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Book Collector reviews

December 02, 2002
The answer to my dreams
What great products! The answer to my dreams.

I found your products on the 5-Star Freeware site and after downloading the Movie Collector and trying it for 3 minutes I knew I was on to a winner. I have hundreds of DVDs and Videos as well as hundreds of CDs/Cassettes and perhaps THOUSANDS of books.
Thank you Collectors...I love you! — Chris Raisin on Book Collector

November 27, 2002
Collecting books for decades
This program is da bomb. I've been collecting books for decades. I have thousands of the things.

The big problem has not been the database - I can manage that. The big problem is typing in detail information about thousands of books. Too boring!! Too mind-numbing!! Thanks very much for this program.

It's clever and in a funny kind of way validates some of the promise of the Internet. — Jeff Lemkin on Book Collector

October 01, 2002
By far the best
Great program! I learned about it by doing a Google search. I investigated many programs and down loaded four. Yours was by far the best. Something I've been dreading doing is now fairly simple. — Niteman3d on Book Collector
September 02, 2002
Like your work
I am using your program for insurance purposes as well as to tell what books I have so that I do not duplicate buy new books. I really do like your work! It is an easy to use interface and is well thought out. — Larry Fry on Book Collector
August 02, 2002
It's absolutely marvellous
I originally found Book Collector on Google when I was trying to find a product that would relieve me of some of the data entry involved in cataloguing by doing a lookup on ISBN - at the time, I wasn't even sure such a thing even existed, but since all the information IS online, and there's a ton of products that do the same sort of thing for CDs via CDDB, I thought there SHOULD be.

Book Collector showed up as one of the tiny handful of products that COULD do such a thing, but none of them were free (the other hope I'd had ;-) ). I looked over the website and bookmarked it for later consideration. In the meantime, a friend was also trying to find software for me, and Book Collector came up for him on an online search; he emailed saying that even though it wasn't free, it looked so impressive that he thought I should at least give it a try.

So I downloaded it and tried it, and of course, had my credit card handy long before I'd hit the evaluation version's limit. I can't praise you enough for what a beautiful job you've done on this software - it's absolutely marvellous, and I already have at least one friend (potentially more) talked into purchasing it for themselves.

BEAUTIFUL product - thank you very much for all the work you put into it! — Debbie Beier on Book Collector

July 23, 2002
I'm happy as happy can be
I've been waiting to find your software for 20 years. Could never master MS Access to create my own book collection ording database. Now I've found your Book Collector, I'm happy as happy can be. — Kate Britt on Book Collector
July 15, 2002
This is just awesome
This is great. I am an avid reader and a collector of many many books. This is just awesome.
Thanks. — Sherrie Jones on Book Collector
June 12, 2002
The best $25 I ever spent
Just a quick e-mail to say how wonderful Book Collector is. I have found it most useful with my small collection of 548 Star Trek Books as well as my extensive Tom Clancy Collection.

Thanks again for the best $25 i ever spent. — Darren Jeffries on Book Collector

May 21, 2002
Not only are the Collectorz programs excellent, but your level of support is well in excess of what should be expected of a $20 program!

-- Philip used the $5 discount coupon for Book Collector he got when purchasing Music Collector (ed.) — Philip Katz on Book Collector