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Movie Collector reviews

November 22, 2006
Use it everyday
You guys have a awsome program and I use it everyday. And I tell my family and friends all about it. — Robert Mutchie on Movie Collector
November 22, 2006
The best
I really love Movie Collector! I have over 1300 DVDs and can't imagine how i would manage them without MC. Absolutely the best i've found anywhere.
I tried several other free and trial version movie management softwares and when i discovered Movie Collector that was it. It truly is the best. — Michael Bostic on Movie Collector
September 25, 2006
You guys should win an award
First, I'm an actor who loves to collect movies so let me say "Dank U" for a very intuitive, user-friendly program that makes maintaining a movie collection a joy, not a chore! You guys should win an award for this software!
Thank you! Danke! Merci! Grazzi! Gracias! Multso Mess! Spaseba! — George Cahill III on Movie Collector
September 19, 2006
You are amazing
I just cannot believe you folks! Not only do you make almost perfect products, but you upgrade them every time I turn around! And, on the two occasions when I've had problems, you answered my emails within hours and, here's the incredible part, your answers contain the solutions I was looking for!

You folks have no idea what that means to me. Most of the time I have to send and receive 2 or three letters-or spend 20 minutes on the phone-just to get the folks on the other end to understand my question! You people understand what I am asking (apparently having learned to both read and comprehend!) and know what to do. You are amazing, you are awesome, I am not worthy to own your products... but I'll keep them just the same. YES, you have my permission to quote me to anyone at any time.

If anyone has any doubts about your programs, they should give them a try! And there's another thing! Free trials, that don't expire! How cool is that? Having a limit instead is just incredible!!! No pop-ups to say BUY, BUY, BUY!

I have to go now, because I just fixed the Movie and Music collectors (about 2 minutes following your email instructions) and I've run out of good things to say about you! But I'll grab my thesaurus and be back at you some day!

LONG LIVE COLLECTORZ.COM!!!! — Barry Solomon on Movie Collector

September 06, 2006
An asset
We love this program, it has made our movie collection an asset to us instead of a headache! I have told many about the software and that it is the First actualy briiliant integration of Life and the Web I have seen in the 20 years I have been using computers. — Christa Lajoie on Movie Collector
September 01, 2006
Great programs
Still is the best program I encounter so far, even in the earlier days when it was first launch. Movie Collector was, is, and I'm sure still be the best in the future.
Thanks for your great support and great programs. — Armando Torres on Movie Collector
August 11, 2006
Very user friendly
The best program I have seen, I use it to catalog my dvd collection which numbers in excess of 1,700 movies.
I find it very user friendly and would recommend it to any collector. — Glyn Parry on Movie Collector
August 08, 2006
Well worth the cost
The Software is one of the most useful and user friendly I have purchased on line after "try out" - It is the best for purpose I can imagine and I can only say thank you for your efforts in writing it.
Well worth the cost and will recommend it to others. — Anthony Millett on Movie Collector
August 08, 2006
Easy to use and understand
In case you're wondering; I'm sticking with your software because of 3 reasons:

1. its very easy to use and understand. (Very refreshing coming from a very savy computer user who's used to bloated software. )
2. Its very customizable. I can make it do anything I want (almost)
3. I can export my data. Its not "stuck" in your software. — Steven Hartman on Movie Collector

July 25, 2006
I LOVE your product. I use it all the time and purchased this for my father (81yrs) because he is tracking his DVD collection in gulp, Wordperfect in a table. He was skeptical---but, when I showed how easy it is to add a DVD and have all the information available (director, time, etc.). He was hooked.

I have been using the DVD collection software for a couple of years now. The "loan" feature is why I originally purchased it...because my daughter and her friends were borrowing DVD to watch in her dorm room at college. I was losing track of which ones she had, because we were tracking with notes on post-its. Ever since having your software, that is no longer an issue.

I also periodically print out my library information and put the printout in our safe deposit box for insurance purposes. I would never be able to remember all the titles we have if we should have a fire. — Lisa Vasquez on Movie Collector

June 28, 2006
Has everything I was looking for
I have to tell you that I LOVE your software... I have told everyone I know about it, it's awesome@!

The only thing I would change is.... well to be honest I can't think of anything right now... I know I had one, but it's not coming to me... Bottom line is your software has been well thought out and has everything I was looking for, and I can't wait to finish adding my 400+ dvd collection, the nice thing was what I did add, which was about 1/2, was done in about 8-10 hours, vs 8 to 10 days if I had done it the regular way. :) For that I thank you.... — J. Wren on Movie Collector

June 22, 2006
It really is the best!
I just purchased your "Movie Collector" program and I cant tell you how happy I am! I only have 200 movies, but it was time to organize them. I found Movie Collector so very easy to use without even having to look at the user manual. Everything is user friendly and so simple that my wife, who is not good with computers, can access and navigate will no problems.

You guys/gals did a great job and I was happy to purchase your product. I will be telling all my friends about "Movie Collector" because it really is the best! THANKS! — Brian Bennington on Movie Collector

May 15, 2006
The best software
I just would like to take this chance and tell you how great I think your softwares are. I could assure you that Movie Collector for example is the best software I've ever used in my life! Topping that with this timely and prompt series of replies and personalized messages.

I simply cannot say except "You guys are marvelous". — Shehab Helmy on Movie Collector

May 15, 2006
Movie Collector and Book Collector are great and no one is even close to you in customer satisfaction. Your update process puts everyone else to shame.
Thanks again. — Gary Nettler on Movie Collector
March 07, 2006
What I was looking for and more
I've used the Movie Collector program for just a few days now and wanted you to know... the more I use it the more I love it! It's going to take me awhile to catalog my 300+ dvds but when finished I will have a dynamic, professional data base to be proud of.

Thank you for your great product. It is just what I was looking for and more. — Peter Bergman on Movie Collector

February 13, 2006
Happy with a program
I do have a couple of suggestions for improvements, but in the fifteen years I've been using personal computers, I have rarely been this happy with a program. And you update them about every other day, which is wonderful.

I've paid hundreds for (different types of) programs that don't work half as well, and 2 months after you buy them, they want to sell you the newer, better version for big bucks! I love the way you people do business! — Barry Solomon on Movie Collector

January 26, 2006
A high five for work well done
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how happy I am with the Movie Collector software. I have been looking for something that would do all of the little things that this software does for a long time. Thanks for putting together such a great little piece of software.

I am pretty much a computer geek myself, but this is easy enough that my parents are able to put movies in and make their own lists "Without my constant intervention, ...lol".

I know how seldom it is that you must get a high five for work well done and thought I would pass one along. Thanks again. — Scott Sutton on Movie Collector

January 16, 2006
A few hours
This is one fantastic piece of software! It's worth every bit of the price. I was able to organize my 266 movie collection in a matter of a few hours. — Bob Taylor on Movie Collector
January 03, 2006
Great product
Just wanted to thank your for such a great product. I am constantly amazed at the depth of useful functions in Movie Collector. I love this product!

I recently removed all of my DVD's from the original packaging and put them in sleeved albums to save space. I numbered each sleeve and with your software, was able to index and print a catalogue of my collection of 700+ DVD's. My family can now browse through the catalogue, pick a title and go directly to the disc.

The entire collectorz team desirves a big pat on the back! — Tom Barclay on Movie Collector