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Music Collector (Windows)

v22.0.6: Various bug fixes

May 30th, 2022

In today’s update, no big new features. Instead, we decided to spend some time fixing a lot of outstanding issues. While we were at it, we also implemented some small tweaks requested by users. Here’s what’s tweaked and fixed:


  • Year folders now sort from most recent year to older
  • Transfer Field Data: It is now possible to transfer artists to the Notes field


  • Link Screen: Fixed various “Access Violation” errors
  • Edit Screen: File paths for missing cover images weren’t showing
  • Main Screen: filtering on Collection Status “Sold” didn’t show correct filter text in the bottom of the screen
  • Images View: Mouse-over text could show wrong album information
  • Pre-fill: Packaging field wasn’t used when adding albums from files
  • Update from Core could clear track artists if they were the same as the album artist
  • Edit in List: Fields could be cleared when modifying the column fields during editing in list
  • Edit in List: Fixed some problems with editing price/value fields
Music Collector (Windows)

v22.0.5: Various bug fixes

March 21st, 2022


  • Various “Access Violation” errors fixed in the Link Albums screen
  • User Defined Fields: default values weren’t used when adding albums
  • Pre-fill: User Defined Fields weren’t remembered between sessions
  • Light Skin: Rating stars weren’t visible

Music Collector (Windows)

v22.0.4: Various bug fixes

March 14th, 2022


  • Edit screen: Pick list popups for certain fields didn’t remember their sort order
  • Pre-fill wasn’t working after the “move to other collection status” popup

Music Collector (Windows)

v22.0.3: Couple of bug fixes

March 3rd, 2022


  • Adding albums from music files or importing a file would cause albums to enter the database without a collection status
  • Fields in the Pre-fill screen could look bad on screens with high DPI
  • “Collection Status: Sold” was missing from various places
  • Setting an item to Collection Status: Sold could cause an access violation

Music Collector (Windows)

v22.0.2: Fixed a crash in Manage Pick Lists and a bug

February 24th, 2022


  • Crash when opening the Manage Pick Lists screen
  • Edit Album: Tracks were cleared when (re-)scanning a CD

Music Collector (Windows)

v22: Configurable Pre-fill & Update from Core + WebP support

February 23rd, 2022

It’s been a few months since the last Music Collector update, but behind the scenes we have of course been preparing for a big v22 update! And today, it is finally ready for release, with 3 cool new features:

  • User-configurable Pre-fill screen: choose your own fields
  • User-configurable Add / Update from Core
  • Support for WebP images
  • New collection status “Sold” and new collection status icons and colors

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Music Collector (Windows)

v21.5 Improved Submit to Core system

October 8th, 2021

In this update, we are improving the Submit to Core system.

We have created a completely new site for processing your submitted entries, which is now fully responsive to your browser size and therefore now fully mobile-compatible.

At the same time, we created a new auto-login system, making submitting easier and more seamless.

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Music Collector (Windows)

v21.4.3: Template updates to the box set area

September 30th, 2021

We’ve added some updates and fixes to the box set area in the details panel:


  • Added a “show more” button to the Notes section for very long notes
  • Added a “show more” button to box sets with more than 3 albums
  • You can now click an album title to directly select and show it


  • Current Value was missing its label
  • The Cat. number field was missing

Music Collector (Windows)

v21.4.2: Improved box set area in templates and some fixes

September 28th, 2021

Improved box set area in details panel

The box set area now shows all albums inside the box set. It also includes a link to edit the box set directly so you can modify any box set specific details or change the order of albums in the box set quickly.
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Music Collector (Windows)

v21.4: Bar chart in folder panel background

September 14th, 2021

Version 21.4 is now available for your Music Collector software, with a nice graphical update for your folder panel. The folder panel now show horizontal bars in the background behind the folder entries, representing the “relative size” of the folder, that is, relative to the biggest folder in your collection.

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Music Collector (Windows)

v21.3.2: Transfer Field Data: fix for Date fields

August 12th, 2021


  • Date fields didn’t always transfer correctly

Music Collector (Windows)

v21.3: New “Transfer Field Data” tool

August 6th, 2021

A nice new v21.3 update is available for Music Collector now, in which we introduce a new super useful database management tool, called Transfer Field Data (new in the Tools menu).

In short, this tool lets you copy field values from one field to another, in batch, so for your entire database, or for a selection of albums.

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Music Collector (Windows)

v21.2.2: A couple of fixes

July 6th, 2021


  • Smarter syncing of musicians and instruments
  • More responsive checkboxes in Add Albums screen
  • The Sort button in the main screen would sometimes not open the Sort Settings screen

Music Collector (Windows)

v21.2: More fields now sync to CLZ Cloud / Music Connect

June 16th, 2021

Last week, we added many new fields to the CLZ Cloud storage and the web-based Music Connect software, all based on feedback from our users.

Of course, new fields in the CLZ Cloud won’t help you much if you can’t sync them from Music Collector 🙂 So in today’s v21.2 update, we enhanced the CLZ Cloud syncing system to support all the new fields.

