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Comic Collector reviews

November 30, 2018
Stellar support
You guys always have stellar support and the best product I have ever found for my comics inventory.. I will look for a roll of tissue paper at this point...
Warmest regards from the USA, tell everyone in the office thank you! — Rush Callahan (USA) on Comic Collector
November 03, 2018
I Discovered CLZ when i made a descision to start collecting comic books again. I had a small collection left from when i was a kid, it was something i did with my dad who passed away back in the early 2000's. After he died a big part of me was like "What's the point". Like many things at the time, it all kind of faded away.
So When i Made the Descision to collect again I Quickly realized i needed away to know what i already had. To This end, I found CLZ, it was affordable, and super easy to use, plus it was accessable on my phone which made it a great tool for when i hit the shops.
Then i realized I could also use it to Catlouge the Vinyl Records that got left to me. So now, I use it to catlouge both Comic and Vinyl collections, and in the process it helps me feel a bit closer to my father. — Kassidy Renault (USA) on Comic Collector
October 30, 2018
Comics Collector from Collectorz.com
I have been using the Comics Collector sw for about 10 years to increase my happiness and joy with my collection. I had always wanted to organise my collection so that all the relevant publisher, creator information and the covers would be easily located and sorted. An attemptt to create a spreadsheet that would do this for me gave me the pleasure of a deep dive into my collection and a severe back ache from sitting with my laptop on a broken sofa. I came accross Comics Collector and tried it out and it has been contributing greatly to my happiness ever since.
Sometime I put on the cover flow and just roam through my collection, each cover is a vivid moment that reminds me why I love comics. I have organised and re-organised my collection as I have changed my mind about what is the best way to group the comics. I can do this easily, the interfaces are clear and natural. Comics Collector has increased my pleasure in my comics collection hugely by capturing what I wanted to be able to do with careful attention to detail and first rate customer care. The updates are seamless, in fact they give a good name to software updates...
As I have been writing this I have been thinking about why Comic Collector is so good and I realised that it has been written for collectors, it makes capturing the many details about comics easy, showing off the covers easy, sorting and re sorting the collection easy. It is a brilliant tool that really allows me reach into the detail of my comics and relish them. — Conor Carton (USA) on Comic Collector
October 28, 2018
My collection under control and in numeric order
I've been using CLZ for my comics for 3 or 4 years now and had been doing things manually before that. My collection currently exceeds 18,000 books and I've been collecting for decades.
When I started collecting, I kept a hand written ledger of my books so I wouldn't spend my hard earned cash on duplicates. When Lotus 123 came on in '83 (does anyone actually remember Lotus 123?), I procured a copy and transferred my entire collection to a spreadsheet. Awesome. My first actual backup, besides my hand written book, was to a 5.25" disk.
After Lotus was crushed by Microsoft, everything had to go to Excel. I believe that most everyone has a horror story regarding hardware and mine was a crashed hard drive in '96 that ate my data and left me with just a 3.5" disk that contained the backup of my comic collection. Needless to say, the disk turned out to have been corrupted at some point and I was back to ground zero.
With all of the writing and keyboarding over the years, I'm pretty sure I'm patient #0 for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. It was then I decided the Comic Books gods did not want me to know what I had in my collection so that Marvel, DC, Charlton, and the rest could get more of my hard earned cash since I'd likely be buying duplicates at one point or another.
It wasn't until I found CLZ 3 or 4 years ago that I started to catalog my collection again. This has done many things:
It uncovered more than 3,000 duplicates (hard earned cash out the window. My ex-wife was angry about that tidbit).
It allowed me to actually get my collection under control and in numeric order in their boxes (currently 170+ short boxes and a couple of long boxes
The initial time of entering them into CLZ was considerable, but necessary. Now when I buy 2 or 300 books at a show, it's so easy to get them into the system.
It allows me to travel to Comic-cons and bring my collection with me so when I'm spending my hard earned dollars, I'm not buying dupes. (something my current wife appreciates)
I finally know exactly what I have and I know it's safe from most any tech disaster that I might have.
Most important in all of this? It provides a safe place for my database. Something I didn't have for 40 years.
I forget what I paid for this program when I bought it, but it's been worth every penny of my hard earned dollars since. — James White (USA) on Comic Collector
October 26, 2018
CLZ has made my life so easy
I am a 56 year old lifelong comic fan...and still collecting. I have about 15,000 comics and before discovering CLZ I used a looseleaf notebook to add all my comics. Needless to say, this turned into a ripped, and disorganized mess very quickly. Of course, I was only able to catalog the title and the issues that I owned and I could never see the critical data or the comic covers.
