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Reviews from customers

December 31, 2016
I love your product, I think it is the best cataloging software out there. — Norbert Nagy on CLZ Games
December 30, 2016
Rad, nuff said. — Ulex Stovetop on CLZ Games
December 29, 2016
Great app! Must have!
Great app to keep a list of your games! I love that you can edit the cover, titles, etc. Its bar scanner works great as well! — Chaosparks on CLZ Games
December 29, 2016
CLZ Games
I feel so organized :) — Robere Pinas on CLZ Games
December 29, 2016
Keeps me from buying the same game twice and track what games I want to buy
I have the desktop version as well and it's great as well. It's great for people with large collections of video games. It's a must have to stay organized. — Wilbert Cedeño on CLZ Games
December 20, 2016
Makes it really simple to manage my collection. I love this app. — Ps1fanatic on CLZ Games
December 20, 2016
So far so good
A few games didn't match and I didn't know it til the end so I had to go thru 80 games to figure out which ones. THAT was a drag but probably something that I did wrong or wasn't paying attention. Have the music version and over 5000 cds and truly love it. Will probably buy this game and the video and maybe even the book versions. — bballbm on CLZ Games
December 19, 2016
the Best app for thé collectors games. — Bilal El Otmani on CLZ Games
December 18, 2016
Easy to use. — Tim Bennett on CLZ Games
December 13, 2016
Awesome collection program. I always use it :)
Thank you for making this, i'll be a long time customer. — Ricardo Cruz (Portugal) on Game Collector
December 11, 2016
Great organization app
This is a great app to help keep track of your game collection! Easy to use and incredibly useful. — Chris Gaboury on CLZ Games
December 05, 2016
Great for keeping track of games. — Nach03 ch33z3 on CLZ Games
December 03, 2016
Preventing me from buying duplicates
I have had your CLZ games product for a few years and really enjoy it. It makes my collection a lot easier to use and has saved me a lot of money in preventing me from buying duplicates of things. Also I really like the fact that people can look at my collection publicly. It really has been great. — Cliff Friedel (USA) on Game Collector
November 30, 2016
So far so good
I've as of yet to find a snag or limitation on my ability to add games to the collection. It's as straight forward a solid app as you would expect. — Ryan Martinez on CLZ Games
November 29, 2016
I love it
It's a great app and I love it. The only issue that was annoying me was fixed: the auto-rotate ignoring the system preference. Therefore, everything is great. Thanks. — Weslley Leandro on CLZ Games
November 28, 2016
Really good
This is great; gets even better if you buy the pc app. Totally worth the $$ — Chris Charla on CLZ Games
November 27, 2016
Absolutely AWESOME! — czechboy62 on CLZ Games
November 27, 2016
Great app
Has helped me make sense of 2500 games so I don't keep buying the same ones! — CHRIS GODDARD on CLZ Games
November 22, 2016
The best software out there
We have the games, movies and books. We also have them synced across all of our devices. No more buying duplicates! — LM S on CLZ Games
November 13, 2016
Excellent !
J aurai aimé une version gratuite avec pub mais tampis je paierai les 15e pour la version complète car c'est très pratique :) — Benjamin Pascaud on CLZ Games
November 12, 2016
Best ever. Worth every penny
Simple to used and even gives you total value of your collection. I have over 4200 games and no longer buy duplicates I don't want. Take it with me everywhere. — wayne barry on CLZ Games
November 10, 2016
Great and accurate
I have a lot of video games and this app helps me keep track of my personal collection just in case some one tries to steal one my games I can double check in this app if I do have a copy of that game. — capone paperstacks on CLZ Games
November 07, 2016
Worth the money
I like that you can sync to all of your devices. — James Connolly on CLZ Games
November 05, 2016
Fácil de utilizar y rápido de aprender... — Eric Ruiz on CLZ Games
November 05, 2016
Nice database
Works perfectly. — CitizenX0001 on CLZ Games
November 04, 2016
Pretty much what I've been looking for
I am a fan. This app has put my entire collection at my finger tips and I appreciate that. — Tewbacco the Wookiee on CLZ Games
November 01, 2016
Gerardo app
IT is THE best game database. — Tsunamiuno on CLZ Games
October 31, 2016
CLZ Games
Very user friendly. — Joshua.Gropp on CLZ Games
October 27, 2016
Awesome app!!!!