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Music Collector (Windows)

v21.1: New Link Discs with Core screen

May 6th, 2021

It is important to have your album entries linked to the corresponding disc entries in our Core online music database, especially when syncing to the CLZ Cloud and/or the CLZ Music mobile app. Because a correct Core link is what gives you all automatic album details, like cover images, tracks, labels, genres, formats, etc..

All album entries you added through the Add Albums from Core screen, will of course be linked with a Core entry automatically. However, if you added an album manually, or if you imported a list of albums, e.g. from a CSV file or by adding music files, some of your entries may arrive “unlinked”. In which case you would need to do the linking afterwards.

Previously, linking discs with Core was done in an old and clunky screen, based on a very old version of the Add from Core screen. But not anymore!
As of today, Music Collector has a completely new Link Discs with Core screen.

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Music Collector (Windows)

v21.0.3 Extra Collection Status dropdown button in Add Screen

March 17th, 2021

Add Screen: Select Collection Status with the extra dropdown button

We’ve added an extra Collection Status dropdown button to the left hand panel in the Add Screen:


  • Options: “Use Field Default” option for Collection Status didn’t work
  • Export to HTML was broken

Music Collector (Windows)

v21.0.2 Various improvements and fixes

March 4th, 2021

Instead of jumping on the next big feature update, we decided to take a couple of weeks to work on various small improvements and fixes. Here’s what’s new and fixed in today’s update:

New: Clear your CLZ Cloud right from the Sync screen

No more need to login to the CLZ Cloud site and use “Clear Database” there. It is now possible to clear/reset your CLZ Cloud straight from the Sync screen, using the Clear CLZ Cloud button at the bottom.

BTW: please only use this when strictly necessary, in case of problems. Clearing the cloud and re-syncing all items is a heavy operation and causes seriously load on our servers. Thank you!

New: Find Duplicates results can now be exported to a TEXT file

By popular demand: you can now export the results of the Find Duplicates screen, either to take with you as a text file, or for printing.

New: Use the Statistics screen on a selection

Something that “got lost” when we replaced the old Database Totals screen with the fancy new Statistics screen: being able to see totals for the selected items in the main screen.
So… now that feature is back! Just select items in the main screen, using the checkboxes or Select All, then open Tools / Statistics to see totals and charts for just those items.

New: Filter area in status bar now highlights when a filter is active

A common question in support: “Why don’t I see all my items anymore”. Always turns out that a filter is active, either in the Quick Filter Panel, the Alphabet Bar or the search box.
To make this clearer, the Filter area in the status bar at the bottom now highlights in yellow when a filter is active.

Improved right-mouse click context menus, with sub-headers

Through the years, new commands kept being added to the right click context menus, and to be honest, they became a bit messy. So about time we cleaned them up.
All main screen context menu’s have now been cleaned up, re-ordered and re-grouped with nice sub-headers.


  • Update from Core on multiple albums was not working
  • Add from Core: in some situations album covers were not downloading
  • Import XML: several fixes to importing of credits, musicians and purchase prices
  • Printing, when printing track lists, the Box Set field did not work
  • Card View: mouse wheel scrolling was broken
  • After Select All in list, some action bar button did not show up
  • After editing, the list did not scroll to the edited item anymore
  • Statistics: rare Access Violation while loading the screen
  • Picklist item images are now automatically resolved when folder changes
  • Update File Links: manual mode missing trailing slash by default

Music Collector (Windows)

v21.0: New: Pre-fill fields while adding albums

January 18th, 2021

We’re well into 2021, so it’s time for Music Collector 21.
In this update we bring you a great new time-saving tool in the Add Albums screen.

New Pre-fill screen that pops up when adding albums

When adding an album to your database using the Add Album screen, it will now pop-up a new screen called “Pre-fill album details, letting you set various fields right then and there.

Fields available in the Pre-fill screen:

  • Location
  • Owner
  • Purchase Date
  • Purchase Store
  • Purchase Price
  • Quantity
  • Tags

No more need to edit your added albums afterwards!

(BTW: of course, using the new Pre-fill screen is optional. If you don’t want to use it, just uncheck the “Show Pre-fill screen” toggle at the bottom. You can always re-enable it through the program’s Options screen.)

Music Collector (Windows)

v20.6.2: Folder panel now closes fully again

August 25th, 2020


  • It wasn’t possible to fully close the folder panel

Music Collector (Windows)

v20.6 Easier access to the Manage Pick Lists screen

August 24th, 2020

The Manage Pick Lists screen is one of the most important screens of your Music Collector software. This is the screen you need for:

  • Merging duplicate artist entries
  • Correct an Artist sort name
  • Fixing typos in Genres, Tags, Locations, etc…
  • Removing unused pick list entries
  • etc… etc…

But… judging from daily questions in our support channels, many users don’t even know of its existence. (Hint: it can be opened from the Edit menu). So with today’s update we are aiming to increase the awareness the Manage Pick Lists screen and to make it easier to access from anywhere.