I constantly use CLZ, not only for data entry, but to view my lovely collection. I also love the way that CLZ breaks down the stats to my collection and gives me possible value of the collection. The software support and updates are spectacular!! — Scott Farren (USA) on Comic Collector
October 26, 2018
Your product goes everywhere I go
I have collected comics on and off throughout my life, starting at the age of 6 (when Mom would "bribe" me with 50 cents if I was good in church--hey, I could buy TWO books at the newsstand then!) and all the way now through my 54th birthday. During that time, like a lot of hobbyists, I have had 'hot' times where I've really been into my collection, and others when I've cooled down...
I now do a yearly show or two. Because of all of that, it would be almost impossible for me to remember how many books I have in my collection (6712) vs how many are in my "sale boxes" (1200) without CLZ. Your product goes everywhere I go on my phone--putting an end to the "I wonder if I have that?" stuff that goes on at dollar bins.
I am very thankful for your product and everything you guys do for the collecting community! — Mike Boyd (USA) on Comic Collector
October 23, 2018
Great tool
A while back I was looking for a good way to tabulate my comic book collection and, knowing that I was going to be buying comic books again, I needed a good tool to keep track of them all. I demoed a few software options as well as the tried-and-true Excel spreadsheet method but nothing worked so seamlessly as CLZ. The ability to use a bar code scanner, upload data to the cloud, ease of use, cover photos of all the comics, fast and friendly customer service all contribute to why I love the software and will continue to use it.
It's so awesome when I go to a comic store, see a comic that I think I need and able to check quickly on my phone on my collection, see that I already have the comic so I put it back saving myself money.
Now, I'm starting to collect video games so that will be my next collection to keep track of. I haven't begun looking yet, but CLZ will be the first place I look. — Jim Volin (USA) on Comic Collector
October 23, 2018
Love this product
I love this product and probably use it more than any other that I have purchased. I rely on it to keep my comic collection where it is accessible both at home and away.
I recommend it to everyone I think could benefit from it. — Kevin DeSain (USA) on Comic Collector
October 22, 2018
Amazing app
I started collecting comic books in the early 80s. Mostly Marvel but I branched out to some Image comics and DC in the 90s when Spawn was created. I began liking the darker comic books with more detail in the graphics. I stopped collecting until I got stable then began to board bag and catalog all of my books.
In the process I noticed I had some valuable books such as the first appearance of Thanos and Deadpool. I wanted to get insurance on my books and have a detailed list on a cloud based program to insure I would not lose my collection should something tragic happen. I found CLZ in my search of this app and found it to be easy to navigate, very organized.
I have 4240 comics cataloged and sent to my insurance agency. I then started to use to wish list when I would go to comic shows to quickly pull up books I'm looking for rather than using paper lists that would ultimately end up in the washing machine. Thanks to this great app. — John Miller (USA) on Comic Collector
October 18, 2018
CLZ is AwesomeSauce
Hi My name is Lance Keeble. I am a Super Collector, as well as a Life Saver, Author, Father and Grand-Father. I have an eclectic taste and a vast collection of all the things I like, which include, Comic Books, Books, Music, and Movies. I also love Action Figures, Toys, Happy Meal Toys and things that fit in categories that are difficult to pin down. CLZ has helped me catalog my vinyl collection that is a combination of my parents, my wife parent and the 2 of us...Our CD's, Tapes, Vinyls and a few 8-Tracks total over 1,350.
My book collection has diminished only because I have donated 75% of my collection but I kept the ones important to me or have been signed. My comics are a lifetime of collecting from since I was a teen. I did at one point collect only number ones, adult, independent and minority drive comics, but I am happy to ay that it is easy to find those types of works now... I am having a ball. I don't spend as much as I used to, but I do still collect when my budget allows. I am on the Social Media site Gemr...Come check me out, I feature CLZ in my posts. Keep up the good work! LOK — Lance Keeble (USA) on Comic Collector
October 15, 2018
What a time saver
Started collecting when was 8 still had all my original books until i just sold my hulk collection last month. So many books now they are taking over the house. Started scanning and adding to the comic collector then i got the bar code scanner and all the new books just pop in....sweet and what a time saver. To know exactly what I have and how many vs what covers/prices. It is so nice to organize. Life is good — Ron Wright (USA) on Comic Collector
October 10, 2018
I love your product and tote it to everyone I know! It’s been a lifesaver for not buying doubles (as often) with my comics. A huge savings! — Mel Ladner (Canada) on Comic Collector
October 08, 2018
Comic Collecting made Easier
When I was in school I was diagnosed with a learning disability in reading. ThenI got to middle school and the library got Incredible Hulk every month. I devoured every back issue over an over again, just digging into every Peter David story I could get my hands on. His use of Greek mythology in his writing lead me to search out the original stories. I didn't care how hard the reading was, I struggled through it. As I was reading Hulk at school, my own comic collection was growing and I would read two or three comics before I went to bed, which lead to comic-based novels, and then eventually novels of all kinds.
