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Book Collector reviews

December 08, 2016
Tremendous product
I couldn't let this year end without telling you how pleased I am with Collectorz for Books. I am the "librarian" at Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation, one of scores of American non profits which memorialize our many Civil War battlefields. I paid for the program with my own funds, since CCBF operates on a shoestring, with most of our energy and funds going to our effort to preserve what many consider "sacred" land since it was drenched with the blood of our ancestors.

I deeply appreciate your unending quest to improve your already tremendous product without gouging your current customers to acquire the latest improvement, unlike some bigger companies I could name!
All the best in the new year. I'm glad I discovered you; it's made cataloging our numerous holdings ever so much easier! — Gene Betit (USA) on Book Collector

November 30, 2016
Love it
Thank you very much for the prompt email and the solving of the problem. I use both your Music and Book collector software and love it. I am always telling friends and family how good the software works and that they should use it if they need this kind of functionality. — Rob Mennie (Canada) on Book Collector
November 05, 2016
Awesome update Alwin! Much more user friendly...and going to your website to add the unknown ISBN was a pain. Thanks for continuing to make the program better! — Scott James (USA) on Book Collector
September 23, 2016
Professional experience
Dear Team at CLZ,
I can not tell you how grateful I am with the whole process. My laptop crashed and I lost all my data on the database. Weeks and weeks of work was gone. I contacted your Team desperately and explained the issue. It was like a breath of a fresh air, what an experience, patience and professional experience I had. My issue was resolved within few days and I got all my data back.
I can not thank you guys enough. Special thanks to Sytske Hermans. I can not say enough great things really.
Thank you so much. — Sarvin Haghighi (USA) on Book Collector
July 28, 2016
Love the software
I use the CLZ Books and I love the software. To give you an idea how long I've been using it, before I updated my software to version 16 yesterday, my version was in the 7's. — ‎Michelle Culbertson‎ (USA) on Book Collector
July 22, 2016
Avoid duplicates
I use the book collector and am going to get the movie one soon as while I don't have as many DVD's as books, it's getting to the point where I don't remember what I have and what I don't. I've printed out the book list and take it with me to booksales now to avoid duplicates. — Amanda Witt (Australia) on Book Collector
July 09, 2016
Love the software
Love the software..book collector...love the $2.50 monthly auto pay. For less than a 🍔 I can get every update you guys make to improve the software!!! — Jennifer Prinsen-Wilson (USA) on Book Collector
July 08, 2016
Cloud saved me
The CLZ Cloud saved me when my computer went down. I was able to keep my entire system going without having to redo all of my work. — Patrick Marinich (USA) on Book Collector
July 08, 2016
You guys rock
Thank you, thank you. All 180 books (in cloud, oops haven't synched my desktop in a while, shame shame on me) came in successfully. Greatly appreciated. You have a great evening and tell Alwin to take you out to dinner for being so awesome at supporting customers.
As always, you guys rock, and keep up the great work. Looking forward to renewing my subscriptions and trying out the new desktop app features very soon. — Thomas Christian (USA) on Book Collector
July 03, 2016
OOOMMMGGG!!!! You guys seriously rock!!! Yesssss!!!
Thank you so very very very much! If I were closer to your place, I’d bring you a box of chocolates so big, you could feed your staff for a year! — Sylvie Gagné (Canada) on Book Collector
July 02, 2016
Having a blast
I bought Book Collector Pro Edition for my Mac and so far, it has been a godsend to someone like me who has about 3,000 books in my personal library. I also purchased a CLZ Barry to conveniently scan the books and add them to my collection. I’m getting more and more familiar with navigating the Book Collector and I'm having a blast with it! — Joy Masler (USA) on Book Collector
July 01, 2016
Yeah team!!!
FYI - program is great! I am frequently recommending it - especially at book sales.
Keep up the good work - yeah team!!! — Vicki Bross (USA) on Book Collector
June 27, 2016
Keep up the good work. The program is fantastic. It’s one I’ve been wanting for a while and looking for. Thanks much to all at Collectorz.com. — Vladimir Demshuk (USA) on Book Collector
May 30, 2016
Saving me money
I have a collection of several hundred books. Most of which are genealogy and history books. Many have similar titles. In addition to saving me money by preventing from buying a book that I already own, Book Collector provides me quick access to the contents of my books when I am trying to research an ancestor or historical event. The Notes Section allows me to add my own notes concerning a particular book. Also when someone ask me where I got a particular book, I able to tell them along with the price I paid. It obvious that a lot thought into the design of this program. — Joe Tillman (USA) on Book Collector
May 11, 2016
Love the way it works
Have just finished the first part of my collection. Now have 6,830 books catalogued. Just thrilled. Somehow the remaining 2000+ doesn't seem to be so daunting. Just love the way it works. OUTSTANDING! Trying to persuade all my family and friends to get onto Collectorz early! Always enjoy your FB posts. Keep them up. — Phillip Baugniet (Canada) on Book Collector
May 06, 2016
A blessing
Thanks for this software, it has been and will continue to be a blessing for librarians and book lovers everywhere! — Diane Carol Bast (USA) on Book Collector
April 19, 2016
Delightful program
