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Comic Collector reviews

December 22, 2012
Saved me a ton of work!
Just wanted to give Collectorz.com a shoutout. I finally was able to catalog every comic book in my collection - over 5,000 counting some duplicates - and the sorting and statistics features make it easy to organize and possibly sell my collection.
I just finished getting my whole jumbled mess sorted, recorded, and reboxed in publisher/title order, and when I found an issue I missed it was easy to find where to slip it into place.
Awesome product, it saved me a ton of work! — Ken McAndrew (USA) on Comic Collector
December 07, 2012
10,600th comic in collectorz
Just added Catwoman 14 as my 10,600th comic in collectorz.
I still need to add a lot of comic books that are not in the database yet! — Andy De Maertelaere (Belgium) on Comic Collector
October 15, 2012
I couldn't be happier
I wanted to take the time to send you all an email, first stating that I absolutely love what you guys have done and are doing with the software.
I couldn't be happier and the software is the best thing I've ever taken advantage of to keep my comic collection in check. — Joseph Nazelrod (USA) on Comic Collector
September 18, 2012
So much more fun
I've been using your comic collecting software for about a week now. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
Seriously. It makes comic book collecting so much more fun and alot easier. You guys have a great thing going here.
Keep it up!!! — Brent Pierce (USA) on Comic Collector
September 04, 2012
Haven't stopped
Well I ordered the Comic Book version on Tuesday of last week and received it on Thursday of the same week.(AWESOME!!!!) I installed it and was pretty easy to do.
I bought it for my husband's collection. I am guessing he has over 5,000 comic books. I started scanning this weekend and haven't stopped.
THIS SOFTWARE IS GOLD!!!!! My husband loves it, and so do I. I've been doing all the scanning. I 'm not sure if you do this already, but if you don't you should sell this software in comic book stores and at comic book conventions.
I'll keep you posted on what his final count is. I'm curious myself.
THANK YOU !!!!!!! : )) — Maria Perez (USA) on Comic Collector
August 30, 2012
Hunting down gaps
Awesome, love the product. It helps when hunting down gaps having the collection on my iPhone when I'm shopping and also I love looking at covers. — Scott Blanchard (USA) on Comic Collector
August 30, 2012
Hit a comic shop
ahhhh! *kicks feet and laughs* omg! i love my Comic Collectorz program!
it just told me that out of my collection of 1,718 comics 59% are DC, 30% Marvel, and 12% other. Also that my biggest line is Wolverine Vol.2 with 194 issues, which beats out my Robin Vol.2 by only 3 issues!
So cool... *giggles* oh this girl wants to hit a comic shop so bad right now! — Jessica Boire (USA) on Comic Collector
August 17, 2012
A really great product.
I haven't worked on my comic book database in over a year, however this is/was my software of choice. With the ability to sync your collection online it continues to raise the bar on features and ease of use.
This is a really great product. — Bill Hughes (USA) on Comic Collector
August 06, 2012
5 Star all around
Purchased the Movie, Music, and Comic Book programs. 5 Star all around. — Charles Smith (USA) on Comic Collector
July 29, 2012
It's fantastic
I'm a few hours into your software and it's fantastic! Sadly going through my umpteen thousand comics is the only saddening part :) — Allan Rivers (USA) on Comic Collector
June 13, 2012
Great job guys!!
I only have about half my collection in the Pro version, but couldn't wait any longer...treated myself to an early Father's Day present and got the Android app.
Looks fantastic on my Galaxy tablet...doing my HTC Evo phone now...
Great job guys!! — Roy McClanahan (USA) on Comic Collector
June 05, 2012
Definitely impressive
My girlfriend recently bought me the Comic Collector software, just wanted to say
thanks for creating such an awesome product!
Love the fact that I can scroll through my collection by the cover art!
Still working on inputting everything but this program is definitely impressive, thanks again. — Roberto Hull (USA) on Comic Collector
May 30, 2012
Picked up the Comic Book DB wish I had it years ago. — Paul C Holmes (USA) on Comic Collector
May 25, 2012
Super great product
I can't say enough about how great your software is.
I've tried so many others & uninstalled them after logging only a few books. Yours was so simple & easy to use, & has all the features i was looking for. I spent hours logging in books, not hours learning how.
Super great product, very happy. — Steve Polcaro (USA) on Comic Collector
May 20, 2012
Awesome product
I just wanted to thank you guys for this awesome product.
I have been using it for about a year, but yesterday it really paid for its self. Yesterday was comic-con here in Spokane and loved having my needed list not only available on my android phone but i loved how easy it was to print out the list when I needed it.
Thank you guys keep up the hard work! — Topher Gutbrod (USA) on Comic Collector
May 09, 2012
The upgrade for the Pro Edition was awesome for my 2,421 comics and 300 movies!
This is by far the best and easiest way I have ever had my stuff organized.
Your program is great! — Raymond-Cheryl Franklin (USA) on Comic Collector
May 04, 2012
Thank You
I just wanted to drop you a line and say Thank you. I am so impressed with the software. I have 25,000 comics in my collection (dating as far back as 1933), and have only had to search for a few covers to date.

