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CLZ Movies (Android)

v4.5.5: Further improvements to the Add Movies screen

November 22nd, 2017

In today’s update for the CLZ Movies app, we have made further tweaks to the Add screen, to make it clearer than previous versions:

  • Add from CLZ Core:
    • Faster movie title search.
    • Color high-lighting: Movies already ‘on wish list’ now have an orange title, movies already “in collection” show up with a blue title.
    • Slightly smaller font for the movie title, so that longer titles fit better.
    • Search as you type now respects tv-series only/adult filters.

Fixes in this update:

  • After changing the sort order the list could sometimes scroll to a random position.
  • Small CLZ Cloud sync tweaks.
  • After restarting the app an empty details template could sometimes show.
  • After restarting the app it would sometimes repeatedly scroll to the last added movie.
  • After manually typing a barcode in the add by barcode screen you weren’t able to search another one.

CLZ Movies (iOS)

v4.5.13: Further improvements to the Add Movies screen

November 10th, 2017

In today’s update for the CLZ Movies app, we have made further tweaks to the Add screen, to make it clearer and (hopefully) more stable than previous versions:

  • Slightly smaller font for the movie title, so that longer titles fit better.
  • Color high-lighting: Movies already ‘on wish list’ now have an orange title, movies already “in collection” show up with a blue title.
  • Improved scroll behaviour.

Fixes in this update:

  • Full screen cover scroller on iPhone/iPod devices was not properly updating its title bar

CLZ Movies (iOS)

v4.5.12: Optimized layout for iPad Pro

October 20th, 2017


  • Optimized layout of main screen on 10.5 and 12.9 inch iPads
  • Optimized the performance of the main screen thumbnail view
  • Fresh placeholder cover images


  • Black bars showing on 10.5 and 12.9 inch iPads
  • Disappearing floating add button when switching from list to thumbnail view
  • CLZ Movies (iOS)

    v4.5.11: Fixed a crash in iOS10 and lower

    October 16th, 2017


    • Crash in add screen on devices running iOS10 or lower
    CLZ Movies (iOS)

    v4.5.10: Redesigned Selection Mode

    October 15th, 2017


    • Redesigned Selection Mode
      • Tap and hold on a movie to select it, select as many movies as you like (or select all, using the “Select All” top right).
      • Then use the blue action button to perform an action on the selected movies (Remove / Update from CLZ Core).


    • Crash when saving a cover image to the camera roll
    • Odd scrolling behavior when expanding/collapsing a movie title search result in the Add Automatically screen
    • Odd scrolling behavior when scanning movie barcodes in the barcode scanning screen
    • Stuck keyboard after searching in main list
    • Autocorrect was enabled for the main list search bar
    Movie Collector (Windows)

    v17.2.3: New: Manually change the order of movies in box sets

    October 11th, 2017


    You can now change the order of box set movies from the details template or Manage Pick List. Click “change order” at the bottom of the list of movies in the template, then click and drag movies around to change the order in the box set.


    • Add Movies from CLZ Core: expanding a result would sometimes scroll to a different part of the list.
    • Editing a movie from a box set could mess up the order of the movies in that box set.
    Movie Connect

    New design and layout for movie details page

    October 10th, 2017

    Now live, a new design and layout for the movie detail page in both Movie Connect and the free CLZ Cloud viewer.

    Some highlights of the new look:

    • bigger cover image
    • bigger trailer video
    • more logical layout and placement of all fields

    Screen shots:

    Read more

    Movie Collector (Windows)

    v17.2.2: Fixed a problem with formats for box sets and more

    October 5th, 2017


    • Main Screen Details View: when there’s no order in box set movies they will be listed sorted on release year.
    • Add Movies from CLZ Core: adding a box set would not take the chosen format into account for the added movies.
    • Link Movies with CLZ Core:
      • The link screen was showing box set results as well but those can’t be linked.
      • Movies were not removed from the search queue after linking them.

    Movie Collector (Windows)

    v17.2: Automatically add multi-movie box-sets

    October 4th, 2017

    After many months of work from our content managers, our Core online movie database has now been enhanced with movie list information for thousands of multi-movie box sets.

    Today, Movie Collector 17.2 for Windows is the first to use this new Core data:
    Just use the enhanced Add from Core screen to find a box set, either by title or by barcode, and our Core “knows” which movies are in the box.

    See it in action:

    Find and add box sets by barcode

    Scan a box-set barcode and Core will show you which movies it contains. Click Add Box Set at the bottom right and all contained movies will be added to your database, automatically linked by a box set entry.

    Find and add box sets by title

    Alternatively, use the By Title tab and enable the new Box Set search to find box sets by their title.

    Note: the new Movies, TV Series and Box Sets checkboxes now let you search each of these three Core section separately OR combined.
    AND: The check boxes now also operate on the Search-As-You-Type suggestions, for even quicker searching and adding!

