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Comic Collector reviews

September 03, 2007
This software is outstanding.
Inventorying 20 years of my son's comic book collection, 10,00's of books and growing, is so much easier and helps for insurance purposes in valuing what is there.
Thank you! — Carolyn I. on Comic Collector
July 31, 2007
So easy
Just had to tell you all a huge thanks. Back in October I had a major system crash. I was able to backup the information but it never occured to me to backup the thumbnails. Well, I took a seven month break cause couldnt face the idea of doing all that input again.

Well, today I decided to get on it. Using the faq's I was up and going withing 10min.

Reason for writing this. Thank you ever so much for this software. Replacing the cover pictures has been so easy. Its taken me about 2hrs to do over 1700 books.

Just wanted to say thanks for taking care of us that dont always do the best thing with the software! — Lawrence Lasher on Comic Collector

March 06, 2007
This product is awesome
Please know how much I enjoy this program.
My wife gave it to me as a Father's Day gift two years ago and I love everything about it.

This product is awesome and more people should know about it. — Christian Mock on Comic Collector

February 19, 2007
Worth every penny!
I couldn't be happier with this program. The deeper I dig into it, the more I discover the depth and customizable aspects of it.

Being able to see the list of all my comics, with thumbnails of the front covers is absolutely invaluable to me... then I discovered that I could export my list into HTML format! This will be a welcome edition to posting my comics on a website!

Thanks guys! This has been worth every penny! — Philip McCrary on Comic Collector

February 14, 2007
Of course, it's true that I could've (and should've) cataloged my collection a long, long time, ago. But it's such a daunting task that I had a hard time getting motivated to tackle it.

Once I found Collectorz.com, I was actually ENTHUSED about entering my collection. Besides that, I actually get kinda giddy just looking at my collection catalog, now. So, for better or for worse, this really brings out the comic book geek in me. As far as I'm concerned, that's a good thing. — West on Comic Collector

February 12, 2007
Just 100% excellent
I would like to say that I am so happy about the Comic Collectorz program I bought from you guys I can't wait to get home from work and sit and play on it for hours just organizing my comic, the software is just 100% excellent!

I showed the program and the comic I currently had on it to my brother and he was blown away, after I showed him he went to see how many comics he had off the top of his head and said thats the next purchase on his list!

P.S I have a pretty big cd collection so the music collector is next on my list! — Tory Moody on Comic Collector

February 01, 2007
I just downloaded the comic book collector from download.com and all I can say is "WOW" very impressive. I plan to buy this product, its easier then the excel spread sheet I made up. All I have to do is type the name of the comic and the program does the rest! How easy is that?

Bravo Zulu, on a job, or in this case a product well done! — Matthew Crane on Comic Collector

January 31, 2007
The software is awesome
You guys are the best!

I have already entered 1900 comics and the software is awesome! By the time I am done I will have entered 6000 comic books. It's great to finally know what I have in my collection.

I am a professional comic book writer myself and have written for Marvel, D.C., Disney and more. See my Website. — Roger Brown on Comic Collector

January 31, 2007
So awesome
This program is so awesome. I've been looking for something like this for years. Thanks for making it. I think ima buy it for myself for my birthday this week :) — Julian on Comic Collector