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What's new in CLZ Books?

CLZ Books (iOS)

v4.3.7: Final iOS7 compatible version

April 5th, 2017

Important: this is the FINAL iOS 7 compatible version.
Support for iOS 7 will be dropped for future versions.


  • iOS 7: Crash in Add screen when opening the Add by Barcode tab.

Coming up: Fresh look and layout

Please look forward to the next build coming up in a couple weeks with a complete new fresh look and layout!

CLZ Books (Android)

v4.3.10: Fixed an issue where “deletion changes” sometimes didn’t sync

February 2nd, 2017


  • Local book deletes sometimes not synchronized to the CLZ Cloud

CLZ Books (iOS)

v4.3.5: Added more fields to “Unrecognized ISBN” screen

January 24th, 2017


  • Redesigned missing ISBN screen with additional fields


  • Edit buttons missing for manage pick list fields in the edit screen

CLZ Books (Android)

v4.3.9: Easily add books that come up as “Unrecognized ISBN”

January 18th, 2017

An important v4.3.9 update for your CLZ Books Android app is now available.

This update introduces an easier way to deal with “Unrecognized ISBNs”.
A new screen that not only helps you to add the book to your database anyway, but also helps your fellow CLZ Books users by instantly adding the missing ISBN to the CLZ Core central online book database.

(this feature was introduced for our Windows, Mac and iOS versions earlier, and in the meantime, people have used this new tool to add over 22 thousand new books to our Core!)

  • In the Add screen, when a scanned ISBN is not recognized, a new “Unrecognized ISBN” screen will appear.
  • In this screen, just enter the Author, Title, Publisher and Year, then click Add Book.
  • This will:
    1. Add the book to your own database, with the information you filled in.
    2. Add the book to our Core central online book database.

The result: for the next user who searches for this particular ISBN, it will be recognized 🙂

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CLZ Books (iOS)

v4.3.4: Redesigned Edit Book screen

January 12th, 2017


  • Edit screen with tabs (main details/personal details)
  • Added folder options: country, store
  • Main list
    • Scroll position now remembered after editing/removing a book
    • Now updates live after editing a book
  • Added a ‘show all’ folder item in empty folders on tablet devices
  • Added collection status folders


  • Fixed list view section headers stopping at X
  • Crash in the in-app-purchase screen
  • App freezing when entering a 20 character password in the login screen
  • Manage Pick Lists:
    • Wrong sorting of numeric values
    • Crash when adding an empty item
    • Issue renaming an item with 1 letter only
  • Fixed database limit message appearing in the old desktop sync when the limit was between 100 and unlimited

CLZ Books (iOS)

v4.3.3: Fixed wrongly popping up iTunes message

January 5th, 2017


  • Fixed iTunes Store credentials pop up on startup of app
CLZ Books (iOS)

v4.3.2: New “Add Manually” if nothing can be found.

January 4th, 2017


  • New: Add Manually button if nothing can be found.


  • Add Auto Screen: Barcode search by voice

CLZ Books (Android)

v4.3.8: New “split” edit screen

November 17th, 2016


  • Split edit screen, easily switch between main and personal fields


  • App respects the system screen orientation lock
  • Background color for the searchbar on certain Lollipop tablet devices
  • Long loading in manage pick list screen

  • CLZ Books (iOS)

    v4.3.1: Redesigned Add Automatically screen and new “Missing ISBN” screen

    November 16th, 2016

    A huge v4.3 update for your CLZ Books mobile app for iOS is now available.

    In this update, we completely re-designed the Add Book screen, to make it clearer, easier-to-use and to help you add books more efficiently.

    New: Re-designed Add Books screen

    • Switch between By Author/Title and By ISBN modes using tabs at the top
      (Add Manually is now a separate screen, under Tools menu)
    • All panels are now resizable (list, details, camera)
    • Add button is now at bottom right (blue circle with “+” icon)
    • Adding By ISBN:
      • Camera scanner is now integrated in Add screen, not a separate screen
      • Tap the keyboard icon in the camera panel to enter an ISBN manually
      • Delete ISBN from queue by swiping from right to left
      • ISBN queue is now remembered between sessions

    New: Easily add books that come up as “Unrecognized ISBN”:

    • When an ISBN is not recognized, a new “Unrecognized ISBN” screen will appear.
    • In this screen, just type the Author and the Title, then click Add Book.
    • This will:
      1. Instantly add the ISBN/Author/Title entry to our Core online book database.
      2. Add the book to your own database with ISBN, Author and Title filled in AND linked to the new Core entry.

