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Movie Collector reviews

December 15, 2014
would truly be lost without it
I truly do love your software.
I first purchased it several years ago and update every year. While my movie collection is not as large as many of your customers, I would truly be lost without it.
I also give a list of the titles every year to my insurance agent as I have ny DVD's separately listed on my homeowner's insurance to insure adequate coverage. — Jim Graflund (USA) on Movie Collector
December 12, 2014
Wonderful product
I just have to say when I first became involved with your product I was excited just to have a way to know what I had and begin some sort of organization. Over the short period that I have had this product I have seen it evolve into a wonderful tool that provides me all sorts of information and tools that I never knew I needed. Thanks for the wonderful product! — Doug Horn (USA) on Movie Collector
November 30, 2014
Great product
This is a great product with really good people who care ... who will truly help you in anyway they can to make you satisfied. Even if you are, like me a little old and require more help than most: Thank you all!! — Jack Marner (USA) on Movie Collector
November 25, 2014
Less than two hours
I would like to add my very positive comments on how simple and effective Movie Collector is. I loaded up over 200 DVD’s in less than two hours. The features are tremendous and the screens are visually impressive. — John Simmonds (USA) on Movie Collector
November 21, 2014
Movie Connect
Dearest movie collecting software overlords, Your new update to the connect pages are AMAZING.
The ability to add/edit movies from a mobile browser is FANTASTIC! I couldn't be happier right now. Seriously though, wonderful update. I'm incredibly happy. — Justin Block (USA) on Movie Collector
November 16, 2014
Great product
I think you have a great product that helps me manage my collection easily! — Steve Hatfield (USA) on Movie Collector
October 17, 2014
The best money I have ever spent
Your software is the best money I have ever spent.
I truly believe your software package along with your phone apps, and add-ons is the best on the market. — David Hamilton (USA) on Movie Collector
October 01, 2014
I think your software is amazing. I started using your software in the late 90's, and so far haven't look for anything else but the regular updates from CLZ. Thanks for your (All CLZ Team) time and dedication to keep this software what it is, a golden pot at the end of the rainbow, and making it better with each update. — Armando Torres (USA) on Movie Collector
September 29, 2014
Absolutely wonderful
I have to tell you I FINALLY sprung for the Android app and did the cloud thing. It's absolutely wonderful. As soon as I get all my movies in I'll be adding Music collector! — Doug Horn (USA) on Movie Collector
September 21, 2014
Nothing like Movie Collector
There is nothing like Movie Collector. It is fantastic, including the link with the Ipad. Congratulations! — Pedro Sabugo (Brazil) on Movie Collector
August 30, 2014
I have close to 14k movies and I'd never be able to organize, remember them all without the combination of Movie Collector and CLZ Movies (so I don't get duplicates). I've been using Collectorz products for close to 10 years and recommending them to friends and customers for most of that time. — Mike Dickert (USA) on Movie Collector
August 26, 2014
Easy to use
I just wanted to express my appreciation and delight with your movie collection software. It is very well done, easy to use and exactly what I was looking for. Best one I found out of 8 "comparable" products. Thanks again! — Duane Cabrera (USA) on Movie Collector
August 08, 2014
Amazing software
First I want to thank you for such an amazing software!
I purchased the standard Movie version some time back and it has been an awesome tool for me! — Amy Burroughs (USA) on Movie Collector
July 18, 2014
On top of the list
I own hundreds of movies and I never knew that a program like this ever existed. Now, I can catalogue my vast collections and manage more effectively. I didn't review other programs but this one was on top of the list and I go with my instinct and I am happy I did. — Terence Jailall (USA) on Movie Collector
July 10, 2014
Movie Collector
Thanks for making such a great movie collector application! — Andrew Reynolds (USA) on Movie Collector
July 01, 2014
You progressed right along
Just so you know I've been using movie collector since 2004 and I love it. It's a great program but I think it's even more wonderful that as technology progressed such as iPhones you progressed right along with it. It's so convenient to be able to pull up >my movie library on my iPhone when I'm at the store so I don't re-buy movies I already own. — Erik Hann (USA) on Movie Collector
June 15, 2014
Your software
Folks, you're the best! I've always loved working with your software. — George Carman (USA) on Movie Collector
May 26, 2014
Movie Collector
Just hit my next goal for Movie Collector. Technically I have 1,040 But since I go by content, (there are a few dvds that have four movies in one case) I now have 1,060. Thank you so much for making this program so it is easier for me to see what movie/tv show I don't already have. — Courtney Lewis (USA) on Movie Collector
May 25, 2014
The best
Please continue to improving your software because it's the best out there on the market. — Denis Menard (USA) on Movie Collector
May 01, 2014
Couldn't do without it
The Movie Collector program is AWESOME!
