  • Conductor field now allows multiple values, at Album, Disc, Header and Track level.
  • Orchestra field now allows multiple values, at Album, Disc, Header and Track level.
  • Chorus field now allows multiple values, at Album, Disc, Header and Track level.

Add Albums Automatically: new Cobalt Compact template for Preview panel

  • The new Cobalt Compact template has been especially designed for the task at hand:
    selecting the correct album and edition from the search results.
    • Clearly showing the identifying album information (Artist, Title, full track list).
    • An "edition block" at the top right, with Format, Barcode and Catalog Number.
  • Toggle between Front and Back with the "flip" icon that appears when hovering over the cover image.
  • Responsive design makes the template usable and good looking, whatever the width of your Preview panel is.
  • Available in both Light and Dark styles.


  • Quick Search now also searches Country field.
  • in Edit Disc/Header/Track screens, the columns of both the Artist and Composer boxes were too narrow.
  • Edit Lists: Merging Composer entries didn't work correctly.
  • Merging Composers would clear the composer in a Composition
  • Add Music Files: remembering the scan folder would add a comma in some cases

Version Cobalt.3 build 6 (released on March 12, 2014) :


  • Print: Title details could run through cover with Music Collector template.
  • Main Screen: in image view switching between tracks and albums view didn't always refresh the images.
  • Import from XML: Packaging wasn't imported.

Version Cobalt.3 build 5 (released on March 05, 2014) :


  • Various "Out of Memory" and "Access Violation" errors.

Version Cobalt.3 build 4 (released on February 24, 2014) :


  • Statistics: Charts were using black font color instead of white making them hard to read.
  • Sync with Connect: Cancelling the upload or download could lead to "Invalid XML" message.
  • Sync with Connect: Up/Download buttons were enabled during sign in. Clicking them would abort the sign in and log you out.
  • Read Only mode: some functions that could change data were still available in Read Only Mode.
  • Export to HTML: track notes were ignoring line-breaks in details templates Music Collector Blue and Black.

Version Cobalt.3 build 3 (released on January 23, 2014) :


  • Severe performance problems that were introduced in the previous build (Cobalt.3.2).

Version Cobalt.3 build 2 (released on January 20, 2014) :


  • Update File Links screen: Missing files list can now be sorted by clicking the column headers.


  • Options screen: Image Scanning and Editing - Image Scanner dropdown list didn't refresh.
  • Import from XML: Disc Titles weren't imported.
  • In Read Only mode the entire toolbar was hidden.

Version Cobalt.3 build 1 (released on January 13, 2014) :

Re-Designed Options screen (menu Tools / Options)

  • Navigate between groups of settings using a two-level tree panel on the left
    (instead of tabs at the top), which allows for a better categorization of settings.
  • All settings have been re-categorized and renamed to make them clearer and easier to find.


  • Add Album Automatically: when scanning multiples CDs with the same "Artist - Title" in CDTEXT, the 2nd CD could not be added to the Queue because of an "Already exists" message. Now the scanned CD-ID is also checked to see whether it is unique.

Version Cobalt.2 build 2 (released on December 30, 2013) :


  • Import from CATraxx: For some databases, the importing failed with a Range Check Error (related to invalid Rating values).
  • Templates: Track Notes lost their line breaks when displayed in the Details Panel.

Version Cobalt.2 build 1 (released on December 23, 2013) :

NEW: Import your CATraxx database and images

Our longtime competitor FNProgramvare (the makers of CATraxx) has ceased operations.
With our new "Import from CATraxx" feature we're offering CATraxx users the possibility to switch to Music Collector for cataloging their music, with their existing database and images preserved.
Here's how to switch from CATraxx to Music Collector.
  • Use CATraxx to export your database to an XML file.
  • Then in Music Collector, choose File / Import from / CATraxx XML.
  • In the Import from CATraxx XML screen, browse to the XML file.
  • If (some of) your CATraxx using relative image paths, also indicate the location of your cover images.
  • Click the Import button.


  • Add Music Files: aiff format is now also recognized as music file (but not supported for tag reading or writing).
  • Import from XML: subtracks and subheaders weren't always imported correctly.
  • Submit to Core: Last Submission Date wasn't updated after submission.
  • Main Screen: "Find CD by Scanning" wasn't working in Two Panel layout.
  • Edit Album/Track: adding a new musician and then adding a default instrument,
    would not fill in the instrument automatically in the album/track's musician item.

Version Cobalt.1 build 3 (released on December 04, 2013) :

  • New: Enhanced display and editing of inherited values for discs and tracks.
    • Disc and track field values that are inherited from album values are now displayed in grey.
    • When using the Edit in List feature on an inherited value, the value will automatically switch to the "real" value (empty or "None Selected"), so that you can fill in a track level value. After which the value will immediately turn black.

