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Movie Collector reviews

December 31, 2020
Good job
Thanks for your years-end note.
You and your teammates do a good job. You add value to a person's collections. That is the secret of any good business: adding value. I would probably not be the somewhat serious movie collector that I am without your efforts.
I wish all of you a very Happy New Year. — Arnold Falk (Switzerland) on Movie Collector
December 30, 2020
Great software
Just to say happy new year to you all great software my films are now so easy to list. — Steven Brown (Ireland) on Movie Collector
December 18, 2020
Movie collector is a must have in my life
As usual you and your team are right on top of things with the best and most timely customer support. I would like to start off by saying the additions to Movie collector in the most recent version, ie: linking to movie files was a perfect update for real hard core collectors.
I will keep recommending your software to all of my friends and family. I wish you could see how impressed people are when I demo the programs for them. — Bob Andersen (USA) on Movie Collector
November 01, 2020
Thrilled with the movie collector program
The Movie Collector program is strictly for my own private use.
I currently have approximately 900 DVD/Blue Ray movies. The Movie Collector program creates an excellent DVD / Blu-ray library. Additionally, with so many movies in my library, many times I'm unable to remember the subject material of a particular movie I haven't watched for many months.
Also, the program allows me to construct a catalogue with the different things I want to select from my master movie list. Right now, one of the things in my catalogue are the synopsis of each movie. My guests can review my printed catalogue and the synopsis allows the to select a movie that is of interest to them.
I am thrilled with the movie collector program; the subscription cost is very reasonable: the owners of the software are incredibly responsive if I have a question; the information provided in the program about the movies is exceptional. I have recommended the movie collector program to my friends on many occasions. — Dennis Hamilton (USA) on Movie Collector
October 22, 2020
Thank you!
Folks are always quick to drop a dime when something upsets them, but I though it would be nice to recognize some good customer service as well.
A few years back I subscribed to movie collection program to help me see the covers of our movie collection. Last week I discovered that it would no longer allow me to connect via the Internet.
I had let the subscription expire but understood the basic program would still be there. When I emailed the company and asked if was now necessary to again subscribe, their customer service informed me that they had sent out an email asking customer to update their connection for security reasons.
They had allowed the original less secure connection (which I had) to continue for awhile and then discontinued it. Since I had missed the update window, their customer service extended my subscription (free of charge) to a period where I was able to update the connection.
Very nice of them and worthy or some positive advertisement. — Jack Sturdivant (USA) on Movie Collector
October 12, 2020
Wonderful product
I wish to thank you for your knowledge and your help!!
I was lost and almost sick thinking I was going to lost my Movies Data Base. I have had this program so long with minimal troubles. It was a sad day when I wrote you requesting help, I was afraid the day had come!!
Thank You sir, I truly thank you and your company for a wonderful product with fine people behind the scene to care for the programs continued updates.
Again, thank you much!! I have many entries to add, just had my 73 birthday, and am once again excited to go and update my Movies!! — Larry Dunson (USA) on Movie Collector
October 09, 2020
Class act
Your Movie Collector program is EXCELLENT and your customer service is OUTSTANDING.
Movie Collector is so intuitive, so easy to use and so chock full of features - I am astonished. Then to have an "actual person" (not a robot) respond to my support request in a positive, effective manner within 24 hours? Collectorz.com is a class act. — Dave Scott (USA) on Movie Collector
August 27, 2020
Great app
Previously used Invelos DVD Profiler PC and app version neither have been updated for a few years and has become problematic, especially with adding new DVDs and Images. so taken the plunge and now busy adding my collection (600+) to CLZ Movies.
Find adding DVD's to CLZ a breeze scanned 130 in less than 15 mins with no problems, fantastic.. Really like your link to imbd and the amount of information uploaded into CLZ Movies, great work.
I also have CLZ Books and Music PC and app version, so no brainier to move DVDs to CLZ Movies all great programs and with regular improvements. — Richard Davies (United Kingdom) on Movie Collector
July 21, 2020
This software is awesome!
I’ve used DVD Profiler for years (3000+ movies) and decided to try your software as DVD Profiler no longer supports their program. Wish I had tried yours years ago, just fantastic!
The import from DVD Profiler was perfect and I was pleasantly surprised it was an option, awesome feature!
So much attention to detail, your company has done a great job! I look forward to using this software for years to come, thank you! — Todd Johnson (USA) on Movie Collector
July 03, 2020
Five Stars to the customer service!
Thank you very much!! You save my day! I don’t know if I will be able to start my computer again, and if I do, I will never use the Old Export system, just cloud, as I am trying to get rid of the computer slowly, to just using my portatil devices.
Thanks again! Five Stars to the customer service! — Borja (Netherlands) on Movie Collector
June 04, 2020
So much to offer!
Thank you so much for your help and the time you took to think about the issues i was having. I am new to Movie and Music Collectorz, but it has so much to offer! I am so happy with not only Movie Collectorz products, but I really appreciated the excellent customer service! — Jeff (Japan) on Movie Collector
May 07, 2020
Awesome products
I need to praise your awesome products. I love this application and show it off to all of my friends. — Shane Freehauf (USA) on Movie Collector
May 05, 2020
The finest databasing software
I truly believe you have created the finest databasing software in the industry which continues to improve with every update. Keep up the excellent work and thanks again for your consideration. — Richard Belt (USA) on Movie Collector
April 03, 2020
Immense help
Cataloging and alphabetizing my Laserdisc collection. I am halfway through the letter B. Once I finish these it will be time to start on VHS, DVD, UMD, Blu-ray, CED, and UHD movies.
Once the movies are done I can start with my music, videogames, comics, and books.
Your program is an immense help.and invaluable service. Thanks for keeping it updated. — Tom Healy (USA) on Movie Collector
March 17, 2020
Amazing app
Thank you for creating an amazing app! I've had it since it first came out and have recommended it to all of my collecting friends! — Sam Cerrato (USA) on Movie Collector
March 17, 2020
Working perfectly
Your instructions were perfect and the program is back and working perfectly. I am 66 years old and have had computers from day they came out. Have been a customer of yours for years with very little problems and when there were it was resolved. This is very unusual to have such great customer support.
Thanks for all you do!!! — Wendell Whisenhunt (USA) on Movie Collector
March 14, 2020
2,000 blue rays
Thanks to your software my 2,000 blue rays leave me with lists of my movies to watch while I stay home — Rick Dymond (Canada) on Movie Collector
March 10, 2020
Great Movie Collector software
I have added 337 movies to my collection and I have synced with the CLZ Cloud and I love it! Thanks so much for noticing and responding to the account. That is GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I look forward to using the program for a long time to come!
So far, I haven't found anything I'd like to do in Movie Collector that you all haven't provided the way. I'm so excited! I feel like a kid at Christmas with a new toy! I can't wait to get home from work to continue to add more movies to my collections.
Thanks for the great Movie Collector software and the excellent customer service! — Sherri F (USA) on Movie Collector
March 08, 2020
There is no better database
I don't think there is a better film database than Movie Collector and I say that as one who has been with it since you first developed it and as owner of approaching 4000 movies. — Paul Barnard (United Kingdom) on Movie Collector