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Comic Collector reviews

June 23, 2017
So I dropped into a brand new comic book store the other day, and I busted out my mobile CLZ comic collector app, and used it to find 12 comics on my "Wish List." The proprietor was thoroughly impressed. — Keith Thies (USA) on Comic Collector
June 07, 2017
Love it
I have the CLZ Comics app and desktop and love it!! It met every need I had in maintaining my comic book collection. So much so, I bought the movie app the other day. — Ted Zeiher (USA) on Comic Collector
May 29, 2017
Thanks to Collectorz.com
Been a loyal subscriber for the past few years, without your programs and phone apps, I would be completely in shambles!
Almost 12,000 books all easily sorted and categorized, thanks to Collectorz.com. Thank you and expect me to be a loyal subscriber for years to come! — Dan Birdashaw (USA) on Comic Collector
May 01, 2017
Coming years of fun
Dear Alwin, the Wife and the staff, I want to thank you for your program and the years of updates. I have had the comic book program for years and have being keeping up with the upgrades over the years. I stopped collecting comics back in the 1990s but I have kept them all, thousands.
I just retired from my job after 32 years and now have plenty of time to concentrate on the books. Thank you for the bar code scanner you came out with some years ago it is making the job so much easier. However this is going to take some time (good thing I have lots of it) because I find myself rereading so many of those old books.
Your fabulous program is a God send. I go to swap meets and use my phone to check the books I have so far loaded. I check to see what I want and what I can sell anywhere I go.
Once again THANK YOU ALL for the coming years of fun I am going to have with this program. — Philip Rock (USA) on Comic Collector
April 11, 2017
I have the comics one. Fantastic. A complete lifesaver — Jeff Marin (USA) on Comic Collector
April 09, 2017
I've been sold on it since I think 2012 (ish) and it helped me not only get my ever growing comic book collection under control but its mobile counterpart has helped me save money by knowing when to buy or not.
The fact that it syncs is a huge help in staying up to date with what I am currently looking for. The constantly added useful features just make life easier. Love it and have gotten at least 6 fellow collectors on the Collectorz train. — Christian Olmeda (USA) on Comic Collector
April 08, 2017
Fantastic software
I use all the platforms. I work in a comic shop and recommend CLZ comics constantly. It's a joke with a lot of our customers that I get kickbacks I talk about it so much, but I just think it's fantastic software and a no-brainer for crowd of collectors like my store has — Andrew Curran (USA) on Comic Collector
April 07, 2017
Not buying doubles
I love the CLZ comic application. I have over 12,000 books recorded and the money I've saved from not buying doubles has paid for the software! — David Treble (Canada) on Comic Collector
March 07, 2017
Been using CC going on 3 years and I love it. I also love your support as its always fast and detailed. So kudos upfront for both your product and excellent customer service. — Matthew Williams (USA) on Comic Collector
March 06, 2017
Love it
I am a long time user of your product and always renew my update plan to make sure I have the best version of Comic Collector! I use CC every day and love it. — Peter Greig (Canada) on Comic Collector
March 04, 2017
Thanks for your hard work - you make my comic book inventory management so easy! — Glenn Anderson (USA) on Comic Collector
February 06, 2017
I have been using the Comic Collector app for my android and the PC for almost a year. I have nothing but high praises. — Eric Reiterman‎ (USA) on Comic Collector
January 04, 2017
Saves me money
Thank you all for such an awesome Software program, online capability and the app. I love and have them all. They make organizing and documenting my collection so much easier. Saves me money by not buying duplicates on accident too! I don't know what I would do without all of these now. Keep up the amazing work team! — Robert Welch (USA) on Comic Collector