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Book Collector reviews

December 30, 2020
Happy 20th anniversary
Many congratulations on your 20th anniversary, it is not many start up companies that survive 20 years. Pass on my appreciation to all your team who have supported me over the years. I am not quite your first user but I think I signed up for Book Collector before 2003/4. Your software has progressed and improved every year and I couldn’t collect books without the support of my database.
Stay safe and Happy New Year — Pat Roberts (United Kingdom) on Book Collector
December 30, 2020
My hone book library
So happy to be a part of the CLZ world wide family. Your team has made my life a little easier by helping me manage my home book library. May the new year bring all of you good health and happiness. Happy New Year! — Katherine Mackenzie (USA) on Book Collector
November 26, 2020
Working perfectly
We followed your instructions exactly and IT WORKED!!!
Our program is working perfectly.
Thank you for the fast answer, we love Collectorz and specially the support you offer. — Jim Stewart (USA) on Book Collector
October 16, 2020
Your product is the best
I would like to again thank you for your fast response and to let you know that all is up and running now, you have always looked after me in the past years and it is very much appreciated as I am not computer literate.I do promote your wonderful service to my friends and working colleagues as your product is the best, again thank you for all of your help and support both now and over the years. — David Mungall (Canada) on Book Collector
October 02, 2020
Great program
Thank you one and all for making such a great program for my book collection. I started using CLZ Books not long after it was introduced and at every iteration it has gotten better. The best part is that even an old man can easily understand and use it. — Jim Howell (USA) on Book Collector
September 01, 2020
Thank you for a stellar group of products
I have 24 bookcases with six or more shelves full of books to be catalogued and sorted. I am doing this so my girls will be able to decide what to keep or discard.
Thank You again to all for all the fine products and support you provide. Please know that everyone's efforts to produce and maintain your products is sincerely appreciated. You and your "Gang" Stay Covid safe. — Stewart F. (USA) on Book Collector
August 27, 2020
Blown away
I just purchased Book Collector, and I'm blown away at how much this will be able to organize my over 5000 book collection. — Randall Sykes (USA) on Book Collector
July 28, 2020
Keep up the great work
I am a very satisfied user of your book collecting software and app. I love your program so much I gifted it to a fellow book collector because its such a great stable program! — Robert Lewis (USA) on Book Collector
June 18, 2020
Fantastic product
Just a note to wish you well during these difficult times. I have just updated my subscription plan though to 2023. It made me stop and think that will probably be more than 20 years that I will have been using the software. It is difficult to cast your mind back to remember what the screens used to look like and the limited functionality. Well done to you all for developing a fantastic product and sticking to it through good times and bad.
I cannot imagine book collecting without Collectorz.com — Pat Roberts (United Kingdom) on Book Collector
April 30, 2020
Thank you!
Hey everyone at CLZ, just wanted to say thank you for making ‘Extras’ from the desktop edition a part of the web edition. This is where I was keeping info like if it was signed. I would get a list of books from a bookseller and some of them would be sighned. I knew I already had some of the books but I couldn’t remember if they were signed. I would have to wait until I was home to see if my book was signed or not. Now I can see this info from anywhere! Thank you! — Sherri Reid (USA) on Book Collector
April 24, 2020
Great product!
Great service, and great product! — Anthony (USA) on Book Collector
April 16, 2020
My book collection cataloged
With the help of my 5 cats, taking turns in my lap supervising, I've been able to finally get ALL of my book collection cataloged. Thanks so much for all you folks have done for this. — Tina Deaton (USA) on Book Collector
April 09, 2020
Superb software
By being stuck indoors I’ve been able to re-catalogue one of my libraries. Unfortunately we don’t have space for shelves so have to use boxes. Just hope I don’t need something from the bottom box. Thank you for the superb software which made the job a whole lot easier. — ?Peter Clarance Joyce (United Kingdom) on Book Collector
March 30, 2020
Thank you
I am a avid reader. I have lots of applications on my computer, but I have to comment you have a very well written program. You are consistently updating and improving. — Gene (USA) on Book Collector
March 27, 2020
Great bit of software
I can't believe how fast the new cloud sync is. That's a great step forward. Shortly before I did a sync with 364 changes and it took ages. Now they happen in a blink. Great work to the team.
This is a great bit of software that just keeps on getting better. — Mal Ferguson (Australia) on Book Collector
March 01, 2020
Piece of gold
Your software is a piece of gold, and I’m anxious to get back to using it. — Patricia Carr (USA) on Book Collector
February 02, 2020
My book database
When I bought the app it was after a good many years where I had made my own database, just to be sure that I didn’t borrow books from our local Danish libraby, that I’ve already read. I gave it up when I found Collectorz. I combined from the start the PC application and the Android do.
Soon I realized that it was not all of my read books, that I did put up on the DB. But rather books that I wanted to talk with other people, friends and acquaintances, about.
Somehow there’s also a satisfaction with just looking and seeing what you have spent your time with. I mean a book, read, represents hours and hours of time.
I am very satisfied with the Coillectorz.com – and I follow the development of the app carefully. For example the latest I have discovered: the possibility to make categories of your books – that could be periodically read, year by year, or otherwise. — Finn Alring (Denmark) on Book Collector
January 14, 2020
Stellar product
I just downloaded the latest version of Book Collector, and I have to say, it amazes me, how you people continue to improve an already stellar product. I would be absolutely lost with your program. Thank you, doesn't seem adequate for all you do. I wish I could look each of you in the eye, and say thank you in person. Please know that the hard work each one of you do every day, makes my life better. I hope I am saying this correctly,"Heel erg bedankt."
I tell everybody what great products you have and how wonderful your customer service is. — Keith Petersen (USA) on Book Collector
January 06, 2020
Wonderful resource
I LOVE my Book Collector (and with well over 2600 books, I NEED it LOL) What a wonderful resource. I have recommended it to many people. You're all great and so responsive. — Roberta Monteparte (USA) on Book Collector