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Book Collector reviews

December 25, 2010
This is simply me saying thank you for producing exactly what I want to allow me catalogue my simple book collection. The software is intuitive to use and gives me all the features I need - and a ton of features I won't use but I'm sure somebody would.

I have only been using it for a couple of weeks and my main PC died so I installed the programme on my laptop. At first it wouldn't run but then I found your FAQ page and the explanation of the bkclck file and hey presto it works.

How very civilised that you appreciate that people genuinely do want and need to use your software on different machines with no malicious reasons.

Keep up the good work - Merry Christmas. — Graham Legg (United Kingdom) on Book Collector

December 22, 2010
Wonderful Software
First let me say that I have over 2,000 books and almost 1,000 DVD's and as you can imagine it is extremely hard to keep track of everything. I was constantly buying seconds and even thirds of books and movies. I had tried my best to keep track of them by writing everything down, but inadvertently would miss some or not have the list with me when I purchased new items. Very frustrating and expensive.

I heard about your product for books on television and decided it would be worth a try to at least organize and store the information on my computer, so I purchased the Book Collector software and a CueCat scanner. I got to work and after four days had my complete library of books organized and on my computer.
I was truly surprized by how many extra copies I had (all that money wasted that could have been spent on books I didn't have). I was so impressed that I purchased the Movie Collector and in two days had all of my DVD's organized and on my computer.
I love the fact that on both programs there is the loan section so that when my family borrows movies or books I know who has them and can get them back. (And now they know its on my computer so they know I'm keeping up with it hahahaha).

I recently got the Book Collector update and can I tell you I LOVE IT. It was Wonderful!!!!! I was able to get book covers that had not been available before without having to scan the covers myself. Also I have about 300 E-Books that I wasn't able to show covers for that now I can. GREAT.
I also love the fact that I can link my E-Books to my Book Collector so that I can read them from the site if I choose. This was really helpful when my Nook crashed about a month ago and I was out of town working.
I also love the fact that it is easier to pull up individual authors and see their books even the anthologies where they might be second, third, or sixth author. Thank You So Much....
I just purchased the iPhone App for book collector and exported my books to my iPhone and it is a great tool. Already I have had friends asking me about books I have and I don't have to say that I'll check when I get home.
Again Thanks For The Wonderful Software, I can't wait to see what comes next. — Alanda Lemings (USA) on Book Collector

December 02, 2010
I can quit buying multiple copies
Wow, great history summary and thanks for all the hours and persistence!
We who utilize your program are so very grateful. At this point I have over 1,200 books on metaphysics and spirituality.
Thanks to you they are conveniently on my iTouch so I can quit buying multiple copies. Once I even bought 3 of one book so I knew it was time to READ THAT BOOK!

Anyway, I'm grateful and wish you to pass that gratitude on to all the worker bees at your company. This gal really likes, uses and recommends your program.
Blessings to you all. — Mary Catherine Ricks (USA) on Book Collector

November 08, 2010
Well worth the money
We have been using this program for about 6 years now. I just need to upgrade mine to the newer version. But…I can’t say enough good about it.
We actually broke down and for Christmas bought the “Books” scanner. Oh my goodness!!! I have the older version but it was awesome just picking up the book and scanning the barcode. LOL! I would then attach the scanner to my computer and download. I did only work on 2 shelves at a time in case we missed something it was easier to go back to the shelf and narrow it to the book.
We also have the movie collectorz and I have the photo program. Between the books my husband and both brought into our marriage and then starting homeschooling? I hear you…we have ummm…close to 6,000 books. We are actually working on turning the kids toy room into a library and using it as such for our little homeschool group.This has been great for tracking all of my homeschool curriculum!

I didn’t realize we had as many movies as we did until we started scanning. We still had walls of VHS when got the Collectorz program….We ended up 2000 videos/dvds. We have since gotten rid of alot of those…=)
This program is great. I have no connection to the company accept as a purchaser and someone who has used it and swears by it! I am a photographer on the side and love the photo program.

Yes…when a friend wants to “Borrow” a book…you can log it in. I sent a friend of mine (as a joke) a reminder that her books were coming due…LOL. I don’t worry about loaning a book out anymore and forgetting who I loaned it too. My friends all understand and agree…so they sign the card.

