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CLZ Music reviews

December 27, 2011
It works flawless. Easy sync from PC to iPhone via WLAN. Love it!
Especially when going to the flea market or record stores looking to add to my collection. — Jens Mandel on CLZ Music
November 26, 2011
This is the one
Fantastic no more duplicate albums. — Bradleycg1 on CLZ Music
November 15, 2011
Great app!
This is the way to never again buy duplicates of CD's you already own.
It just take some minutes to install and transfer your collection to your mobile device. Works wonderful and there is no hassle or learning to get it work.

Thank you guys for a great addition to the regular software. — Conny T on CLZ Music

November 13, 2011
Super app
Makes it even more fun to have Music Collector. — R. A on CLZ Music
November 10, 2011
I give this app FIVE well-earned stars because of the generally brilliant programming and customer support for ALL the Collectors apps (Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad).

To everyone who is considering downloading this... I highly recommend you do so.
I'm positive Alwin and the team will be continually working on all the CLZ apps to also jump on possible minor glitches and make the apps even better than they already are! — Alan Hennessy on CLZ Music

November 02, 2011
Perfect program
It's the first time for me to have all my collection in a perfect well organized database.
Thanks — Hossam Fawzy on CLZ Music
October 31, 2011
Very useful app
Years ago I used to carry a bulky printout of my music collection with me, to use when I went to record stores (that's what we called them then), in order to avoid purchasing duplicates.
Now, with this extremely useful Music Collector app, I always have my entire music database with me.

It is definitely one of the best apps on my iPhone. — M35d on CLZ Music

October 30, 2011
Outstanding App
This is really an outstanding App when you also use the Collectorz music database. The both of them gives you access everywhere anytime to all data regarding your music collection, in my case classical music.
And the support the people from Collectorz are giving you is top knotch.
Exeptional nowadays. Heartily recommended. — Xpawn on CLZ Music
September 30, 2011
Good but basic
Good app for basic need when carrying your catalog with you. — scheiner on CLZ Music
August 14, 2011
Catalog your music
Collectorz gives you a great way to take your music catalog on the road. You enter the details on your PC/Mac and then sync it to CLZ Music HD.
It makes good use of the iPad screen real estate and the covers look gorgeous on the screen :-)

Entry on the PC/Mac is very fast. Collectorz will scan a CD, read a bar code, or find an album by name. Once it's done that it pulls all the details from the Collectorz servers via the Internet. You just check the details and press "OK". — MuddyDogs on CLZ Music

July 29, 2011
This is a great app for all users of music collectoz.
Easy to use and great to keep up with my CD collection. — Petrus Plekker on CLZ Music
May 15, 2011
Good way to keep track...
This app provides an excellent facility for keeping track of one's CDs.
I have a large collection of CDs, and on occasion I have accidentaly purchased duplicates - this app does away with that problem.
Used in conjuction with the pc version CDs may be scanned or manually entered on the pc, and then synchronised with the Ipad to provide detailed information.
CD details may be viewed in different formats on the Ipad. — MottoMaru on CLZ Music
February 02, 2011
Great Companion
I do quite a bit of used CD shopping, and with over 4,000 CD's it can become difficult to keep track if everything.
I already had all of my CD's cataloged in the Collectorz database in my Mac, so this app was a no-brainer. — Jason Junker on CLZ Music
January 26, 2011
Great Companion App
Been using the Music Collector software for some time now, but this app is wonderful as it allows me to carry my data around with me at all times.

Very useful when shopping to avoid duplicate purchases, or to simply reference when you want to remind yourself of some detail from your collection. — John Kilcar on CLZ Music