    New design of box set panel in templates, with movie list!

    A nice re-designed box set panel at the top of the movie details for each of the contained movies. Now showing the list of the contained movies, in the correct order, AND with clickable links to go straight to the other movies in the set!

    Report unrecognized box set barcodes

    Our Core online database now recognizes thousands of box sets by barcode, but of course, it is possible that you own one that is not recognized.

    In that case, the Unrecognized Barcode screen will popup, which now features a special tab for Box Sets. This new Box Set tab will let you select which movies are in the box, so that you can add it anyway.

    At the same time, the barcode and the movie list are sent to Core, to complete our database and to make sure that the next user who scans this barcode WILL automatically get the full info 🙂

    Movie Connect

    New: Manage your pick list entries

    September 29th, 2017

    All Connect apps: Manage Pick Lists, edit, merge and remove pick list entries.

    A Manage Pick Lists screen is now available in Connect!
    Finally, you can easily manage your pick lists for Artists, Authors, Series, Genres, Formats, etc… To edit your sort names, merge duplicate entries or remove entries.

    The new Manage Pick Lists screen can be found in the Tools menu top right (the wrench icon).

    Read more

    CLZ Movies (iOS)

    v4.5.9: Added app icon for 12.9 inch iPad

    September 27th, 2017


    • Missing app icons for 12.9 inch iPad
    CLZ Movies (iOS)

    v4.5.8: Fixed a keyboard problem for iOS 11

    September 24th, 2017


    • Autocorrect/complete was disabled on the plot and note fields in the edit/add manually screens
    • The on-screen keyboard was covering the lower input fields in the edit/add manually screens
    Movie Collector (macOS)

    v17.0.6: Fixed a bug with the Quick Search and Alphabet bar

    September 21st, 2017


    • Quick Search suggestion box could crash the app.
    • Alphabet bar wasn’t working anymore.
    Movie Collector (macOS)

    v17.0.5: Now compatible with macOS 10.13 “High Sierra”

    September 21st, 2017

    Next week, Apple will release the new macOS 10.13 “High Sierra”.
    If you are planning to update your Mac to this new OS, then we strongly recommend to update your Movie Collector software to today’s version 17.0.5!

    Movie Collector problems on High Sierra:
    We have been testing our software on beta versions of High Sierra for quite a while, to make sure we were ready for it’s release. We found that most of the software seems to be working as normal.

    Unfortunately, we found a big problem in the Preferences screen, it does not open at all anymore, making it impossible to make any changes to program settings.

    Luckily, our Mac developer Ronald was able to fix the Preferences screen to make it work on the new macOS. A fix was released today, in version 17.0.5.


    • Preferences screen didn’t load properly on macOS 10.13 “High Sierra”.
    • Upload Cover to CLZ Core: Images were not always uploaded properly even if they were within the 500KB file size limit.
    • Main Screen: Quick Search: Occasional crashes in the quick search when using the “Search-as-you-type” suggestions.
    • Sync with CLZ Cloud: Sometimes crashed during the upload of covers.
    Movie Collector (Windows)

    v17.1.10: Fixed Access Violation in Add from CLZ Core screen

    September 14th, 2017


    • Add Movies from CLZ Core: Access Violation when adding several movies by barcode
    Movie Collector (Windows)

    v17.1.9: Maintenance build

    September 14th, 2017


    • Add Movies from CLZ Core:
      • (un)checking an item in a selection would not (un)check all those items
      • tab caption was truncated in System skin
    Movie Connect

    Improved search results, plus Search-As-You-Type suggestions

    September 7th, 2017

    A nice upgrade for the search feature today, in both Movie Connect and the free CLZ Cloud viewer for movie collections!

    We have completely replaced the search engine, making the searches much faster and giving you better, more focussed, less “fuzzy” search results.

    On top of that, we have now added our popular “Search-As-You-Type” mechanism to the search box for quick finding and selecting a particular movie in your database:

    • In the Quick Search box, just start typing the first few letters of the title you are looking for.
    • While typing, a drop-down list will appear, showing the first five matching movies, with small cover images.
      (for most movies, it only takes 2 or 3 letters before it shows up.)
    • Once you see the one you were looking for, use the up/down keys to select it, then hit Enter.
    • This will instantly take you the movie details page for that movie.

    See the Search-As-You-Type system in action:

    Movie Collector (Windows)

    v17.1.8: New icons for the Add from CLZ Core screen and fixes

    August 24th, 2017


    • Add Movies from CLZ Core: the 4 “Add by” tabs now have icons.


