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Movie Collector reviews

December 15, 2009
It's a Must Have
I have just purchased and download the iPhone App and it works great!!

I have currently approx 1,250 movies in my collection (with more to add) and having access to the collection via the Clz iPhone app is fantastic!
As a workaround I had been printing my Collection to a pdf list and then loading that on my iPhone via a "files" app, but having the Clz app is the only way to go, it's a must have for any collector!!

On the strength of you comp upgrade I have also just purchased Music Collector Pro. It will be my next project after I get my Movie Collection fully up to-date. — Andy O'Donnell on Movie Collector

December 06, 2009
It is a godsend
This is the greatest movie cataloging software I have used. It is a godsend.
I have close to 400 movies and I can keep track of all of them now.
Thank You — Steve Barnes on Movie Collector
December 05, 2009
A tremendous help
I do enjoy this software. Especially being able to transfer the collection to an IPhone.
There have been many times I would be out in a store and see movies on sale and, naturally, I would buy some. When I would get home with them I would usually find I purchased a few duplicates.

This software has been a tremendous help in reducing these duplicates. Although my daughter does complain - she would be the recipient of the purchase, if it wasn't returned! — Steve Donoghue on Movie Collector

November 30, 2009
I am totally organized
I just wanted to tell you how awesome your programs are.

I have several hundred movies in different formats and was dreading getting them all organized, even though I needed to. I discovered Movie Collectorz because it was available for my iPhone.
What an incredible program.
It took me two days to get everything logged and now I am totally organized. It was worth every penny and I've told several of my co-workers about it.

Thank you for making my life easier and more organized. — Gregg Gray on Movie Collector

November 29, 2009
It is a godsend!
With over 6,700 dvds in my collection, Collectorz.com movie collector dvd software is a godsend!
In seconds I can enter or look up any movie title and see all the film's information. — Peter S. on Movie Collector
November 12, 2009
Our own Blockbuster store
I was dreading cataloging my DVD movie collection and broke out into a cold sweat even thinking about it. I'm delighted that I found Movie Collector and I had my 418 movies in the database in about 2 hours!

It's an incredibly simple and fast program and I can't remember the last time I fell so in love with a piece of software!
There are so many movies my husband and I haven't seen and it's like we have our own Blockbuster store in our house!

WOW, WOW, WOW! — Shawna Newton on Movie Collector

October 27, 2009
Great program!
BTW, if it weren't for the scanner, I'd have gone insane entering my movies.
We have something over 2000 individual titles of videos.
Great program! — James Hobby on Movie Collector
October 27, 2009
A definite collector
You guys are great. I have Movies, Books and now Music.
Another thanks for giving me a tool that makes me a definite collector and not just an unorganized "hoarder". — Bob Dorsey on Movie Collector
October 03, 2009
Better Organization
I'd like to thank you for having such a wonderful software that is very easy to use and though I have a very V-E-R-Y long way to go getting my collection entered it is going to be worth it in the end.
I just wish I had found your website a long time ago!

Thanks to your website and showing the Ziotek carousels we're having better organization then what we've had which was leather bound cases which take up a ton of precious space.
Absolutely love the new organization. — Sue Novak on Movie Collector

August 31, 2009
A dream came true
Collectorz.com is absolutely brilliant.
I have been waiting for this idea for over 3 years. I have over 600 movies and I often share them with my co-workers. I was tired of writing down the movie titles and trying my best to remember my new purchases along with some older purchases. I kept telling my co-workers that one day I would create an MS Access database and list all my movies. That was two years ago and at that time it was still incomplete.

