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Book Collector reviews

December 28, 2007
This is fabulous software!
I downloaded the trial, then purchased after 15 minutes of testing. This is fabulous software! It solved a big problem: I have and elderly mom. We have been buying books for her to read and she now has hundreds she has gone through. We cannot remember what we have purchased or what she likes, so she used to put a post it note inside the cover for reference.

This software solves all the problems. there is a reference column already set of any conceivable attribute of a book, and any note I might want to make. It is simple and it works beautifully. You've given me a very merry Christmas. Thank you! — Ron Chiodo on Book Collector

November 13, 2007
Very Impressed!
I have trialled your book collector pkg for a day & purchased it a moment ago. After developing several of my own databases over a number of years, I got tired of s/w upgrade needs & my own changing needs in content.

I have been looking for a robust, flexible package that does as much of the work for me as possible. As well, the look & feel needed to be what I wanted to view. I sometimes loan books and like to record special notes about the book or the author that are helpful to the reader. Your product, Book Collector is the only one that does it all! Very Impressed! — Gordon Whiteside on Book Collector

October 02, 2007
Most fun to use
Book Collector is the best tool of it's type on the market, not to mention the easiest and most fun to use, and I've recommended it to several friends. — Mahlon Christensen on Book Collector
September 11, 2007
There just isn't anything better
I love you guys! FYI, we've been using Book Collector for several years now. There just isn't anything better to keep track of my wife's growing collection of 1,700 cookbooks! — Scott Gifford on Book Collector
August 24, 2007
Great program
You have a great program. It gives a collector a huge amount of information and I love it that it gets plot summaries and cover art. Brilliant! It's the kind of look and feel that I would have designed if I had done it myself.

If I were just starting to catalog my book collection I would have immediately bought your software and the scanner. — E. David Gamble on Book Collector

May 18, 2007
5,000 books
I am currently using Book Collector 4.8 and so far it is winning hands down over the other book inventory software that I have been evaluating. I currently have approximately 5,000 books in my personal library. — Karla Marciszewski on Book Collector
May 07, 2007
Versatility and ease of use
We LOVE book Collector. When we first purchased book collector (for our old computer) we did a lot of research, looking at a wide range of products out there today. We tested out a handful of them, and Book Collector was the one that best fit our needs.

We have a relatively small personal library of about 1,200 books. Book Collector was an affordable way to do the most with our books. We love it's versatility and ease of use. In the time that we've had Book Collector, I don't think we've had any complaints. It has been a great product.

I've always felt like I was getting away with something when it comes to Book Collector. We've never had problems with it, it's never crashed, we've never lost data, and it doesn't freeze up. — Christopher and Sarah Urban on Book Collector

April 20, 2007
The most user friendly
I think that Book Collector software is the most user friendly. I have tried 3 others which were not nearly as comprehensive. I also wish that all online support was as efficient as yours. Thankyou — Russel C Jerrard on Book Collector
April 13, 2007
Thoroughly pleased
I presently have 2 of your software titles, Book Collector and Movie Collector. I am thoroughly pleased with both applications and am seriously looking at purchasing the Photo Collector application as well. I am also seriously looking at the barcode scanner. — Kevin King on Book Collector
April 08, 2007
Wonderfully USEFUL
I'm emailing you to tell you how wonderfully USEFUL I think Book Collector is. I've already begun entering my library as well as printing neat little Dewey number labels for each book. :) The automatic web lookup function is exactly what I was looking for.

You can be assured that within the next three weeks I'll be purchasing the program. Now--if your CD library program is half as useful as Book Collector, I'll probably have to have that one, too...dang, another $30 shot...:) — Kenneth L. Ogle on Book Collector

April 04, 2007
A great program
Book Collector is a great program. I have used it for years. I had recently bought a new computer with Vista and reloaded it. It still is great. Keep up the good work. — Ray Kohlberg on Book Collector
March 30, 2007
Love your software
I just love your software. It looks so simple, till you see the detail that's provided and the flexibility of the database. Thanks, also for how quickly you respond to customer support questions :) — Carol Cimino on Book Collector
March 03, 2007
Dreaming about for years!
I just purchased Book Collector Pro this morning. It is exactly the kind of tool that I have been dreaming about for years!

Since I have a large collection of pre-ISBN books, notably from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the ability to search the Library of Congress and other national libraries is especially valuable. I have struggled for years to keep an accurate catalog of my books, their values, and their conditions.

Your program will turn a tedious task into an enjoyable one. Thanks ! — Bruce Lucas on Book Collector

February 18, 2007
After a mainboard crash I decided to buy a new computer with Vista. My "old" book-program didn't work with it, so I had to decide for a new one. I tried a few, but none was so excellent like Book collector! I can do so much with it. Thanks a lot. — Andreas K├╝chenmeister on Book Collector
February 14, 2007
It's great
I recently finished cataloguing my books (2,100 of them) and I've been recommending your software to my friends, it's great! — Katalin Veres on Book Collector
February 02, 2007
Awesome stuff
I bought the Windows version of your Book Collector software about a month ago... awesome stuff! I've tried other collection management programs, but none had the features or clean interface of your Book Collector software.

It took almost no time to fill in over 400 books with covers, plots, and more. Exactly what I was looking for. — Bill Gridley on Book Collector

January 23, 2007
Love the product
Love the product while still learning all the ins and outs of the program, and thanks for such wonderful customer service. — Winifred Krieger on Book Collector
January 18, 2007
Very impressed
I am, once again, very impressed. I love great software and great service. :) — Brenda Adams on Book Collector
January 11, 2007
User friendly software
I'm currently a student at The Citadel who is an avid reader. I had no way of cataloging my personal library before, but thanks to this user friendly software I will never buy the same book twice again. Thank you once more. — Aaron Shaw on Book Collector