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Movie Collector reviews

December 04, 2003
Splendidly simple and effective
Just a note to thank you for the new "Add a Movie" wizard interface in v.4.1. It is splendidly simple and effective.

Even though I had mastered the ins and outs of the advanced interface in v.4.0, I find this new wizard even better and it will most certainly be appreciated by newbies.

Once again, thanks. You have not only honored the feature requests I have sent you, but you continue to improve an already great product. That's what great Shareware authors do, and it is MUCH appreciated. — Guruka Singh Khalsa on Movie Collector

October 02, 2003
High quality
Movie Collector is truly a great program, having so much thought put into it, that it is small wonder it has gained so many top awards along the way.

As with any program worth its salt, no matter what the complexity involved; one should be able to grasp the basic concepts within a few minutes without having to read a complicated manual. Movie Collector easily comes into that category, where even the most inexperienced user can run the program to its full potential without having to read anything at all!

Thank you for a great program of such high quality. — Michael Lambert on Movie Collector

July 07, 2003
Can't believe how easy it is
My mother has just purchased this program for me and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant! At times I feel like I am running a video store and keeping track of our DVD's can be a nightmare, of which you have solved.

I cant believe how easy it is to use and the range of data input information is incredible. Shall be recommending to all! — Natalie Shears on Movie Collector

April 16, 2003
You are always improving it
I just have to say you guys are the best. I have been using your program for about a year now. At first I used the demo and then purchased the full version.

I am very critical with programs especially the ones you pay for. The reasons I love this program is that you guys update it constantly. Meaning you are always improving it. That's great. Basically that means that you are always improving my investment.

Next is that the program is just great. Easy to use and print. I mean come on I put a movie in within secs not minutes. I have over 400 movies and you know a brotha needs to keep them organized. — Bald Guy on Movie Collector