I couldn't do without it, especially when shopping for new discs. So well thought out. Fields for EVERYTHING a collector could possibly want to enter. — Les Perkins (USA) on Movie Collector
April 23, 2014
Just a big thank you!
I've always tried to imagine the perfect piece of software. Never thought it would happen until I used Movie Collector. Absolutely perfect. Support (I admit I could have done more research) was outstanding. Does everything I desire except I can't click on the actress and have her appear in my living room. Oh well, can't have everything.
Stunning job. You are to be congratulated, skip the "to be" part, my congratulations to all involved. If you ever consider a Canadian branch, let me know. I'd be proud to work for such a perfection driven outfit. — Graham Thomas (Canada) on Movie Collector
April 08, 2014
The best
As always you guys have the best collector software and also the best customer service of all the software on my machine. — T. Gavin (USA) on Movie Collector
April 07, 2014
Goed programma
Geweldig goed programma voor mijn film en serie collectie. Ben heel tevreden. — Rob Holtslag (Netherlands) on Movie Collector
April 04, 2014
Let me tell you that after years of using CATraxx and CATVids I have just purchased Movie Collector and Music Collector. I ran the export / import process and it all worked - perfectly. Best of all, I could see that it all worked in the trial version so I bought the licenses straight away. Well done. — Glenn Crippa (Singapore) on Movie Collector
February 28, 2014
Good program
Thank you for making a good program better. I have 3 kids who take advantage of my collection. With the loan feature I'm able to keep it from diminishing. — Robert Regyis (USA) on Movie Collector
February 25, 2014
Great product
Thank you very much for the follow up and diligence in support to customers.
It is because of this I continue to utilize the great product of Movie Collector as my database indexer for my hobby of film collecting. — Ryan Hsu (USA) on Movie Collector
February 17, 2014
A keeper
I just purchased the desktop and Android version of your movie software, and I'd like to say I'm very impressed, it's the best I've tried, and I've downloaded and installed/tried and eventually uninstalled 10-15 different apps, and yours is a keeper, works very well — John Chapman (Canada) on Movie Collector
February 13, 2014
Find them in a second
Thx to you guys for all the help, the regular updates and fantastic apps. I have well over 1,000 DVDs (not many by some standards I guess) but I have them all in 100 slot folders and because of your App can find them in a second. — Bill Max (United Kingdom) on Movie Collector
February 09, 2014
Great product
I just wanted to thank each of you personally for adding the "Title First Letter" as a folder option. I have over 2,000 movies and it sure helps to get quickly to each alpha group. I had suggested it, and I am sure others, quite some time ago. Thanks again, great product. — Mike Dillard (USA) on Movie Collector
January 12, 2014
So worth the money !!
LOL wow, looks like our collection we have over 1600 and this program is so worth the money !! Especially when Walmart has crazy sales on DVDs and seasons ! No more doubles ! — Stephanie Jesmer-Harrison (USA) on Movie Collector
January 10, 2014
Now, please do let me say here that your program is fabulous, no, really incredible, especially for a computer dolt and dunderhead like me. I started inputting my collection last night and so far it works superbly, it is very easy to use and intuitive in it's design, and very quickly becomes comfortable for someone like me to use and I will here say enjoy. I have somewhere north of (1,000) movies and TV series in my collection to input, which will take a while but probably not long, I'm already midway through the B's after only one evening's work on it. — Andre Arnold (USA) on Movie Collector
January 09, 2014
So easy and fun
Just want to say thank you! I bought Movie Collector and CLZ Barry last night and cataloged over 200 movies in less than 45 minutes. It was so easy and fun - even my wife and kids were amazed.
I cannot wait to move on to my 4,000+ cd's, lp's, etc. with Music Collector! — Chris Simpson (USA) on Movie Collector
January 03, 2014
This is such a fantastic program that I will be using it for the rest of my life. To my knowledge there is not other program that can compare to your program. All I have to do is import my text file listing my movie titles and you system does the rest for me. All I have to do is point and click and presto, all the information for the movie is instantly added to my database. Simply fantastic program. — Larry E Weidner (USA) on Movie Collector