  • Fixed:
    • IE11 only : Dragging and dropping an image on details panel would open Photo Viewer.

Version Cobalt.1 build 2 (released on November 25, 2013) :

  • Fixed:
    • Quick Search: Catalog Number field wasn't searched.
    • Cancelling Import from XML screen would throw an Access Violation
    • In 2-panel mode the option "After Edit" option "Keep Current Folder Selected" wasn't working
    • Selection would jump to top of the list after dragging a disc or track into another album
    • Drag and Drop of discs could give an Access Violation in some cases
    • Edit Album: When adding or editing entries in the grids (Composer, Artist, etc.) the list didn't drop down automatically.
    • Clearing the cover wouldn't automatically regenerate the thumbnail.
    • Import from XML: headers and subtracks weren't imported correctly
    • Filtering: Filtering on empty date values wasn't working correctly

Version Cobalt.1 build 1 (released on November 12, 2013) :

New: Easier Artist entry in Add Albums Automatically

  • The Artist entry box in the Add Album Automatically now has a drop-down list
    including all Artist entries in your existing database.
  • When typing in the box, it now "auto-completes" to any existing entries.

New: Format Filter in Add Albums Automatically

  • Filter the Search Results by Format (e.g. show CDs only or show Vinyl editions only).

Version Cobalt.0 build 2 (released on November 04, 2013) :

  • New:
    • Export to Text: new Encoding setting to choose between Unicode and UTF-8 format.
  • Fixed:
    • "Index out of bounds" error sometimes occurred when switching from Cover Flow to Images View.
    • "Index out of bounds" error sometimes occurred when selecting or unselecting in Images View.
    • Export to List Pro didn't work any more (it exported to Unicode instead of the required UTF-8).
    • Edit in List: Multi-line fields like Plot and Notes lost line-breaks after editing.
    • Check for Update: screen wasn't completely showing on Windows system set to "Large Fonts".
    • Templates: HTML lists in plot and notes fields would add extra line-break to end of the list.
    • V10 templates: Disc wouldn't show a play button when it had all tracks in a header.

Version Cobalt.0 build 1 (released on October 22, 2013) :

New system for License Checks and Check for Updates

  • New Software Unlock system
    Previously, unlocking the trial edition into the licensed Standard or Pro edition was done by entering a License Name and License Key into the software. Not anymore!

    Starting with the Cobalt versions, the only thing you need to do is login to the software with your CLZ Account (if you haven't done so already for cloud syncing). The program will automatically "know" which edition (Standard or Pro) you own.

  • New Check for Updates system
    Similarly, the new Cobalt versions will use your CLZ Account to give you a smarter Check for Updates system, showing you exactly which updates you are allowed to install with your current Update Plan, also automatically unlocking them after upgrading/updating.

Version 11.0 build 1 (released on August 13, 2013) :

Full Unicode Support -
better handling of special characters for non-English languages

Music Collector 11 now correctly handles special characters for non-English
languages, like Greek, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc..

  • Enter, copy/past or download special characters in any text field.
  • Special characters display correctly everywhere (tree, list, details, etc..).
  • Correctly export texts in any character set to Connect and the CLZ Music app.
  • Correctly read and write special characters from and to music file tags.
  • Mix characters sets (e.g. Hebrew + Russian) in one database without problems.
  • Use special characters for field names, saved fields, etc...

New Virtual Shelves look for Images View

The Images View in the main screen, you know, the one that shows the
cover image thumbnails, now includes Virtual Shelves.
Choose from 5 different looks:

  • Classic (No shelves)
  • Wood (light)
  • Wood (dark)
  • Metal
  • Glass

Improved toolbars and new "Collectorz Blue" icons everywhere

Improved placement of many main screen toolbar elements:

  • Big Search Box on the top right of the main toolbar,
    with built-in "x" button to clear the box and return to "all albums".
  • Columns and Sort Order buttons are now located above the album list panel.
  • List / Images / Cover Flow tab-bar has been moved to the right.
  • Screen Layout selector is now at the bottom of the screen.
  • Folder Field selector is now a "real" button right above the folder panel.
  • New "A-Z / Z-A" button to toggle the order of folders in the folder panel.

New "Collectorz Blue" look that is more consistent and easier on the eye:

  • New "Collectorz Blue" toolbar and tab-bar icons everywhere!
    Main screen, Edit Movie, Edit Lists, etc...
  • New "Collectorz Blue" folder icons in Folder Panel.
  • Cleaner default toolbar with just the main database features.
    (of course you can still customize your toolbar)

Two new templates: Vee Eleven and Metro

For version 11, we created two new templates that bring different layouts,
several color styles to choose from and some cool new features:

  • Large front cover image, that "flips" to show the back cover.
  • Fixed length Musicians and Credits lists for a cleaner layout.
    Click "Show More" / "Show Less" links to expand/collapse full lists.
  • Redesigned track lists with more track details expanding after a click.