Excellent app! — Rudywww on CLZ Games
October 25, 2016
CLZ Games
Luv it. — OGENO on CLZ Games
October 24, 2016
This is the game collection software I have been looking for. I even bought an inexpensive windows machine to use it. For those of you having hard time adding games you can simply make a list and import from text. I have output my game lists to CSV files and imported. The software does all the rest.
Great program! — Rich Trabucco (USA) on Game Collector
October 24, 2016
Awesome app!
It just works! — Ace Ramone on CLZ Games
October 24, 2016
The best collecting app,period!
I've used many apps for my game collection, and this one is the best. I also use the desktop app with this and it really is amazing. I don't mind that I had to pay because this truly is the best app for collecting. — jason koundry on CLZ Games
October 20, 2016
Mega Software
Bin begeistert. Funktioniert wie es soll. Einfach zu bedienen und sehr hilfreich. Mit jedem update wird es besser und besser. — siko milan on CLZ Games
October 19, 2016
Great idea!
Awesome. — Jessica Kays on CLZ Games
October 15, 2016
Great App
Love being able to keep track of my games. — green3695 on CLZ Games
October 15, 2016
Great app. Fast Barcode scanning and good database. — Brad Gold on CLZ Games
October 12, 2016
CLZ Games
Love it. — Thomas Putney on CLZ Games
October 10, 2016
Best Video Game Collection App
For sure worth the full version now to add the rest of collection. — Gamer Alley VT on CLZ Games
October 10, 2016
Worth buying
Brilliant database :) — Timo Kuusinen on CLZ Games
October 07, 2016
Super Tool für Sammler. In Verbindung mit dem PC Windows Programm einfach genial. — Rainer Schankin on CLZ Games
October 05, 2016
CLZ Games
Good for organizing. — Eddy Hernandez on CLZ Games
October 02, 2016
Nice app
Works fine and great companion to the desktop application. My collection is with me all the time and I can look up games asap! — Unlimit10 on CLZ Games
October 02, 2016
Love it
Great and easy to use. Love to keep track of my collection. — Jessickarh on CLZ Games
September 28, 2016
I use 5 of the Clz apps, along with the PC versions as it is often more convenient when at home! — goubs on CLZ Games
September 22, 2016
So useful
I use this app to an unhealthy degree. I started collecting retro games a few years ago, and this helps me keep track of over 30 years of software. I love it! — Wonkoo on CLZ Games
September 21, 2016
Sammlung ordnen
Die beste App um meine Gamessammlung zu ordnen. — criplash on CLZ Games
September 20, 2016
So handy
I love having this app with me on the go. It's great for keeping tabs on newer stuff I have loaned out, but most importantly, for reminding me what older stuff I'm looking for when I'm shopping for games. Easy to use, the only hard part is remembering to keep it up to date, but that is my problem. — Robin Watchorn on CLZ Games
September 19, 2016
Ayy boss
I love this app already! Organizing my collection and whatnot. The premium version is worth a buy! — PIXELIZED PERSPECTIVE on CLZ Games
September 17, 2016
CLZ Games
Love it! — Austin Freeze on CLZ Games
September 17, 2016
Amazing app and awesome ability to keep track of my games
The best app out there to keep track of your games. — Johnny Rockstar on CLZ Games
September 16, 2016
Great little app
Had an issue with the iaps but the devs fixed it very quickly. Great app. Highly recommended. — Went to school on CLZ Games
September 15, 2016
Clz Games Android
Woow nice new interface! — openacanofwopass on CLZ Games
September 14, 2016
Mega Software
Bin begeistert. Funktioniert wie es soll. Einfach zu bedienen und sehr hilfreich. — siko milan on CLZ Games
September 13, 2016
Best on !ANDROID!
Tried them all.This is the best one on !ANDROID! That's the most polished. — The Hyper Gamer on CLZ Games
September 11, 2016
Great App for Video Game Collectors!
