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Movie Collector reviews

November 28, 2007
A very great and useful program
I am using my database almost daily (who isn't). First in the beginning, that was about 3-4 years ago when I first tested the demo version of Movie Collector 4, I was surprised that I finally had found something that worked the way I needed it to work.

When after a year or so my nice home made Access database begun to suffer from it's inconsistence and largeness I begun searching for a professional program. The ability to get movie details from an online source was one of the main topics I was looking for, but also the different viewings, sorting and filter function that I needed to migrate my collection to a new program. All of this I found in Movie Collector!

After that I had tested the program for about 6 months I bought my self a copy and begun to move the collection from Access. As the years went past my database just grew and grew and the way I worked with the collection slowly changed to fully take advantage of the features in the program.

Then one day a new update was announced and was I happy after installing it. The new version 5.0 had almost everything that I now was looking for. I would like to praise the new 5.3 version. The filter and viewing features are super, thank you for a very great and useful program. It really helps me in my daily work with my movie collection. — Andreas Ringsparr on Movie Collector

October 24, 2007
Easy to use
A few weeks ago, I bought another DVD-Movie catalogue program and after entering in the information for about 50 movies, I wondered what the advantage of the program was, when I could create a data base in either Word, Excel or Access, and do the same thing because nothing was automatic and I had to enter all the information in myself.

I then wrote a friend asking if they knew of a good program for keeping track of my DVD Movies, and they directed me to your site and I d/loaded Movie Colllector. I entered in a couple of titles and was amazed as to the ease of use, and the thoroughness of the Movie information that was included automatically. It even imported the information from the other program. I bought your program immediately.

I buy the DVD Movies and make copies so I can watch the copies and keep the originals in pristine condition. I store the DVD's in several locations. Those I loved and I want to watch over and over. Those I'd like to see again sometime. Those I have not seen, and those I would not want to watch again, but I'm too cheap to throw them out. Your program makes it so easy to keep track of the movies and their locations. What a gem of a program you and your team have created. It is also great to have help files that covers everything and you don't have to guess what is being said. But best of all I like to install a program and just start using it without jumping through hoops.

Your program is intuitive and easy to use with a shallow learning curve. Thank you for this, and for keeping your program so affordable. — Paul Houghton on Movie Collector

October 18, 2007
The end buying the same movie twice
Thanks for a great piece of software. This is just what I needed to keep track of my little collection of 200+ DVDs and 100+ LaserDiscs.

It is so easy to add movies, then edit the details and add the few covers, that are missing in your database. And I'm able to contribute with my own scanned covers, thereby giving something back for others to use. I just love that I'm able to customize almost everything and make it personal.

The export function to HTML is so nice. Now I'm able to view my DVD collection from all over the world. And export to my PDA - This is the end buying the same movie twice! Right now I can't think of anything missing - but keep up the good work! — Henrik Bach Gravesen on Movie Collector

October 13, 2007
Such a great product
I just want to thank you guys for having such a great product. I have already loaded over 250 Movies and have had no problems at all. The search engine has found most of the movies without any trouble and of those it couldn't find I have managed to insert cover pictures and details very easily.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work. — W.F. Kilpatrick on Movie Collector