Thank you for your speedy responses with answers to my questions. As you explained, my scanner works fine with your software and is making logging my books seem almost magical. My daughter introduced me to your software a couple years ago, but I was slow in getting started – shame on me!
One reason your software is such a gift to me is that about 11 years ago while logging information on about 1500 books on index cards and on my computer, a flood hit our area and our home was affected. I lost about 700 books to the flood and never went back to update my personal library. Since that loss, I’ve purchased many more books to add to those remaining – and inadvertently bought some of them more than once, hence my need for better organization of my books – and with your software I’m quickly updating my records.
Within a short period of time I used my scanner to log nearly 400 books and have asked my granddaughter to come and help me with the rest of the project in a few weeks after she graduates from high school and before she heads off to college. We look forward to working on this project together. What a treat it is to watch those books jump onto the screen with all pertinent information, just by using a scanner and making a few clicks on my keyboard to save what popped up.
I was pleasantly surprised when seeing more book and author details than I was aware of, too – including links for information on Wiki... The list is great and has such a great user-friendly sorter by title or author. When browsing around and clicking on the Images tab and seeing the books lined up on book shelves, I actually leaned back and laughed with surprising joy. Clicking on the Cards tab showed me the little cards complete with each book’s information, and I was amazed.
I’ll highly recommend your software to others and want to thank you so much for this delightful program. — Debra Ice (USA) on Book Collector
April 15, 2016
The greatest thing
Honestly, this software is the greatest thing since sliced bread! — Diane Carol Bast (USA) on Book Collector
April 05, 2016
Beautiful piece of programming
I’m still on the nursery slopes of the learning curve but already I can say, with unusual confidence for a beginner, what a truly beautiful piece of programming. Recommended with enthusiasm. — Richard Dawkins, writer (United Kingdom) on Book Collector
April 03, 2016
The apps are invaluable in making sure that I don’t buy something I already have! — Martin Pilkington (United Kingdom) on Book Collector
March 31, 2016
Saved the day
My wife and I are Seniors and use your Book Collector all the time. We read e-books and have over 800 in our library.
As Seniors, we had a hard time remembering which books we have read and many times we would download a book and get half way through it and then realize we had already read that book.
Then we FOUND BOOK COLLECTOR and it sure saved the day, week and year... We have it on our tablets and desktop computers so everything always stays up to date.
Thank you very much. — Bob and Nancy (USA) on Book Collector
March 28, 2016
Excellent support
Finally I want to thank you for the excellent support you have provided. Your prompt responses kept me from giving up on Book Collector. I’ve enjoyed using Book Collector for years and did not want to lose it. Thanks again. — Tom Pozarek (USA) on Book Collector
March 14, 2016
I know some good s/w when I see it
Thanks for all your help and your wonderful programs. I have worked with professional cataloging s/w for 15 years (I catalog at the family history library in salt lake city, utah), and so I know some good s/w when I see it, and I just love this s/w for doing the cataloging of my books and videos and things back home. — Shon Edwards (USA) on Book Collector
March 10, 2016
If you wanna best...
The best of the best I've ever seen or used. Everything works as described. The OSX version is highly complex (mean: it knows everything), yet very easy to use, and all customizable! All you can try free with the sample database, or even with 100 own books. Infinite easy to sync between OSX and iOS applications. The mobile application can also scan the ISBN, so you can promptly import a new book. If you do not find a book in the central database, you can to upload, and after that everyone reach it. This is great! On the other part, the mobile version is always with me, so I know what I already have and what's on my wish list. Anywhere and anytime. This is essential!
But the most superior is the SUPPORT. They are fast, nice, helpful, effective. This is at least 6 stars (from 5)! — Zoltan Cserhati (Hungary) on Book Collector
January 27, 2016
No more duplicates
My husband gave me book collector as a Christmas gift to catalog my collection of 4,500 books. When I went to book sales, I sometimes purchased duplicates of books I already owned. With the export function of Book Collector, I put a list of my books on my cellphone and now check the list before I buy another book. In addition to organizing my book collection, your product has saved me from wasting money on duplicates.
Thank you very much for your help. Your directions were clear and easy to follow. Book Collector is now correctly installed on my new computer. I appreciate your expert assistance. — Susan Godlewski (USA) on Book Collector
January 20, 2016
Really appreciate all your help and the great work you and your team are doing. This latest version, having worked with your software since the early days, is simply magnificent. — Phillip Baugniet (Canada) on Book Collector
January 19, 2016
wonderful program
Thank you both so much for your assistance, Hubby (My personal CTO) has not been well and finally got to the task of fixing my book collector and all is right with the world again and I can carry on loading this pile of books. It is a wonderful program that you have designed and I really love having all my cookbook collection listed clearly in one place and also makes for easy reference. Thank you so much again for being there and easy to call on for assistance. — Rosemary Collins (New Zealand) on Book Collector