Finally a dream came true.
Collectorz create the very software I needed for my crazy hobby.
Collectorz made the process of entering all my movies seamless and quick. Not only can I categorize, print and enter my movies in an expedient manner, my co-workers can now browse my movie library online.
I have not finished adding my movies, but I must tell you, it has not only been fun using the barcode scanner, but entering the movie titles manually has also been rewarding.
Trust me when I say this software is excellent and well worth the price of convenience.
Keep up the good work.... — Pamela Swain on Movie Collector

August 26, 2009
Pure Awesomeness
To tell you the truth, it really doesn't bother me if you give the program away for free, or the full blown price, I'll pay the full price just because the GREATNESS of the program, AWESOME customer support, and no BS,... Like the great Kun-Fu Panda would say... CollectorZ Team is "Pure Awesomeness"

Once again, thanks for your great support! — Armando Torres on Movie Collector

August 22, 2009
Absolutely brilliant
Many thanks for Movie Collector.
I have had to wait until I could get time off work, in order to use it, and am still experimenting. From my limited use this week, I have found it absolutely brilliant, and am so glad I took the risk of purchasing the Pro edition, with the Opticon scanner.
I had thought that it was going to be a nightmare to install, and use, as I am no genius, with computers. However my fears were put to rest, when I started to use it. — Gary Parker on Movie Collector
August 09, 2009
This is not a problem message.
I just wanted to say that, I have purchased the Pro Movie Edition and have an Opticon 2001 scanner.
In the last three days, since installing and cataloging, over 400 DVDs have been cataloged. It has been very easy to use.
Thanks for Great database. — Robert M. Lampson Sr. on Movie Collector
June 27, 2009
A Great Product!
I downloaded and use the Ipod addition of Movie Collections.
It's great, no more duplicate movies. I take the Ipod to Wal-Mart and I have the complete list of 1,600+ movies with me. NO more guessing, Do I or Don't I...

Thanks a Great Product. — Charlie Mathieu on Movie Collector

May 25, 2009
So nicely done
First and foremost, let me thank you for one of the most outstanding software products I have seen.
I am a recent owner of your moviecollector product and I am totally blown by how useful it is considering I have about 600 movies. In movie collectors, you have one of the best options I have seen in this type of product.
The exporting to CLZ (Ipod Touch).
That is one of the reasons why I shelled out $50.00 for your product. — Douglas Gonzalez on Movie Collector
May 21, 2009
This is a great product
I just purchased Movie Collector and then immediately purchased CLZ Movies for my iTouch.
You did GREAT!!!!
What a great program Movie Collector is (I have had Music Collector for several years & love it) and what a great app CLZ Movies is. Thanks for your efforts in creating both.
It's great to be able to have access to what movies I have anywhere I go and I am especially looking forward to the iTouch/iPhone app for Music Collector.
Thanks!!! — Novel Posey on Movie Collector
May 20, 2009
Awesome App
I just want to say I found you and Dinh awesome customer supporters ;-)

The CollectorZ movie app on my PC and iTouch is awesome! It's intuitive making it easy to use. It's got all the features I need. We've never found it so easy to find a movie we want to watch and then know exactly where to put it when done.

Along with the dedicated customer support it's a great app, well done! — Patrick Ladd on Movie Collector

May 15, 2009
Great programme
It is a great programme.
I am looking forward to being able to scan the info though as I believe it will be a lot faster than manual input.
Clz Movies sounds like a good idea. I currently have about ten dvds that I bought on the spur of the moment as I did not realise I already had them. — Paul Watson on Movie Collector
May 15, 2009
iPhone MovieCollector
I love the iPhone MovieCollector. I find it easier to use and it is more engaging to others browsing my collection than my old List Pro data base.
I think a lot of the appeal comes from the cover images - it allows browsers to thumb through in a manner similar to the way they thumb through my actual collection of DVDs. — Ken Thomson on Movie Collector
May 14, 2009
The best
Just wishing to thank you for such a fantastic product.
I have been using Movie Collector for some years now and your latest version is the best.

I have a collection of some 800 DVD/Blu-ray movies and it works perfectly and is so easy to add new movies with the associated data from the auto add function.
Great job guys and best wishes from the land Down Under. — Frank Hall on Movie Collector

May 13, 2009
I LOVE Movie Collector
Thank you so much for developing this iPhone app- I've been waiting for it. And an extra big thank you for not making it so that it has to interface through iTunes. I HATE iTunes! I LOVE Movie Collector, and having it on my iPhone is going to be huge.

I'm a huge fan of Movie Collector, and have been waiting for the iPhone version. I can't tell you how many times I've wished I could access my movie database "on the spot." Now I'll be able to.
I'm telling all my friends to get it! — Don Hess on Movie Collector

May 13, 2009
Good work Collectorz!
I have just bought the new Movie Collector for my iPhone and imported 1416 movie titles into my iPhone.