September 24, 2007
I love the barcode scanning function
After having switched from my own Access database to MovieCollector to keep track of my 1,300+ DVD collection, I love the barcode scanning function and the automatic download of DVD details as much as the loan management function.
At last I know where my DVDs disappear to!! — Jens Seidl on Movie Collector
September 18, 2007
The best on the market, period
Your support has always been excellent, extremely quick and responsive. Your program has been and is the best on the market, period.
I will be putting a note on my website regarding your product and excellent customer service, everyone who needs a program like this should own yours, period.
Thanks again! — Leonard Webb on Movie Collector
August 31, 2007
Compete with Blockbuster Video
WOW! What a program!
I have a collection of movies numbering in the thousands that could seriously compete with Blockbuster Video.
Your program seamlessly put my collection together in a way I never thought possible. I am still learning its functions and can only say its great!
Great Job! — Jack L. Glasser on Movie Collector
July 15, 2007
Idiot proof
I am just dropping a line to say thank you, Movie Collector Pro is up and running and is the best programme I have its magic, simple to use Idiot proof and a credit to you and your staff.
If a 70 year old can master the programme without reading the instructions it has to be good.
With thanks Joy. — Joy Brown on Movie Collector
July 13, 2007
We like!
Just a quick note to say how much we like your movie product.
Kids go to the pc now to check what movie they want to watch. I'm going to set up an old pc right by the bigscreen so we can be lazy and see the movie list from the couch. — Rod Short on Movie Collector
June 01, 2007
Excellent customer service
I just now bought and downloaded the new version of Movie Collector and your excellent customer service is part of the reason why. — Scott Kornfeld on Movie Collector
May 23, 2007
Keep track
I love this program, thanks for providing it.
I have been using Movie Collector for a couple of years now and I have never found anything similar to keep track of over 500 DVD's by index number and track what I loan out. — Bert Foxx on Movie Collector
May 18, 2007
Absolutely love
As a purchaser and user of your software I do absolutely love how your program maintains my collection of 2,000 DVD's! — William Bianco on Movie Collector
May 15, 2007
Your programs are all great, but I use Movie Collector almost daily, and have "sold" it to several other people, when they saw how amazing the program is.
Thanks again. — Deborah Lorenz on Movie Collector
May 14, 2007
For us die hard collectorz
Your software is one of the few ones I highly endorse to family, friends and co workers. Not many programs stand up to the test of time but yours certainly does. Especially for us die hard collectorz. — Noel Lutsey on Movie Collector
May 10, 2007
The best one out there
My compliments to the Chef(s). I just upgraded to Movie Collector 5 and it is Great. Your program is still the best one out there. — Dick Schumacher on Movie Collector
May 07, 2007
It rocks!
I use Movie Collector Pro and have been thrilled with it. The program notified me of an available update that was a paid update...I paid immediately and updated the program...by the way, it rocks!
Best program I've ever used. — Ron Dickerson on Movie Collector
May 07, 2007
Very pleased
I've been using Movie Collector and Music Collector for some years now, and I'm very pleased with both (I've also just updated to the latest version of Movie Collector) — Michael Curtis on Movie Collector
May 04, 2007
Extremely pleased
I am professionally a Database administrator and I am extremely pleased with your product as you have developed it so far. I like the latest update to the Movie Collector.
I have been using your products to gather several of my collections together and want to also get another one or two of your products. — Conan Whalen-McKain on Movie Collector
May 04, 2007
I can't wait to see what's next
I've been using Movie Collector 4 for the last 4 years and I love it (I use it on both my desktop and laptop). From what I've seen, the changes in the new version are excellent.

I just bought an IPod a few months ago, I spent last night playing with the program and also found the box set option to be very useful; I have quite a few collection sets yet I list the movies individually so finding them now is much easier. My dvd collection is borderline insane, and I have been carrying a list with me to ensure no duplicates. This makes keeping and maintaining my inventory and keeping track of loans almost effortless giving me more time to watch movies.

I myself have been programming since 1985 and was so glad somebody else has gone to all the work putting Movie Collector together. I can appreciate what it involves.

Keep up the GREAT work; I can't wait to see what's next ! — Tim Cronian on Movie Collector

April 24, 2007
Beyond my wildest dreams
I find it to be the best cataloging programing that can be purchase/obtained, along with the other programs that are offered by Collectorz.com. Not only do the programs function beyond my wildest dreams, but the support offered is comparable to none.

I do not know of any other languages, but I can truthfully say that there are no words in the English language that describe my satisfaction with not only movie collector, but the other programs that I have purchased from Collectorz.com. I am now waiting and saving up my money from my disability checks so that I might purchase a scanner to assist me in my cataloging. — Elystan Hapgood on Movie Collector

April 20, 2007
Very easy
I want to say that I love this program. It is very easy to input information and get any missing information via "search" with either the title or barcode. AND I can print lists the way I want them printed, and in a professional looking manner; not the usual text format I have found in other programs.

I love, love, love this program. — MaryAnn Melberg on Movie Collector

April 16, 2007
I thank you for all of the support. I will continue to use products affiliated with your company and will recommend them to everyone that I know. — Christopher Taylor on Movie Collector
April 12, 2007
I send this e-mail just to let you know that I LOVE your products. I have a fairly large video collection (that my 4 daughters and 3 sons-in-low 'borrow' from) and constantly ask for my new movies.
Since publishing on my web site (my .mac account), I can now direct them there. Although in the past I've also kept the data on my Treo 650 - using ListPro. — Jack Martin on Movie Collector
April 10, 2007
A big fan!
I really love your programs. You can definitely list me as a big fan! I refer everyone I can to you (our IT manager recently signed up after he said he needed to catalog his books).
Thanks again for a great program! And thanks for being so great about support also. — Linda Hill on Movie Collector
April 05, 2007
800 DVDs
Your products are great. I have over 800 DVDs and would not know what to do to inventory my collection if it were not for Movie Collector. — John Lindewirth on Movie Collector
April 02, 2007
Great product, great price
I've added my collection of 800 odd movies to the database and automatically updated them which is a fantastic feature.
I find the software easy to use. Great product, great price - well done. — Ray on Movie Collector
March 30, 2007
It works great
I just wanted to say I am very pleased with your product. It works great. My DVD collection is very large. Your product helps me manage what I have and people borrowing movies.

