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Book Collector reviews

June 14, 2017
Very impressed
I bought the package that included the desktop software and mobile app. I'm very impressed with both (and with your customer service). I'll be sure to recommend your products to my friends. — Kerry Snow (USA) on Book Collector
May 25, 2017
I love my Book Collector software
Thank you for making the CLZ Barry app available at no cost! I love my Book Collector software, and your company, and I recommend all the Collectorz programs to everyone I think could possibly be interested. Have a great day! — Robin Mason (USA) on Book Collector
May 06, 2017
The perfect solution
Book Collector is the perfect solution for anyone who loves books. It’s extensive functions allow tracking of anything and everything about a book and how it is used, but not daunting if its only purpose is to manage a home library. The website is easy to use and the online manual is well-organized and clearly written.

As a blind computer user with Apple’s screen reader, I am always so grateful to find such a high degree of accessibility in a program like this. It is a blessing to be able to manage my home library without the need for much sighted help.

It is a credit to your programmers that the program is accessible. They obviously took care to meet the guidelines for its support. I suppose that not many blind folks care about books. My blindness came on in my 30s so I had a house full of treasures I wanted to recall, organize and pass along to my son. Audio books have kept me sane but there is nothing like a book in hand and turning a page. I fear before too long too few will be able to know that pleasure.

I have enjoyed working with you. Your communication skills are outstanding. I hope that whoever pays you recognizes the value in that .

If you are ever in the USA and near North Carolina, Do let me know. I would like to thank you in person and buy you dinner for all this effort on my behalf. Truly. — Leslie Stephens (USA) on Book Collector

May 05, 2017
Love your program
I absolutely love your program as well as the recent updates to the look and the increased speed. — Benno Baksteen (Netherlands) on Book Collector
April 29, 2017
The greatest thing
You system has been one of the greatest things I have ever found on the computer!!!!Being able to carry your "catalogue" around on you IPhone is great. — Andy Long (USA) on Book Collector
April 20, 2017
Very intuitive software. It's a pleasure to work with! — Dan Olson (USA) on Book Collector
April 19, 2017
Top notch
You know that this brand is top notch if Martha Stewart gives it the stamp of approval! — Ronald Price (USA) on Book Collector
April 12, 2017
Amazed and impressed
I am constantly amazed and impressed by the distance you've come with this software over the course of the years. When I started entering material in my database, there were a variety of books that weren't in your database yet. I skipped some of them, planning to come back once I made my first rude entries. Several years later, I'm finally getting around to it and many of those books are in your database now.
Excellent work. — Ellen Edge (USA) on Book Collector
April 10, 2017
I've used this program for many years. It's fabulous! No, I don't have all my books on it yet. But every chance I get I wrap the next book in a brodart and put it in the program. Their product is worth price, if not more! — Catherine Bader (USA) on Book Collector
April 10, 2017
Books and DVDs
I created databases of my books and DVD several years ago (OK, decade ago) using MSAccess. It left a lot to be desired. With this app and CZBarry I entered my entire book collection, 1200+, and my 980+ DVD collection in less time than entering the pertinent data for maybe twenty books. I doubt I spent but two hours on the lot with the exception of my pre-barcode era books. Hey, a book printed in 1908 won't have that.

The app does take some learning and I'm still not up to speed with it. But without it I'd still be scanning slip covers and typing into the wee hours of every day to get everything entered to the extent this app provides. — Floyd Mack (USA) on Book Collector