Anyway…I love it and it is well worth the money. — Ginger Mack Porter (USA) on Book Collector

September 25, 2010
Fast and easy
I just finished cataloging about 50 books. It was fast and easy with the scanner.
I still have two big boxes of books to catalog but with the scanner working it won't take long. — Gary Thorne (USA) on Book Collector
September 15, 2010
Soooo convenient!!
On a happy note, I now have four of your products, Book Collector (PC and iPhone) and Movie Collector (PC and iPhone), and I love them all, soooo convenient!!
I was at the bookstore with my grandmother and she wasn't sure if we had a certain book already, I whipped out my iPhone and answered her question, even the staff were impressed!! — Julia Harris (Australia) on Book Collector
September 08, 2010
A Kiss to the Designer
Just upgraded. LOVE it.
The ability to rate the books without going into edit mode.... a kiss to the designer who thought of that.
Also love the book cover finder....no more hours searching manually! 27 book covers found in 20 minutes. The designer of the book cover search gets a kiss from me as well.
Best upgrade I have ever purchased. You guys have really delivered. THANKS!! — Veronica Andree (USA) on Book Collector
September 08, 2010
My book-life hassle free!!
By the way, I do want to say that in the very short time I have had it, I am absolutely LOVING(!!!) the program! I think it is the most fantastic piece of cataloging software on the market!

It is incredibly easy to use, versatile, intuitive, & adaptable to the user.
I have already entered in half my collection (over 1K books), have spent oodles of time [easily] configuring the program to my needs, and can't wait to get the rest of my books into it and tinker with it some more!!
Thanks again for making my book-life hassle free!!

Happily, one satisified book & catalog geek! — Greg Carriveau (USA) on Book Collector

August 20, 2010
Collectorz rocks!
I have only had the software for a couple of weeks, but am up to 1315 books, with two bookcases of 6 shelves each still to go. Not counting a handful in storage. Most are hardcover non-fiction - history, science, philosophy, photography.

While scanning I discovered a bunch of books I haven't read (very excited about that - new books and no cash output!) and maybe a dozen of duplicates. I love that this is in my iphone so I can buy new books without worrying about duplicate buying (nast trick of publishers to change the covers and suck me into a purchase ~LL). My friends who often get my dups are a bit unhappy that I have found a way to avoid that problem, but I am excited about the sense of order.

Now I have to sort/organize all my books so I can actually find something. I have a bunch of vacation days to take so I may dedicate a couple of days to that project.

Thank you Collectorz for such a great product! I also have the Movie Collector (thanks to the special prices you offered recently!) and also found dups! But I feel better about buying a movie without fear of wasting money on a duplicate purchase. I am spreading the news about your products to everyone who will listen.

Collectorz rocks! — Barbara Smith (USA) on Book Collector

August 13, 2010
This was the one for me
I found your site when I was surfing the web trying to find a good template or sample database to use to catalog my books. Yours sounded so much better than anything I had found I had to download and try the trial version.
After only using it for about 30 minutes I knew this was the one for me and purchased the Pro version.
In only three days (about 2 1/2 hours each) I have already put about a third of my collection (250+) in. Have had only a handful not found in the automatic search and I found those by using author/title search.
I love the ease of use!

I was losing control of knowing what I had and purchasing duplicates but no more. I love the fact I can put them all in so I have control back and then go back and add more detail if I want as time permits.

Rest assured your software will be the first I recommend to anybody I know that is looking for something to handle a collection. — Steve Wiese (USA) on Book Collector

June 29, 2010
I'm Happy I Did
My boyfriend got me the Collectorz Books as a birthday gift. I wanted to let you know that I love this software.
I'm a huge reader and I had been looking for something to categorize and keep up with my collection and I stumbled across this one day and I'm happy I did. I did get the app also!
I have an iPhone so this was the best thing to take with me when I'm out shopping for books.

I told one of my colleagues at work about this collection because he has a ton of movies and he purchased the Collectorz Movies and he loves it.