    • Add/Link Movie files: Link to Existing Movie:
      • Double clicking the column header in the movie selection screen would act as double clicking a movie and close the screen.
      • It wasn’t possible to resize the columns in the movie selection screen.
    • Edit Movie: Links tab: When editing a local link, the “previous” button didn’t work.
    • After adding a movie where a pick list item (such as an actor) was updated with new information, not all movies using that same actor were marked as “dirty” for syncing with CLZ Cloud.
    • Adding a movie could cause a cast member’s image URL to be overwritten even when update setting “cast/crew images” was “Leave as is” or “Update empty fields only”.

    Movie Connect

    Improved “Edit Multiple” screen with new fields

    August 2nd, 2017

    New fields for Edit Multiple

    We’ve expanded the amount of fields you can edit in the Edit Multiple screen.

    Improved interface

    We’ve made it more clear how you can clear information from specific fields for all selected items you’re editing. Use the X button to clear a field for all selected items.

    Using “Edit Multiple”

    Quick reminder how to use Edit Multiple: Click the “Select” button at the top of your Connect page, select a couple of items, and click “Edit” (again, at the top).

    Be advised that changes you make here affect all selected items, and can not be reverted once done!

    Movie Connect

    New series folder added to group entries by TV series

    August 1st, 2017


    • Series Folders: You can now folder group on “Series” so your TV serie entries all go into their own respective series folders.
    • Sorting on Country: We added “Country” to the list of available sort fields.


    • After searching a movie, the edit screen wouldn’t display all available formats.
    CLZ Movies (iOS)

    v4.5.7: Fixed an issue when scanning barcodes with certain formats

    July 28th, 2017


    • Crashing add by barcode screen when scanning movies of certain formats
    CLZ Movies (iOS)

    v4.5.6: Improved navigation in “All Movies” folder

    July 21st, 2017


    • Added a new “All Movies” folder with a back button to go back to your folders


    • Crash in Add from CLZ Core by title screen when displaying movie results with a VideoCD icon.
    • Barcode queue was lost when a crash occurred in the Add from CLZ Core screen.
    • The “move to wish list” functionality in the Add from CLZ Core screen was not working.
    Movie Collector (Windows)

    v17.1.7: Various tweaks

    July 20th, 2017

    • Add Movies from Core: Search Results list is now loading/refreshing faster, especially for long lists.
    • New option for CLZ Barry: Auto-Connect. When enabled, the built-in Buddy for Barry automatically connects to the server when you start the program or open the Add screen.
    • The Expire Date of your Update Plan is now always visible in the lower right bottom of the main screen.
    • Fixed: Edit Movie, after updating from Core, switching to another tab could mess up the screen when the screen hadn’t finished updating yet

    CLZ Movies (Android)

    v4.5.4: Improved navigation in “All Movies” folder

    July 18th, 2017


    • Added a new “All Movies” folder with a back button to go back to your folders
    CLZ Movies (Android)

    v4.5.3: Improved navigation after adding or restarting the app

    July 12th, 2017


    • After adding/editing a movie, the app will now always find and show your last added movie in your main screen.
    • Main screen will now always remember navigation state, even after device reboot.


    • Unable to select and add a search result with multiple movies in the barcode scanning screen.
    • Add auto screen not obeying the device’s rotation lock.

    Recent changes

    Redesigned Column and Sort Order field selection screens March 21st, 2018 v4.10: Many new sort options and a redesigned Select Sort Order screen March 15th, 2018 v4.9.4: Fixed a quick search selection issue February 28th, 2018 v4.9.2: Fixed a crash with the search February 27th, 2018 v4.9: Improved search features February 21st, 2018 Re-designed Edit Movie screen February 13th, 2018 v4.9.2: Fixed Quick Launch shortcut January 24th, 2018 v4.9.2: Fixed some performance issues January 23rd, 2018 v18.0.10: Maintenance build with lots of fixes January 18th, 2018 v4.9: Improved search features January 17th, 2018 v18.0.9: Fixed: various layout problems on “125% DPI” systems January 12th, 2018 Faster browsing in Connect and CLZ Cloud January 9th, 2018 v4.8.1: Automatic CLZ Cloud syncing! January 8th, 2018 v18.0.8: Various tweaks and fixes for version 18 January 4th, 2018 A complete re-design of the Connect interface December 27th, 2017 Brand new Add Movies from Core screen December 27th, 2017 v18.0.7: Fixed sorting in the pick item screens and more December 21st, 2017 v18.0.6: Updated the Studios field in the Edit Screen and more December 20th, 2017 v18.0.5: Maintenance build with fixes December 18th, 2017 v18.0.4: Fixed a problem in the Edit Episode screen December 13th, 2017 v18.0.3: New Manage Presets Screen and some fixes December 12th, 2017 v18.0.2: Fixes and improvements December 6th, 2017 v18: Auto-Cloud-Syncing, revamped Edit screen, new “Clean” template and more! December 5th, 2017 v4.8.5: Fixed a crash in the sync with CLZ Cloud December 4th, 2017 v4.8: Automatic CLZ Cloud syncing! November 29th, 2017