Before I entered high school, I was tested again and my reading scores skyrocketed. In 8th grade, I had the vocabulary of a college student. My collecting has slowed since my kids have been born, but now they are digging into the same comics I bought at their age, and those same comics are making them better readers. Collectorz help me keep things in order as the kids explore. — Greg Streuly (USA) on Comic Collector
October 08, 2018
CLZ for comics is the best I've ever found
I love CLZ. I use it for my comics. I have a collection of 15,000+ and still growing (it's my one true vice), and since I purchased the full versions, for both phone and laptop, I don't think there's any way I would have a grasp on what, or how many, I would have. Not to mention, it is invaluable when I go to a comic convention to find issies to fill "holes"...I not only have a list of EVERY comic I'm missing in my collection, but a picture of what it looks like. Since 5 stars is the most I can give, then 5 stars is what I believe it deserves. Sometimes makes me wish I had more books or video games just to use the other programs. — Sean Murphy (USA) on Comic Collector
October 01, 2018
Great product
I just wanted to say I really enjoy using your Comic Collector program. It has been a pivotal in getting my comic collection organized. You guys have done a great job.
You've done a hell of a good job and it's a great product. Plan on me being a subscriber for life! — Mike Junkas (USA) on Comic Collector
August 20, 2018
I appreciate your time and would like to pass on my compliments for the software. I have to record 100+ comics a week for my job and the Collectorz software makes it 100% easier on me to do so. — Corgi Medberry (USA) on Comic Collector
July 27, 2018
Love the software
Love the software comic database and the support. — Robert Sikin (USA) on Comic Collector
July 16, 2018
It's fantastic
Hi Guys - first of all - great app!! I’ve been using Comic Collector for a couple of years now and it’s fantastic. I struggled with other apps and websites for years, and nothing comes close to the features and functionality of Comic Collector. The bar code scanner and syncing alone are well worth the price. I was able to finally get a handle on my collection and am able to update it very easily. Thanks!! — Mark DeAngelis (USA) on Comic Collector
July 09, 2018
have never looked back
Thank you for such wonderful software.
In the 90s I used File Maker Pro on a mac. Later I moved that to Microsoft Access and used that for years. I could never easily figure out how to get pictures in Access easily. Eventually I found you guys.
Have never looked back & often show off your software in my local comic book store. People like the way I can immediately see what I have & what is missing on my phone too. — Rush Callahan (USA) on Comic Collector
July 03, 2018
Glad to support Comic Collectorz!
Your software is an excellent product in any case. You develop and support it so well, and has been such an improvement from my old cataloging methods, I have no complaints.
Keep up the good work. — Scott Whitcraft (USA) on Comic Collector
May 31, 2018
Awesome software
Comic Collector flexibility is excellent, I use the user defined fields and filters a ton. Thanks for the awesome software and keep up the great work. — Brian Bailey (USA) on Comic Collector
April 11, 2018
I love your database
I want to add that I love your database and am glad I purchased it. You’ve done a great job! — Scott Mahan (USA) on Comic Collector
March 26, 2018
Well designed
Just wanted to let you know how happy i am to have found your product. I had a similar database but it was only windows based and when i moved to mac i was screwed. Years later i found you. Your product is well designed and easy to use. It is wonderful. So thank you. — John Salatino (USA) on Comic Collector
March 12, 2018
Love your program
I found this on your excellent online help and did it yesterday. I'm very happy not to have lost the store location data for 300+ comics. Not a big deal really but it was going to bother me.
Love your program. It's made my hunt for comics so much easier. — Tamara Hodge (USA) on Comic Collector
February 20, 2018
Exactly what we were looking for
So far, it’s great! I’m loving it, and my wife is too. We went on a several hour scanning binge last night. So far, 658 comics loaded, and only a very, very small percentage have to be hand-loaded in. All of these are more obscure items. It’s exactly what we were looking for. Thanks again! — Christopher Duval (USA) on Comic Collector
January 26, 2018