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Book Collector reviews

October 03, 2003
A book lover's dream
I just wanted to take a brief moment and thank you for producing Book Collector, a book lover's dream!

Using your program, I have been able to quickly and easily catalog all of the important information concerning the hundreds of books I currently own. Not only that, but I also have been able to track books not yet published by favorite authors, and books on loan to my friends.

I love the ability to sort on almost any field (author, title, genre), and the ability to sort on user defined fields (books I do not yet own). I love the ability to print lists of my books according to almost any criteria.

Thank you so much for such an excellent program! Well worth the small price I paid! — Wayne Fisher on Book Collector

September 29, 2003
The best
I have been using Book Collector for about a week and have found it to be the best that I have ever come across. I wish I had found this many years ago as it would have saved a lot of wasted time. In 20 minutes over the weekend I was able to add about 800 books into the database.

Keep up the good work!!!! — Kent Dutton on Book Collector

May 22, 2003
So user friendly
My son bought this program for me using his credit card and I am thrilled to death with it. 25 years of adding to my home library has resulted in my having to move twice to larger houses (this is true).

It will take me many weeks to enter all volumes, but I am having great fun doing it. I had seen other programs in book stores in San Francisco, but never one that was so user friendly and comprehensive. I love it! — Lyn Guin on Book Collector