April 10, 2017
Great job
I simply love Book Collector! You've been doing a great job. — Marcello Montore (Brazil) on Book Collector
April 08, 2017
High praise
I have been using this program for a few years now and have nothing but high praise for CLZ and its people. Fantastic software and terrific support. — Julie MC (Australia) on Book Collector
April 08, 2017
Been a fan and user of Books. Great app and a great bunch of people. — Lynne Coates (New Zealand) on Book Collector
April 07, 2017
Great product
Thank you for such a great product. I've been using it for a couple weeks now and have really appreciated the detail put into the program. I especially like being able to sync with my iPhone so I have my collection list wherever I go. — Camy Tang (USA) on Book Collector
March 20, 2017
Kudos on keeping the greatness coming -- love the software and have for a long time now. — Thomas Christian (USA) on Book Collector
March 18, 2017
The best
One of the best pieces of software I have had the pleasure of finding. — ‎Jan L. Boggess (USA) on Book Collector
March 10, 2017
I just thought I would drop you a note to say how pleased I am with your software. I have previously fiddled around with several competitor products for maintaining a database of my book collection - including apps which run on Android devices as well as Windows. I came upon Book Collector for Windows last week, tried it, and found that it is easily the best product of its class - absolutely well worth the money you ask for it (and probably much more!).

I can genuinely say this is one of the best thought out database systems I have come across in quite a long time, and the all-important user interface is really well designed indeed. It is truly a joy to use & does everything I need. The automatic data-entry mechanisms & scope for maintaining pick lists etc are exactly what is required to facilitate the arduous task of data-entry, and the facilities for listing, displaying images, sorting, and printing are superb and very intuitive.

I found that the competitor products quite often failed on automatic lookups via ISBN (particularly those systems designed in the USA), whereas Book Collector has very rarely done so up to now- I'm amazed at how often it finds details for books I have which are 50 years old or more & don't show an ISBN (or even an SBN!).

So congratulations on a really brilliant piece of software - I would recommend it to anyone needing to catalogue their book collection. — G C Pearce (United Kingdom) on Book Collector

March 07, 2017
Marvelous software program
Collectorz is a marvelous software program. It is so intuitive, beautifully designed and user-friendly. I have a fairly large library and I have never had it more cataloged and organized! — Dan G. Olson (USA) on Book Collector
February 27, 2017
I just wanted to say that I just renewed my Collector software for books. One of the major reasons I renewed, in addition to me loving your product, is that you have THE VERY BEST SUPPORT i have ever seen in the industry. When I have had questions over the years, I have asked and you have answered quickly with comprehensive, specific instructions to help me fix my issue(s). Keep up the GREAT job and thank you very much for an excellent product. — Larry Fretts (USA) on Book Collector
February 16, 2017
The best
Love CLZ. Have all of my books and related info catalogued in the best and most accessible of ways. — Julie McBride (Australia) on Book Collector
February 02, 2017
Just as a side note, I’ve been very pleased with Book Collector. It is a WONDERFUL program. Although I’m prone to editing my desktop copies of the downloaded Core pages to suit my personal tastes, the Core still saves a remarkable amount of time.
My very best to you all, you’ve done a GREAT JOB with these programs! — R.W. (USA) on Book Collector
January 23, 2017
I am a happy retired 78 years old computer enthusiast. I have been using Book collector now for several years, on and off. Recently I purchased the mobile version to use with my iPad. What a change since the beginning. I love it more and more.
I do not have a question for you today, I simply want to tell you BRAVO and thank you to all the team for your excellent work. — Ghislaine Laramée (Canada) on Book Collector
January 16, 2017
A real time saver
I love your programs (I also have the Music Collector). I have an extensive library of English and German language books. A substantial part of my library is reference material and Book Collector and its search features are a real time saver. I currently employ an IT student for data entry and proof his work on my iPad. The next step for myself will be entering all my eBooks. I use the iPad for my own data entry. Works great! — Irene Hahn (USA) on Book Collector
January 13, 2017
6+ stars
I have been using Book Collector for a very long time now. It has steadily shown a continual process improvement and in my humble opinion is better than some of the large library cataloging system software my wife used as a librarian. Recently I just added Movie Collector to the collection software I now use and it is also a great product.
I highly recommend all of the apps Alwin and the folks at CLZ have developed. The interface is intuitive and easy to follow. The money spent on these programs is money well spent. I love the update program as it allows one to be absolutely sure that you are in possession of the latest version and fixes. My personal rating for these PROGRAMS is 6+ stars....
Thanks to all of the CLZ team. — Edward Fry (USA) on Book Collector