    In other words, this new screen not only helps you in adding unrecognized books, but it also helps your fellow CLZ Books users by adding the missing ISBN to the CLZ Core.

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    CLZ Books (Android)

    v4.3.7: Fixed a problem with CLZ Account registration

    October 27th, 2016

    • Fixed app closing on CLZ Account registration

    CLZ Books (Android)

    v4.3.6: Added more folder options, Sync Status indicator and more

    October 20th, 2016

    • Added Folder options for Country and store
    • CLZ Cloud Sync button now indicates “out of sync” status using red exclamation mark
    • App now automatically restores the Unlock Full App in-app purchase
    • Fixed hardware keyboard enter not working in tablet search field
    • Fixed screen rotation not working on phones

    CLZ Books (iOS)

    v4.2.3: Fixed a problem in the Field Defaults screen and Sync

    September 24th, 2016


    • Field Defaults were not immediately stored after closing the screen
    • Syncing screen: Sometimes the sync button was wrongly disabled

    CLZ Books (Android)

    v4.3.5: New way of adding/editing dates

    September 22nd, 2016

    New data entry interface for date fields:

    • Allows manual entry of year/month/day
    • Allow “partial dates”, e.g. just year and month
    • Open the calendar tool with the calendar button.

    CLZ Books (Android)

    v4.3.4: New: “None” entries in folder section

    September 20th, 2016

    • When using folders, a new [None] entry contains the items that have no value (yet) for the selected folder field.
    • Tablets: New always available search box in top bar.
    • Add screen: some performance improvements.

    CLZ Books (Android)

    v4.3.3: Added floating button to add book to collection or wish list

    September 8th, 2016

    • Redesigned Selection Mode screen.
    • New floating “+” button with in Add screens, with “Add to Collection” / “Add to Wish List” options.
    • Fixed: empty menus on some devices.

    CLZ Books (Android)

    v4.3.2: Maintenance build

    August 26th, 2016

    • New: App now remembers the last opened tab in the add automatically screen
    • Small details template adjustments
    • Fixed local search not working on tablet devices
    • Fixed auto selection in main list not working on tablet devices
    • Fixed several crashes on smaller tablet devices

    CLZ Books (Android)

    v4.3.1: New “Material”-based interface with skins

    August 25th, 2016

    A huge v4.3 update for your CLZ Books app is now available.
    And prepare to be shocked 🙂 (in a good way, don’t worry):

    The app looks completely different now, with a cleaner brighter look and an improved user interface.

    What’s new in CLZ Books 4.3 for Android?

    • New “Material”-based interface, with two skins/themes: Light & Dark.
      (The app now starts in the Light skin. If you prefer the Dark look, just use the View menu top right)

    • Big floating blue “+” button for adding books.
    • Access all other features and tools from “hamburger” menu top left.
    • Clear and easy switch between All / In Collection / Wish List at the top.
    • Access all other view options from menu on top right.
    • Add screen: tabs at the top to switch between Author/Title and ISBN modes.
    • Add Manually is now a separate menu item in the menu on the left.
    • Redesigned book list entries.
    • Old Import from Book Collector has been moved to Settings screen!

    CLZ Books (iOS)

    v4.2.2: Maintenance build

    August 25th, 2016


    • CLZ Cloud Sync: Notes were not down-synced.
    • Edit Screen: Year picker: it was not possible to pick a year before “1888″.
    • Manage Pick Lists screen: labels width was too short.

    CLZ Books (Android)

    v4.2.2: Edit screen now remembers edits while app is suspended

    August 2nd, 2016

    • Fixed losing changes when suspending the app while editing
    • Fixed already in collection highlighting in the add auto screens

    CLZ Books (iOS)

    V4.2.1: New: “Manage Pick Lists” screen

    July 29th, 2016

    • New “Manage Pick Lists” screen (under new Tools menu).
      This new screen lets you take control of your pick lists, that is Authors, Publishers, Genres, Subjects, etc… Use it to:

      • Fix typos in names.
      • Remove unused entries.
      • Merge duplicate entries.
      • Edit the SortNames for Authors.
    • Edit screen improvements:
      • New “value picker” screen for pick list fields, like Authors, Genres, Subjects, etc… Just tap the field, pick a value from the pick list that appears and done. No more need to type the first few letters of a value (we all hate typing on mobile devices, don’t we?)
      • Tap the pencil icons to directly edit names of pick list entries.
      • Tap the pencil icon for Authors to directly edit Names *and* SortNames.