Again great job and thank you. — Richard M. Bivone on Movie Collector

March 29, 2007
The best movie database
I really think that Movie Collector is the best movie database for the Mac and I've tried many other applications. I said on Version Tracker (in November 2005) : « This product is not just a Windows software ported on the Mac, it's a great software for the Mac ».

Movie Collector is a great application and I recommend it to every Mac User. — Lionel Attuly on Movie Collector

March 28, 2007
Extremely user friendly
I searched the internet for months trying to find a catalog program for my movies. At that time I had 1650 VHS tapes and it was impossible to keep up with them without some sort of catalog. When I found Collectorz.com my search ended.

The program was so extremely user friendly I had all 1,650 movies cataloged in less than 2 days. One of my favorite features is the loan management. I can't tell you how many times I have loaned movies out and never gotten them back because I had no idea who I loaned it to.

I don't have the need for any of the other collectorz.com products but I assure you, if I ever do, I know exactly where to look. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my program. I recommend it to everyone I know. — Kurtis Quilhot on Movie Collector

March 24, 2007
The best I have seen
The "Movie Collector" is the best software I have ever used. It surpassed my expectations by a mile. If I had to design a program I couldn't even come close to what you have to offer. I ordered the backup disk and it came in 4 days.

Your product and service is the best I have seen. Thanks. — Don Castagnola on Movie Collector

March 20, 2007
Something this cool
I've been looking for something to keep track of all these movies & shows but never expected to find something this cool with the cover art, info & the loan feature. very nice. thank you so much.

Collectorz is the best! — Mark Miller on Movie Collector

March 19, 2007
Great program
You have an absolutely wonderful program that works very well and I love it. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for a great program. — Robert Romanoski on Movie Collector
March 15, 2007
The perfect software
My Movie collection has over 700 titles in it, just over 500 on DVD. I have been using your Collectorz Movie Collector for about a week now, and I am completely satisfied with it. I have found nothing that it does not have a data field for.

I have been entering my collection and every time I think "I whish the software would have a data space for this type of information", I look a little deeper, and there is a spot to enter what I want. It seems that your software was designed by a real movie collector. I love it.

Thank you so much for creating the perfect software. — Joe Carroll on Movie Collector

March 14, 2007
Comprehensive list
Wanted to tell you how VERY USEFUL Movie Collector is. I purchased the program a couple of years ago and put all of my movie collection in it. I had over 700 movies and collectors sets.

My home was burglarized and I would have had trouble providing a list of all the movies I had to the police and insurance company. However, thanks to your program I had a comprehensive list and they will reimburse me for all the movies (Almost $17,000 worth!). Bless you! — Becky Dew on Movie Collector

March 13, 2007
Very functional
I am extremeley pleased with your software. This is great, very functional, and easy to use software and I have been telling a lot of friends about your software. — Robert Penn on Movie Collector
March 12, 2007
The greatest thing
I currently use Movie Collector for my DVD's and think it's the greatest thing in the world. — Michael Cipriano on Movie Collector
March 08, 2007
Eeasy to use
What an awesome software program! I have been searching for a software package to catalog my DVD and music collection and have tried several, but none can compare to Collectorz.com's software. It is fast, easy to use, the internet data downloaded, including the covers (front & back!), is thorough, and the functionality is great. The one piece I especially like is the personal tab where I can create my own drop downs and lists for my movies.

I group my movies by actor, or Academy Award winners, and this page allows me to create those kind of categories. The one thing I would like to see is an Academy Award information tab. What nominations and awards did the movie recieve? I am inputting that data on the personal tab and that works for me. Other than that, I can't say enough good things about the software.

I can't say enough good things about the Flic scanner as well. My collection of movies and music is HUGE, and I did not want to have to add them manually. The Flic scanner solved that.