Earlier to I restored the settings on my computer (or so I thought) and ended up loosing not only all of my recent emails but a few other pieces of software.

I can not express enough how impressed I was with your service when it came to retrieving my lost key codes. It took less then a minute .... and now I am back up and running.

Keep up the great work !
Great service and reliability are a rare commodity these days. — Mike Atchison (Canada) on Comic Collector

April 25, 2012
All I have to do
I enjoy your software... my comic collection is complete and now all I have to do is just add whatever new comics I get from here on. — Raymond-Cheryl Franklin (USA) on Comic Collector
April 18, 2012
Just saying thanks
Today was a pretty lame day for me, until I got home and went to open my Comic Collector and saw an update! I've been impatiently waiting for an update to come along for the searches and can't tell you how happy I am that y'all finally were able to get around to it.
Sadly as it may sound, this definitely made my day. Just wanted to send a message and say thanks for the work that y'all do, it really helps collecting my comics so much easier to keep up with. No problems here, just saying thanks. — Keith English (USA) on Comic Collector
April 11, 2012
5,326. comic books
Just wanted you to know I just finished entering 5,326. comic books using your data base. It is great!!!!
It saved me so much stress on how to list the comic books so I would know what my son had collected while he was here. I have passed your site on to friends who might want to list their books etc. — Peggy Fogarty (USA) on Comic Collector
March 24, 2012
Excellent customer support
I wanted to write you and thank you for your excellent customer support and additionally, the excellent product that Collectorz for comics is in the Mac environment.

As the 'connect' subscription is now free, I worry that I no longer have a way to support your excellent product other than through the initial purchase. Please let me know if there is some other way I can support this endeavor and as such maintain it through perpetuity.

Thanks again, a very satisfied customer. — Brett Jasch (Australia) on Comic Collector

March 17, 2012
Value for money
I honestly don't believe how I tried to inventory my comics on my own before
I bought Comic Collector. Outstanding value for the money. — Glenn Anderson (USA) on Comic Collector
February 28, 2012
Hi all, I just downloaded Comic Collector for my Android phone. Um...WOW.
I read the info page on your site and it sounded good there, but after I started flipping thru it on the phone...oh MAN.
I honestly don't believe how I tried to inventory my comics on my own before I bought Comic Collector.
Outstanding value for the money.
I am going to a con this weekend and I am more prepared than ever! I could spend hours just looking at the covers...and the ease of reviewing wish list items - nice!
Thanks for a great app! — Glenn Anderson (USA) on Comic Collector
February 06, 2012
In short I just love it!!
After messing around with it for a couple of hours, and loading up a couple of thousand comics, I can say it is FANTASTIC.
I got the iphone app and that is just GREAT. I am now up to listing over 10,000 comics and I like it more each time I use it.

In short I just love it!! — Stephen Gordon (USA) on Comic Collector

January 30, 2012
FIRST THING FIRST!!!!! Your Comic Book Collecting software IS AWESOME!!
I LOVE IT. Really helps me organize my collection.
I really like the format of your software. — Marco White (USA) on Comic Collector
January 27, 2012
Thank you!
Just paid for and down loaded the pro s/w...just waiting on my barcode scanner and i will get started next week. THANK YOU..!
Typing all of these comics into excel was going to be a daunting task... — Mike Horton (USA) on Comic Collector
January 16, 2012
No more duplicates
Just got my Comic Collector program and finished uploading well over 2,000 issues...and only 2 couldn't be found. not too shabby, Collectorz!!!
No more duplicates for this guy!!! — Keith C. McArthur Jr. (USA) on Comic Collector
January 11, 2012
Awesome product
Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help and the awesome product your group puts out.
I have used other "free" online databases for my comic collection, which is well over 3,000+ issues, and was not satisfied with having to put and input information only to have lack luster results. But I found your site and was hesitant at first but finally made the purchase and have not regretted it.
Your database, the features offered, and your customer service are amazing and combined with your collector app I never have to worry about buying another double issue again.
So thank you and keep up the great work. — David Doughty (USA) on Comic Collector
January 01, 2012
Works perfect
Love the Android app on my Kindle Fire for Comic edition. Works perfect with my desktop version.
Thanks! — John Staradumsky (USA) on Comic Collector