Thank you all for creating such wonderful software that I've been looking for! — Sophia Phillips (USA) on Book Collector

May 29, 2010
Thanks for the software!
Got the program about 2 months ago, but just now sitting down to catalog all my books.
The last count in approximately 2003 was at over 250, and after working for 2 years at Books-A-Million, I can only imagine it has nearly doubled.
Thanks for the software! — Sarah Kennedy (USA) on Book Collector
May 28, 2010
Can Do So Much
I really love this program for my class library. I teach 4th grade (9 & 10 year olds). The price is great (especially the deals) and affordable on a teacher's salary.
It is easy to use and can do so much. It's easy to customize.

...I've told all our teachers about it! I also got the Movie Collector for my mom for Christmas (again thanks for having the special deals).

Thank you for all the hard work you do to keep the quality up. — Natalie Cox-Barglowski (USA) on Book Collector

April 29, 2010
1,100 books
I have been using the book program for over a year. I have logged over 1,100 books.
It has helped me keep track of books lent out to friends and has prevented duplicate purchases. — Susan E. Rubinsky (USA) on Book Collector
April 25, 2010
So Amazing
I do not have any question or problem because your software is so amazing and easy to install and use.
I've been delighted with it and how easy it is to export my collect to my iPhone. I've added owners and locations so I can always tell where the books are or where they need to be returned.
I could not be happier with my purchase! Thanks for developing such a terrific product. — Diane Parks (USA) on Book Collector
April 22, 2010
900 Books Logged So Far
I looooove Book Collectorz and Movie Collectorz - I have over 900 books logged so far - more to go; and over 300 movies - a small collection but still great to have them catalogued.
Thanks for everything. — Lea-Anne Leavens (Canada) on Book Collector
April 02, 2010
No More Buying Duplicates
If you haven't heard of this software it's great. I have my entire library of 1,000 plus books and all our DVDs cataloged. It uploads to my iPhone, so no more buying duplicate books or DVDs.

Not to mention, that I now have a record of everything in case of a house fire. The best part is you just scan the bar code and it pulls in all the information from the internet. — Ann'a Youngs Zimmer (USA) on Book Collector

March 31, 2010
Wonderful Programs!
Love Book Collector and Movie Collector.
Not only do these programs keep my collections organized, I can keep track of who I loan something out to. Wonderful programs! — Linda Koch (USA) on Book Collector
March 30, 2010
Boxes Under The Bed
I love your Book Collector!!!!!!
In my one bedroom apartment I have 8 1/2 bookshelves, a book library cart and paperbacks in boxes under the bed. I now know exactly what is in there.
Finally a program that lets me add ALL the information I need to know. — AnneMarie Cox (USA) on Book Collector
March 30, 2010
You're Awesome
So glad I found Collectorz. It's so easy to catalogue my books and movies.
Now I want an iPhone just so I can use your apps in a mobile capacity! You're awesome! — Lorrita Bos (Canada) on Book Collector
March 29, 2010
One Of The Best
This is one of the best programs around! I absolutely love the iPhone app.
Since I've scanned my collection in, I haven't bought a single duplicate! Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this! — Terri Adam (USA) on Book Collector
March 29, 2010
Saves Me From Buying Duplicates
I use Collectorz for all my Quilting books. I have a huge library full and this sure saves me from buying duplicates! (Yes, us quilters tend to do that!) — Mary Chester (USA) on Book Collector
March 20, 2010
A Should Have
Everyone who collects books should have Book Collector and the iPhone app. I get a lot of positive comments from other customers in used book stores when I pull out my phone and start checking the list of books.
Before getting my iphone I would print out the list and take it with me when shopping for books.
Cumbersome is the word that comes to mind.
I visit 3 used bookstores every month. I buy about 12 books a month so it is nice to have the phone app with me.
Thanks for the quick response to my question...I appreciate that as well. I got your response in far less than 24 hours and on weekend!!
Nice. — Dave Cattoi (USA) on Book Collector
January 01, 2010
Collecting books since 1960
I love your product.
I have been collecting books since 1960. I hate to get rid of any of them. I have over 2,000 fiction books, several hundred cookbooks, and about that in non-fiction.
I started with your program shortly after it came out because I was looking for a replacement for a program I had that wasn't very efficient. I haven't thought of looking for a different one since.

Your developers are always thinking of things that would never occur to me but are great additions. And your support is amazing.
I can't thank you enough. — Ready Snodgrass (USA) on Book Collector