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CLZ Music reviews

December 06, 2013
Works great
I have to say I am enjoying using this. The data available could better but I assume it will be as more people contribute to it. — PK1957 on CLZ Music
September 28, 2013
Clz disc organizer
Works as advertized. Worth the money. — AG 2013 on CLZ Music
September 21, 2013
Collecting done right. Your stuff and people rawk out loud!!!! — Chris Crowley on CLZ Music
August 06, 2013
Great app
And finally I just wanna say that this is a great app. Has helped me avoiding buying music that I already have (and I have a lot). — Arild on CLZ Music
February 08, 2013
Niet meer verplicht om de desktop software te upgraden
Ik gebruik de app alleen maar om te checken of ik CD's al heb als ik in de winkel sta, en heb geen behoefte om de perfect werkende desktop versie te upgraden.
Goede zet dus! — Tee-joo on CLZ Music
January 25, 2013
Very good
This is the best software to catalog my collection of CD covers everything.
Very good recommend. — Moryart on CLZ Music
January 22, 2013
Great Program
I have over 6,000 books catalog end and over in Collectorz. It is great to be able to carry around the knowledge of everything that I own. It has saved me many times from buying duplicated.
This is a program that you can easily is also used by the developers. The program is very optimized for speed of entry and flexibility. This app does what it says very bell and integrate well with the PC version. — Happy User for over 4 years on CLZ Music
January 22, 2013
Clz Music Collector
What an Awesome Top Shelf App! Just love it, thanks — BigGun55 on CLZ Music
January 22, 2013
I like it
Super — Guido Deprez on CLZ Music
January 22, 2013
Top app!
Geweldige app om je muziekcollectie in bij te houden (ipad/laptop), te delen met anderen (online) en altijd bij je te hebben (iphone). De sync functie maakt het mogelijk en makkelijk; nooit meer met dubbele albums thuiskomen... :-). — spadille72 on CLZ Music
January 22, 2013
Finally! What an app!
Finally i can see my collection on the go and syncing could not be easier!
Thanks guys!!! — ParanoiD6666 on CLZ Music
January 22, 2013
Just Rocks!
You can use your wish list and show proof to what you have for you Beatle collection. — RichK90113 on CLZ Music
January 21, 2013
It's the best
Really really excellent app. I'm waiting the new update supporting multi language fonts. Greek and Foreign. — Filter Ego on CLZ Music
January 21, 2013
CLZ Music
Naprosto perfektní,po aktualizaci nemám co vytknout. — abroll on CLZ Music
January 21, 2013
Clz Music
Works fine for me — RonAbes on CLZ Music
January 21, 2013
Top drawer app
OMG did not think it possible you guys are the best keep up the excellent development — theledgend on CLZ Music
January 21, 2013
Werkt perfect, kan overal mijn collectie laten zien. — Dennis van Brandenburg on CLZ Music
January 21, 2013
Great product!
Very happy with it! — Maarten van Zutphen on CLZ Music
January 21, 2013
Great App. Essential for the serious collector
A must for those who take their music collection serious.
The Collectorz company excells also in great customer support! — Xpawn on CLZ Music
January 21, 2013
Superb app
Really good app for your music collection, gets better and better with every update. With the latest version for iPad/iPhone they really nailed it.
Superb support, quick answer and always very helpful. — ConnyOlivetti on CLZ Music
January 21, 2013
Wouldn't be without it!
Used to hate buying vinyl and CDs only to find when I got home, I already had a copy but now with this app, it's just a case of a quick look at me phone and job's a good 'un. :)) — Araimay on CLZ Music
January 21, 2013
Great tool now with cloud technology
I have entered the world of serious CD collecting and have decided to start with the support of software. After some searches my selection ended on Collectorz with one small limitation - it was not cloud based.

But with the CLZ Music 2 release my dream came true. Now I have fill desktop functionality on my NB as well as full acess to my collection from any device (iPhone, iPad). It is very handy when ever I shop for new CDs or chat with friends and we review each other new arrivals. — Mantazu on CLZ Music

January 21, 2013
Collector Z Music - Collectors Dream
Fantastic product for organizing a large music collection. I have nearly 2,000 vinyl albums and over 1,000 CD's. CollectorZ Music puts them at my fingertips. Instantly find an album with complete contents if album or CD.
Best part it interacts with my iPhone and iPad. Keeps me from buying duplicates. — Larry N on CLZ Music
January 21, 2013
Works as designed it's great like all the applications from Collector.com
I have been using Movie, Music, Photo & Mp3 collector for over 10 years.
They are the best! — Kalman8 on CLZ Music
January 17, 2013
Per chi, come me, possiede tanti dischi, abbinata al programma per pc, e' l'applicazione perfetta. Adesso non rischio più di comprare due volte lo stesso CD. È non devo andare più in giro con la stampa cartacea dell'elenco dei dischi che ho. Non capisco alcune recensioni negative, appena installata e sincronizzata, tutto ha funzionato per il meglio. Grande! — anurie2004 on CLZ Music
January 17, 2013
Unica nel suo genere
FANTASTICA!!!!! — Gnagnoo on CLZ Music