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Comic Collector reviews

December 25, 2004
Bragging about it to ANYONE
I bought the comic collecter software about a year ago and still finding myself showing it off and bragging about it to ANYONE! I have always wanted software even half as good as the program you put out and when I found Comic Collectorz, I was absolutely FLOORED. Your software is THE BEST computer related purchase I have ever made (aside of actually buying the computer).

I would also like to compliment (if you will allow it :D) your super quick support / response team! If only every software firm was as caring as yours! — Joshua L. Conley on Comic Collector

February 09, 2004
A huge asset
I really can't say enough good things about this product. I am a computer programmer and have thought about writing a simple database program for my own use.

After using the trial version of Comic Collector, I realized there was no way I could write one as complete, effecient, and easy to use as this one. It's been a huge asset in organizing my comic collection. — Paul Placido on Comic Collector