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Comic Collector reviews

October 17, 2008
I've tried many of the more popular brands out there (demos) and feel that yours best suits my needs.

It is by far the easiest to use, and MOST FUN!!! ...which is probably the most important aspect, not just an oversimplified spreadsheet of misc. data. — Gene Zukowski on Comic Collector

August 27, 2008
I must say I'm very impressed with this program. Its simplicity and organization are first-rate. :) — David Ayres on Comic Collector
August 21, 2008
Completely blown away
Your software is mind-blowing, it impressed me so much, I thought I'd take some time to compliment you on it. I have just become an avid comic book reader, and I'm absolutely loving it.

On the back cover of one of my books, I noticed an ad for a free comic book cataloging program. I thought "this would be a perfect way to keep up with my collection, especially since I'm just starting out." Well I downloaded it, and TRIED to use it. It was absolutely terrible. I couldn't figure out how to do anything, and it's main purpose was to get you to buy comics from their website.

Still intrigued by the idea of comic book managing software, I kept browsing and came across your free trial. I downloaded it, and within minutes, I was finding all of the comics I bought. I managed to buy $150 worth of comics in the first month I started collecting, and this software is genius.

I can record how much each comic was, where I purchased it, what condition it's in, and I'm completely blown away by how your website already has so much information on the books, even covers!

When my next payday arrived, I bought your software and I'll never use anything else. You guys are doing a fantastic job. — Charles Parker on Comic Collector

June 23, 2008
I found your site because I was looking for a comic database to sort my collection - currently around 8,700 - and ended up realising I needed the Music and Movie ones as well. I'd probably get the Books one as well but I've got so many DVDs to put in now that I've finally got round to properly starting on them, that I might not live long enough to get round to the books!!

Movie Collector has all the fields needed for Audio Adventures since they're basically films without pictures and, since I've now taken the program to the DVDs by putting that one on my laptop, is in the right place.

New Releases and Updates services are a brilliant addition which shows just how much you understand the people you're selling to. This will make it far easier to keep up to date because I don't have to take the comics to the computer or search every title individually. — Trevor Jones on Comic Collector

April 04, 2008
Zoveel plezier
Ik had nooit gedacht dat ik met dit programma zoveel plezier zou hebben. Ik ben eigenlijk al een paar jaar niet meer actief in het verzamelen van strips en comics, maar met dit programma heb ik er weer lol in gekregen.

De online community op het Comic Collectorz-forum speelt daarin zeker niet de minste rol! Het programma kent eigenlijk maar één nadeel: ik krijg de neiging weer strips en comics te gaan verzamelen... — Kees Buis on Comic Collector