Vee Eleven:

Vee Nine is based on the Music Collector Connect look.
It uses a fixed width for the movie details (minimum width 700 pixels),
with the album cover backdrop taking up the rest of the space.


The Metro template is based on the Windows 8 Metro look.
So lots of blocks in bright colors. Too colorful for you? Then opt for the Dark style.

More intuitive behaviour of the main screen's tree and list panels

  • The "tree panel" has become the Folder Panel.
    This Folder Panel now always shows folders, and folders *only*.
  • The "list panel" on the right is now the Album List Panel.
    This Album List Panel always shows a list of *albums*, never folders.


  • No more situations where the left and right panels show the same list.
  • The Images and Cover Flow view always show *album cover images*
    Which is what they are for. No more big ugly folder icons.
  • Selecting album(s) is *always* done in the Album List Panel.
    No more confusion about actions behaving differently depending on
    wether an album has been selected in the tree or the list.
  • Use the Folder Panel to *filter* the album list in the Album List Panel.
    E.g. select the Coldplay folder to make the Album List show your Coldplay albums.
  • Click the root/top folder to show *all* albums.
    Select the top item in the folder tree to make the Album Panel show
    all albums in your collection. No need to switch to No Folders mode.
  • No Folders Mode? Then no Folder Panel.
    Don't want to use folders? No problem, switch to No Folders mode and the
    Folder Panel will disappear, resulting in a nice "Classic Mode" view.

New Two Panel Layouts, with merged Folder and Album List Panels

Two new optional layouts, with just 2 panels instead of 3:
  • Only two panels: Album List and Album Details, no Folder Panel.
  • Folders are "integrated" into the Album List as extra folder rows.
  • The Two Panel Layout is available in Horizontal and Vertical versions.

New Breadcrumb Bar at the top of the main screen:

  • Track where you are in your database and what the current selection is.
  • Quickly navigate up to higher folder levels or the "all albums" list.

New: Edit directly in the main screen album list

Easily make quick changes to your album entries, right in the main screen list. No need to open the Edit Album screen.
  • Use the Edit in List button (top right) to switch to "Edit Mode".
  • While in Edit Mode, just click a value in the album list to edit it.
  • Blue columns are editable, greyed out columns are not (for read-only fields like ID, Nr of Tracks, etc..)
  • Directly edit text fields (like Title), choose from a dropdown for picklist fields (like Format), use a checklist for multi-value fields (like Artist and Genre) or pick a date from a calendar for date fields.
  • Exit Edit Mode by clicking the same button again and the screen will refresh to reflect your changes (for instance, albums may move to a different folder when changing Artists, Genre, Formats, etc...)

Integrated support for our CLZ Barry wireless barcode scanner app

  • When using CLZ Barry with Book Collector, you don't need the "Buddy for Barry" software anymore.
    In other words, Buddy is now integrated into Music Collector.
  • Connect with CLZ Barry right from Music Collector's main toolbar
    and from the Add Albums Automatically screen (on the "By Barcode" tab).
  • CLZ Barry is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.
    Click here for more information about CLZ Barry.

Improved batch-editing of "checkbox list" fields (like Genre, Studio, Extras, etc..)

  • Now use Edit Multiple to *add* a Genre/Studio value to all selected albums.
    Just check the value's checkbox, leaving other checkboxes as "Leave as is".
  • Also, remove Genre/Studio values from multiple albums, without touching other values.
    This is done by unchecking a value, leaving all others in "Leave as is" state.

New: Settings to control the main screen's "After Edit" behaviour

Choose from:
  • Let Selection "Follow" the Edited Album: This will keep the edited album selected,
    even if the edit caused the album to move to a different folder (default behaviour).
  • Keep Current Folder Selected. If this is selected, the selection will
    always stay in the same folder that you were in before the Edit action.

New for Music Files: Update Database from File Tags

If you like to manage your music file meta tags using 3rd party software, this new
command lets you periodically update your Music Collector database from these file tags.
( the command to do the reverse was already available )

New: Import from XML

This feature imports the XML format that is created by the Export to XML feature.
  • Export your data to an XML file.
  • Perform large or advanced modifications using 3rd party tools.
  • Import your data back into Music Collector with the new Import from XML feature.
WARNING: only use this feature if you know what you're doing. When in doubt,
create a NEW empty Music Collector database first and import into that one.

Artist, Composer and Conductor fields now also use the shared "Person List"

The shared person list was previously only used for all credits and musicians.
Now the Artist, Composer and Conductor fields also share the same picklist.