    CLZ Books (Android)

    v4.2.1: New: Manage Pick Lists tool and ways to edit pick list items

    July 28th, 2016

    • New “Manage Pick Lists” tool for editing and merging Authors, Publishers, Genres, Subjects, etc…
    • Edit screen: Edit the Sort Names for Authors for complete control over correct author sorting.
    • Edit screen: Now edit the names of Publishers, Genres, Subjects etc…
    • Edit screen: New “value picker” screen for quickly filling fields like Author and Genre.
    • New Tools menu, with Manage Pick Lists, Field Defaults and Empty Database tools.

    CLZ Books (Android)

    v4.0.8: Fixed a crash in the In-App Purchase screen

    June 20th, 2016

    • Fixed crashes in in-app purchase screen on certain Xiaomi phones
    • Fixed crash in in-app purchase screen when only one in app purchase was offered

    CLZ Books (Android)

    v4.0.6: Hardware keyboards now work with the app again

    May 26th, 2016

    • Fixed barcode search not working with hardware keyboards
    • Search not working correctly after updating a book from Core
    • Fixed crash while syncing broken images

    CLZ Books (iOS)

    v4.1.1: New: Field Defaults screen

    May 23rd, 2016


    • Settings / Field Defaults: choose field values that will be set for each new entry automatically.
    • Edit screen improvements:
      • Improved layout to make it easier on the eye
      • New “Select Value” screen for easier entry of pick list fields (e.g. Artist, Format, Genre, etc…)
      • Cancel and Done buttons have been moved to the top bar.
      • New Delete button at the bottom.

    CLZ Books (Android)

    v4.0.1: CLZ Books for Android is now free to download

    March 29th, 2016

    CLZ Books is now free to download, with a database limit of 100 books.

    If you purchased CLZ Books *before* the 4.0 release, then the 4.0 version will be automatically unlocked to an *unlimited* database size. You do NOT need to pay again 🙂
    If, for whatever reason, this didn’t work for you, then just CONTACT US and and we’ll unlock it manually, free of charge!

    Improved Add Books screen:

    • Easily switch between Add methods (Title/ISBN/Manual).
    • Re-designed search results with included cover images.
    • Add by ISBN now automatically opens Camera Scan screen.

    Recent changes

    v4.9: Improved search features February 21st, 2018 v4.9.2: Secondary author added to Quick Search January 24th, 2018 v4.9: Improved search features January 23rd, 2018 v4.8.1: Automatic CLZ Cloud syncing! January 10th, 2018 v4.8: Automatic CLZ Cloud syncing! December 6th, 2017 v4.5.7: Further improvements to the Add Books screen November 22nd, 2017 v4.5.14: Further improvements to the Add Books screen November 11th, 2017 v4.5.13: Optimized layout for iPad Pro October 21st, 2017 v4.5.12: Fixed a crash in iOS10 and lower October 16th, 2017 v4.5.11: Redesigned Selection Mode October 15th, 2017 v4.5.10: Added app icon for 12.9 inch iPad September 27th, 2017 v4.5.9: Fixed a keyboard problem for iOS 11 September 24th, 2017 v.4.5.8: Added loan fields to the CLZ Cloud sync August 29th, 2017 v4.5.6: Fixed an issue with syncing loan information August 24th, 2017 v4.5.5: Added loan fields to the CLZ Cloud sync August 16th, 2017 v4.5.6: Improved navigation in “All Books” folder July 21st, 2017 v4.5.4: Improved navigation in “All Books” folder July 18th, 2017 v4.5.3: Improved navigation after adding or restarting the app July 12th, 2017 v4.5.5: Fixed navigation issue and more June 14th, 2017 v4.5.4: New preview templates and better navigation after adding June 11th, 2017 v4.5.2: Improvements to the barcode scanner May 30th, 2017 v4.5.3: Navigation and View settings now correctly restored May 22nd, 2017 v4.5.1: Improved Add Books screen May 8th, 2017 v4.5.2: New “Clear” templates added April 26th, 2017 v4.5: A completely new look! April 13th, 2017