The problem I was having was on movie night with friends. They would look through all my DVD's for 30-40 minutes just to find the one they wanted to see. With the software, they can now enter criteria to find something to watch and it takes less than FIVE minutes for them to decide. Last night, my friends wanted a comedy with Tom Hanks that was fairly new, less than five years old. In a matter of about one minute, they had a movie picked out.

Thanks again for helping me to get organized and making movie night more enjoyable at my home. — Charlie Parrish on Movie Collector

February 26, 2007
Your program is excellent and provides many more features, much more efficiently than any of the other five similar programs I had on trial.
You appear to have thought of everything and the feature list is extremely comprehensive without being overloaded. — Richard Renkawicz on Movie Collector
February 22, 2007
The best piece of software
I've been using Movie collector since the earliest version. It is a great product and a great help for me. I wouldn't be able to manage my large dvd collection without it.
It is the best piece of software I've purchased ever. — Ayberk Kuday on Movie Collector
February 21, 2007
The very best
I am an old/new member who thinks your software is the very best cataloging product available. — David Sherman on Movie Collector
February 11, 2007
Beats the competition hands down
I just wanted to let you guys know, I consider myself an expert at computer technology, I am the system administrator for one of the top 10 hospitals in the country (USA).

I have methodically researched many products to find a software package to meet my needs and I must say that your product beats the competition hands down, without a doubt your software offers the user more options than any similar software that anyone could find searching the internet!

Good Job! My hat is off to you and please please, keep up the good work! — Mike Sickinger on Movie Collector

February 10, 2007
Thank you for having the best software and device (scanner) which is something I have looked for a very long time.

I was creating my own catalog of DVD movies, by typing the info into a word processor, so I would know what was in my collection. It was constant trouble updating, and having a movie's description moving down the page and into another description.

Yesterday I received my scanner from you and spent the rest of the night scanning into your program! IT IS A DREAM COME TRUE! Thank you for your creativity and knowing what people really want, and especially what I needed. Whoever devised the process and the program, thank you! — Clarence Schenk on Movie Collector

February 08, 2007
Almost daily
It's hard to believe that it's been almost 5 five years since I purchased Movie, Music, and MP3 Collector. I use Movie Collector almost daily and I love it. — Roger Schlarb on Movie Collector
February 08, 2007
Easy to use
I am extremely satisfied with the movie collector software. It is easy to use and to update. — Kurt Elasavage on Movie Collector
February 07, 2007
WELL worth the price
I just ordered the Flic scanner from Collectorz.com and received it a few days ago. I have to say that I am greatly impressed and pleased with this product and the application it impacts.

I own both the movie database and videogame database software applications and I just have to say, this stuff is WELL worth the price! I recommend these to all my friends and colleagues. the Flic Scanner is simply...the Best!

Thank you and I will continue to patronize your site. — Sherman Bunche 3rd on Movie Collector

February 06, 2007
A real timesaver
I am a tester for a living, and for the life of me, I can't find anything wrong with it! Works as advertised - a real timesaver, and an intuitive, natural tool I'll be using again and again.

Thank you for making this outstanding product available... — Mike Norman on Movie Collector

February 06, 2007
Continue to recommend
I really enjoy the program but I also appreciate the high level of customer support. I'm very glad I went with Collectorz and I'll continue to recommend your products to any who will listen. — Michael LaPointe on Movie Collector
February 06, 2007
Must be movie collectors yourselves
I have to congratulate you all for creating this programme as I've been shopping around for a long time & not found anything quite close to what you have. You must be movie collectors yourselves I think. — Ronnie Lim on Movie Collector
February 03, 2007
Exceeds any product out there
I love this product. I researched several products like this and yours was the clear cut winner. It far exceeds any product out there. — Chuck Hergenroeder on Movie Collector
January 18, 2007
Love your program, the ease in loading, understanding and using it is fantastic, and I see your support is as outstanding as your software.
Congratulations! — Adrien G. Valcourt on Movie Collector
January 13, 2007
Pperformed beyond my expectations
Just wanted to let you know that this piece of software is awesome!! It has performed beyond my expectations.
I am an application developer and I was going to build an app. You guys made the effort totally unnecessary. Thanks again. — Jovernian A. Givhan on Movie Collector
January 13, 2007
A marvel in all aspects
For years I've been trying to setup my DVD collection. A perfect disaster untill I found you ! Your program is a marvel in all aspects, and in one small afternoon I managed to database sixty DVD, pictures and all.

Thanks for a very fine help, and I wish you the very best luck in your venture. — Alain Demoustier on Movie Collector