It is tremendous to have all this information at your fingertips. When I go to buy a new movie a couple of clicks tells me if I have the movie already. It even imports the cover image for quick identification.

Good work Collectorz and Apple. — Bryan Butler on Movie Collector

May 11, 2009
Works as advertised
I have been using the program since 2003 and I couldn't be happier with the way Movie Collectorz has developed.

I too like the iPhone app very much. It works as advertised. I have 2,254 movies in my collection and it only took about 3 minutes to upload. All of the images scroll smoothly. It's great.

Thanks again for such a great app. I look forward to its continued development. — Jason Roberge on Movie Collector

May 11, 2009
Big time fan
Big time fan of the Movie Collector software.

Been waiting for the iPhone version for ages and thrilled its now live, and gladly purchased. Loving the software.
Commendations to the staff on this application, £5.99 very well spent, and am sure it is one of the more complex iPhone applications about, dont think I have any other app that syncs data from another piece of software on my computer other than iTunes......

Thank you..... — Jaime Graham on Movie Collector

May 05, 2009
Great service
Wow - I must honestly say this was one of the best online customer experiences I have had to date. Not only did you answer my question quickly and effectively, you proactively updated your records and alerted me to a promotion I am eligible for.

Congratulations on your great service - watch out Amazon! — Tom Wicky on Movie Collector

April 30, 2009
VERY user-friendly
Thanks for the GREAT products!
I have the trial on both the movie and book and LOVE them! I have tried BUNCHES of free database programs for my collections and although some were fairly good, NONE of them has the ease of use AND the LOADS of OPTIONS of changing fields and field names.
Some other programs ARE able to change fields, but NOT with as many choices as you have and some won't let you NOT use certain default fields.

Your programs are VERY user-friendly!

Again, thank you for such cool and easy to use programs. — Sally Boling on Movie Collector

April 29, 2009
The insurance company
This program saved me $2,600.00 as I had my movies stolen, had a back up of the database, redownloaded the program, printed it and gave it to the insurance company.

Thanks for the great program guys. — Jaime Rodrigues on Movie Collector

April 27, 2009
Makes life so much easier
I love your Movie software program beyond measure.
I have thousands of movies, TV shows, and documentaries.
Before it would take me hours to find something that my wife and I could agree on. Now I just make an HTML page with your export options and keep it updated on her computer as well and we can review everything from the laptop right there on the couch without having to rifle through drawers and reams of CD holders or cases to find just what we are looking for.

The folders option that allows you to see each genre makes life so much easier.
Thank you again and I'll be back for the music software in the future. — JR Claiborn on Movie Collector

April 26, 2009
Your program ROCKS!!!
I found your website and I started with the free trial of the standard version and input the first 50 DVD's I had and it took me 10 minutes to enter the barcodes and about 5 minutes for all the barcodes to be searched and downloaded to my library.

So I bought the Standard Version then after realizing that friends borrow my DVD's I upgraded to the PRO.
Your program ROCKS!!!
It has everthing I want it to do that, your program finds every title I've entered and if the barcode isn't found typing in the name of the movie always worked.

Now I can order a few 100 more DVD's to add to my current 297!!! :-)

THANKS!!! — Andrew Johnson on Movie Collector

March 11, 2009
A quality product
Having been hurt during the Viet Nam war, it's really difficult to do the things I used to. So one of things I occupy my time with is my computer and music.

It's really hard these days to find software out there that you can really interface with - and I must say that being a member of Movie Collector for about 6 years, your product is one that I get the most enjoyment from.

So from a vet who can't get around much - thank you for a quality product. — Phil on Movie Collector

February 18, 2009
This is lifechanging!!
Guys - i just wanted to thank you for coming up with Movie Collector.

I recently bought your software for my PC and separately for my wife's Mac. I also bought an Opticon scanner through yourselves.

This is lifechanging!!
After a week of barcode scanning I have now thrown away 2,000+ DVD cases and filed away all of my discs and leaflets in folders.
My spare room is a spare room again - no longer an annex of Blockbuster!!
And not just have you given us a room back... DVDs are also so much easier to locate.

