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Book Collector reviews

December 09, 2006
I love the software
I love the software---I have over 1,000 books in my home library and would never keep them straight without Book Collector---high recommend it!
Now I can enjoy the Music Collector and will put it to good use as my CD collection is also growing and getting more difficult to organize. Thanks again for your prompt attention and for the software! — Brenda Ough on Book Collector
November 24, 2006
Perfect for my needs
I've owned Book Collector for about 6 months, and have finally entered my whole collection into the database (2,300+ books). I'm very happy with the software (it's nearly perfect for my needs), and I'm also very happy with the regular updates/upgrades and new features. — Kurt Heiss on Book Collector
November 22, 2006
The best
Of all the book library databases I have seen recently yours is the best - I have been in this game since the 1960's and in 1973/5 set up the first library on a unix system which never had anything but an online catalogue - covered everything from ordering to loans - at 83 I cannot be bothered to write code for Windows or Microsoft ... — Peter Popper on Book Collector
November 05, 2006
What a great product
Just wanted to say what a great product! I have over a thousand books in my collection and despaired of bringing into order until now. It is quick and easy and saves me an incredible amount of time.
Thanks. — Jeff on Book Collector
October 27, 2006
Changed my life
This software has changed my life... my 600+ books are now in order and lending has become a breeze! — James Tippins on Book Collector
September 22, 2006
Well worth every penny
I recently purchased "Book Collector" and I am really thankful and happy to have such a program. And it is so reasonably priced - well worth every penny.

I have not found anything bad about it but rather everything good. It is a joy (plus peace of mind) to add my books to the data base as I have over 5,000 books in my study library. Its great to have a detailed record instantly on hand.

I am learning new tricks and benefits every day I use it. With only about 400 books listed so far (this has taken some time) I am thinking maybe I need to invest in a scanner:-). — Brian Morton on Book Collector

September 19, 2006
I recently purchased your book collector software and scanner. I am thrilled with both. Added almost all 740+ books I own in less than 2 days... it took longer to get them off the shelves than it did to add them...LOL — Julie Staker on Book Collector
September 19, 2006
And then much more
This program is like manna from heaven -- exactly what I have been searching for and then much more. — Derald Bunnell on Book Collector
August 28, 2006
Enjoying my books
I'm obsessed with books and admit it freely...LOL. There isn't anywhere I go that I don't have a book in hand. I keep all my books but the ones I don't like, which is few and far between.

I looked on the web and found several different programs, including this one. After researching them all I choose this one. I no longer have to worry about doing anything but enjoying my books. I love the ease of use and the fact that its made for everyone from the novice to the professional.

Thanks for the great program...I look forward to each new bell or whistle as I get to know the program. I'm seriously considering the Music Collector next! BG! Very Happy — DJ on Book Collector

August 22, 2006
Loving Book Collector
I am loving Book Collector and have so far put about 300 books into it in spare moments. I find it really easy to use, even for books too old to have an ISBN. I have ordered a barcode scanner, which should make things even quicker. — Rebecca R. (United Kingdom) on Book Collector
May 22, 2006
Book Collector is wonderful
In case you don't hear it enough, the Book Collector is wonderful and the new Export ot Ipod Notes is fantastic. — Patricia Dunn on Book Collector
April 25, 2006
Great program
For the record: You have a great program - my collection contains about 2,000 books and finally some order is beginning to appear! — David Brandon on Book Collector
March 14, 2006
Wonderful and useful
We've been using the Book collector program and so far it's been just wonderful and useful. We highly recommend this program to make a simple but at the same time detailed system of book registration.

Regards from El Salvador!! — Manuel Castillo (El Salvador) on Book Collector

February 26, 2006
Simply GREAT!
I greatly applaud you guys and the product:
1) great program that does it all for book collectors - easy to use - easy to customize - complete - simply GREAT!
2) your response to my question was quick and complete.

I wish you continued success. — Doug Phillips on Book Collector

January 16, 2006
I LOVE this program
I want you to know I LOVE this program. I am currently a graduate student, studying to be an elementary teacher after 21 years in Law Enforcement.

I recently took a child's literature class where the professor urged us to begin collecting books, at least 1,000 of them for our own classroom library. I was concerned about tracking them and keeping records on them.

I started inputing the data on the books in the collectorz and found that I could put notes in any topics such as self-esteem, family, animals, etc. So when I need to find a book for a certain child's interest or need, I can do this with a simple search. I will also be able to successfully track my books as children "check them in and out."

I have told my professor, the author of our text book, Elementary Children's Literature about this program. — Cherie, Tampa (USA) on Book Collector

January 05, 2006
Thank you so much
I have been using Book Collector for years and I purchased another copy for the school's library. Since I was thrilled with the product, I purchased the Christmas set for my brother. I wanted to make sure his scanner worked and it did-quite well-so I ended up purchasing another Christmas set for myself!

Thank you so much for such easy to use, reliable, and affordable products! Great Customer Service also! — Patricia S. Brooks on Book Collector

January 04, 2006
Extraordinary product
I have purchased both book collector and music collector - my book collection is almost 2,000 and i have recently purchased the bar code reader which works fabulously with the software!

You have an extraordinary product and i am happy i bought it. I have been recommending it to all my friends. — Dr. Didacus Jules on Book Collector

January 04, 2006
Wonderfully useful
As I "Flic"ed in a dozen or so Christmas gift books yesterday, I was reminded of how wonderfully useful Book Collector has been in cataloguing, locating and otherwise keeping track of the 1,123 books (it's only because of this program that I know the precise number) on my shelf --and not incidentally of the library books I have used in research. — Ed Engberg on Book Collector