From the main screen folder panel

In the main screen, you can now easily access the Manage Pick Lists screen for the selected folder field. Just click the new button right above the folder panel:

From the Edit Album screen

The Edit Album screen now has a big Manage [..] List button at the bottom, that automatically changes to match the field you are currently at:

From the Add/Edit item screen


  • Cat. Nr for box sets wasn’t showing in some templates.
  • Artist links going to HTTP websites weren’t clickable in some templates.
  • User Defined Yes/No fields are now available as options for the folder panel.
  • Edit Multiple: Updating date fields wasn’t always working correctly if you only filled in a year.
  • Edit in List: Editing the Collection Status field did not work.
  • Folder panel: “Collection Status” folder option has been moved to “Personal” heading.

Music Collector (Windows)

v20.5: Changing your folder field is now much easier

July 28th, 2020

A big update for the Music Collector software today, with several improvements and fixes, all based on the daily feedback we are getting from our users.

Changing your folder field is now much easier

The folder panel is one of the most powerful tools of your Music Collector software. However, in our support conversations with users, we are finding that most users are always leaving their software on the out-of-the-box Artist folders and never use anything else.

Which is sad, as they are missing out on a great tool. The folder panel instantly lets you group and filter your database on other fields too, e.g. by Genre, by Studio, by Release Year by Location, etc.. Super useful and fun!

Now… I must admit that changing your folder panel to a different field was not very easy or obvious. As you had to create a “preset”, add your desired field(s), give the preset a name, save it, then finally activate the new preset in the folder panel.

So… we decided to make this all *much* easier, especially for single field folder settings.

  • You can now directly select any folder field for the folder panel, without having to create a preset first. Just instantly pick your desired folder field under the “Folders” heading in the menu of the Folder button.
  • Presets are now called Favorites.
  • You can still create your own Favorite folder options, e.g. for multi-level folder settings (e.g. Genre, then Artist), or just to make a specific 1-field setting easily accessible.
  • Your Favorite folder settings are listed at the top of the menu, under the Favorites heading.
  • New: no more need to manually name your Favorites. Sensible names are created automatically (the selected fields separated by slashes).

Columns and Sorting

  • For Columns and Sorting, “Presets” have been renamed to “Favorites” too.
  • For Sort Favorites: no more need to manually name your Favorites. Sensible names are created automatically (the selected fields separated by slashes).

Edit Album: add multiple artists, studios, etc.. in one go

The Select screen for adding artists, studios, composers, etc… now includes checkboxes, so that you can multiple in one go. No more need to go back and fort between the Select and Edit screen to add multiple.

The new checkboxes for selecting multiple values in one go are now available in the Select screen for the following fields:

  • Artists
  • Composers
  • Studios
  • Musicians
  • Credits
  • Conductors
  • Compositions
  • Orchestra’s
  • Chorus
  • Genres
  • Tags


  • Using “Select All” in your list was very slow. Super fast again now 🙂
  • Print screen: “Field ID 221 has no XML tagname” error, when printing the Collection Status field as a column.
  • Removed the annoying “beep” when searching in the Add Albums screen.

Music Collector (Windows)

v20.4.3: Couple of fixes

June 30th, 2020


  • If cover downloads were disabled, the program would still download a cover URL
  • If no rating was set, it would show with rating “0” in the rating column. It now shows “nothing” in the column again.
  • If no rating has been set for an album, it would show in a “0” folder, and now shows in a “[None]” folder in your folder panel.

Music Collector (Windows)

v20.4.2 Several fixes

June 26th, 2020


  • In some case, new entries added through Add from Core would get images with .tmp extensions, instead of .jpg.
  • Editing pick list items directly from the folder panel did not work anymore.
  • Dragging items between folders did not work anymore.

Music Collector (Windows)

v20.4: Faster image downloads, faster Update from Core

June 25th, 2020

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

Here’s another big update for your Music Collector software, with two further performance improvements:

Faster image downloads

We were able to make several improvements to the way images are downloaded (cover art), making it much faster than before.

This change affects all places where images are downloaded from our servers, that is, when Adding Albums from Core, when Updating from Core and when down-syncing from CLZ Cloud.

Faster Update from Core

On large collections the old Update from Core feature was quite slow, as it updated your albums one by one, that is, doing separate requests to our server for each and every album.

So for this update, we also complete rewrote the Update from Core feature to do the updates in batches of 100 albums at a time, making it much much faster! (roughly 4 times as fast).

Remember: Update From Core can be used to update your local album entries with possible extra data from our Core online music database. To use this feature, select some albums, right click, then choose Update from Core.


  • Add Albums from Core: when adding by barcode and the barcode is not found, it now automatically pops up the Unrecognized Barcode screen, so that you can 1. add the album anyway and 2. report the missing barcode to our Core.
  • When using My Rating as the folder field, the “0” folder was missing.
  • When using multiple levels of folders in the folder panel, sometimes the displayed counters were wrong.
  • Images View: it is now possible to change thumb size using Ctrl + mouse wheel.
  • Card View: Composer will now show instead of artist if it is filled in.

Music Collector (Windows)

v20.3.3: Maintenance build

June 10th, 2020


  • Images View: Improved spacing between thumbnails
  • Images View: Mouse over on images didn’t show the title of the item
  • Cover Flow: Now uses big sharp images instead of the small thumbnails
  • Find Cover: Could give an Access Violation when finding GIF images

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