Just wanted you to know that your software is awesome and we love it... Thank you!! — Jaime & Sara Graham on Movie Collector

February 18, 2009
Serious kick ass support
And by the way this is some serious kick ass support. I only sent the email to y'all a few hours ago. Not often in the electronic world you get a personalized fast response that actually fixes the problem too. Hats off to you.

I am going to post a link on on of the forums I hang out on for my home theater stuff. I hope you get a few sales from it.
I have been using a copy of your software for a few months and decided I had to pay y'all for the product you created. It has saved my ass a couple times and I know it will be money well spent.
Thanks again, I cant wait to get using Movie Collector. — Jolice Wiedenhoff on Movie Collector

February 16, 2009
It does what it says!
Movie Collectorz is one of the best software I have used in recent years. It does what it says!

I am very happy with the ability to scan and add movies to the library. I have more than 400 movies from Hollywood and India. Apart from keeping track of the titles for insurance purpose, ability to view the covers and meta data on my media center is a bonus.
I can not wait for iPhone/iPod touch version to come out.
Thank you for creating such a simple to use application — Gaurav Garg on Movie Collector

February 12, 2009
Outstanding customer support. Any and all inquires I had were responded to within a day. All with a pleasant and personal responses. I wish I could say this for all of my experiences with ANY other companies.

A great product at a great value with AMAZING support.
The ease of use for the value, the wealth of information that it provides for any one with a substantial collection of movies with just a few clicks. OUTSTANDING.

Also the forums.
The way the owners help each other (I ended up with a double of all the images) The forums helped me with that SO easy. I did not have to ask, A quick search on the forum and I found it was already posted. 2 different ways of fixing it.

I had Movie Collector for a long time. Ran into computer problems and was without it for a period. I not only missed it, I NEED IT.
Again thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! — Derrick Thompson on Movie Collector

January 20, 2009
A customer for life
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a job well done! Your product, Movie Collector, is priceless for those of us with large collections; I've been using it for years.

Keep up the good work and you will have me as a customer for life! — Tim Cronian on Movie Collector

January 16, 2009
I own 3.267 DVDs
I just HAVE to leave this note of thanks to you all for such a wonderful product.

I've been using Movie Collector for several years now and I'm always delighted to have great organization to my substantial DVD collection. I own 3.267 DVDs and, thankfully, they're all organized.
This is a great product that I rave about everyday.

Thank you all for the tremendous job you're doing. I really appreciate it. By the way, your updates are always fantastic and with each update, the job gets easier and easier. — Carl Miller on Movie Collector

January 14, 2009
Exceeds my expectations
This has to be the best program for keeping track of my collection.
I cannot believe how easy it is to find movies or movies with certain actors in by searching for key words. It is brilliant.

After buying many expensive programs that fail to deliver what they state it is refreshing to purchase a program that exceeds my expectations. Also thank you for the after sales service and help with my initial problems (which I might add were my fault).
You hear of so many problems of traders ripping people off on the internet that you forget that there are reputable people also. I understand you get a lot of nasty emails but I am certainly not one of them.

I would recommend your programs to anyone. Thank you again. — Ron Stokes on Movie Collector

January 10, 2009
Soooo satisfied
I have purchased this program and I am soooo satisfied with it and when I need something from you guys.. I try not to make myself a pain... I just ask for help.. and I have always gotten a quick response.

I have changed computers (ALL PC's) like three times since I purchased the program and I have had a little problem ... but it WAS MY PROBLEM, after I go back through the instructions.. it all works out..
You guys are doing a wonderful job.

Keep up the GREAT work.. I would hate to know I had all these movies and no program to tell me what I have... — Gayle Dover on Movie Collector

January 03, 2009
Fantastic program
I have entered almost half of my movie collection (1.500+) and wonder what I did before learning about your program.

The spread sheet I created to catalog my movie collection has long since been archived, but after using Movie Collector and finding 2 duplicate movie entries that were in my spreadsheet I'm now ready to delete it. :-)

Thank you for a fantastic program. Back to entering more movies from my collection; I'm so glad I took a weeks holiday. — Alan Arbon on Movie Collector