It's a real great app! I tried other before and none of them worked as nicely as this one. As a video game collector I really recommend this app. — LouieMx on CLZ Games
September 10, 2016
Awesome file system. — shintabattousai7 on CLZ Games
September 09, 2016
CLZ Games
Don't no how I lived without it. — David Birdsall on CLZ Games
September 05, 2016
Awsome app
Love this app for keeping track of my games. If you have a lot of games it helps when you are buying new ones so you avoid duplicates. — Raymonaco on CLZ Games
September 04, 2016
Great on the go
Love it, very user friendly and great to have on the go when your looking for games for your collection. Would recommend to anyone that collects games. — Chris Brocuglio on CLZ Games
September 02, 2016
Love it
Easy to use and helps so much. — A Google user on CLZ Games
August 31, 2016
The ONLY solution
My fellow game collectors, if you do not have this app already, it is the most important item missing from your collection. Until I had this, my game collecting efforts were stuck in the stone age. This app has saved me countless times from accidentally buying duplicates and games for other systems I already own. Even with my large collection of games than span across multiple platforms, this app allows powerful and unprecedented access to my entire collection on the go, where I need it most. The easy to use interface and multiple sorting and viewing options make this app not only a useful tool but a joy to use. It is simply the BEST and ONLY real solution for every game collector that wants to elevate their collecting efforts to the next level. On top of everything, I can honestly say from personal experience that this company has SUPERLATIVE customer service and support. Why are you still reading and haven't downloaded it yet? Download it now and tell your friends. Tell your enemies too. Once they get this app and realize how amazingly awesome it is, your recommendation just might be the one thing that can bring peace and harmony to us all. — A Google user on CLZ Games
August 31, 2016
Seem productive
Has a place for all my games of all genres and platforms. — Carl Estes on CLZ Games
August 29, 2016
A well organized user interface and enables transfer between devices, AWESOME! — JoeZiehmer on CLZ Games
August 28, 2016
Data base app
Love it, great way to keep up with my games. — Shawn Bennett on CLZ Games
August 26, 2016
Incredibly awesome!!
So easy and great customization. Allows you to makes notes, we'll worth the 15 dollars! — Brennan Spencer on CLZ Games
August 25, 2016
Amazing app
Allows you to just scan your collection in minutes! — Jake Simpson on CLZ Games
August 24, 2016
Very very good app. — Awesomist17 on CLZ Games
August 24, 2016
Collection in my pocket
Really useful. — manuel martinez on CLZ Games
August 23, 2016
Superba applicazione per collezionisti,trova anche titoli davvero rari e old. — Juri Lebowsky on CLZ Games
August 19, 2016
Biblioteca de games
Este aplicativo é demais! Como é bom catalogar meus games aqui. Super recomendo! — acacioivo on CLZ Games
August 18, 2016
Best game sorting app I've used. Worth the small price to unlock! — Bernie Lindell on CLZ Games
August 16, 2016
It is ...
Awesome. Has both new and retro games. A must have for game collectors. — Allen Rodriguez on CLZ Games
August 14, 2016
Totally clean easy to understand overall beautiful!!!!! :-) superb job putting together. — Terry Noble on CLZ Games
August 13, 2016
Very helpful app!
Helps me keep track of my PS1 games! — IG @sethrollinsnation on CLZ Games
August 07, 2016
CLZ Games
Bonne Application. — Maxime Puybonnieux on CLZ Games
August 04, 2016
Unique Collector
Oh Boy. — NewgroundsYes SouthParkNo on CLZ Games
August 03, 2016
Love this app a lot. So far I haven't a single problem with adding my games, everyone of them are in the database. I'm not sure if there's a borrowed selection but that would be awesome if there was one. — +R3d7um+ on CLZ Games
August 02, 2016
Mega Software
Bin begeistert. Funktioniert wie es soll. Einfach zu bedienen und sehr hilfreich. — siko milan on CLZ Games
July 31, 2016
CLZ Games
Brutal. — Badelote S on CLZ Games
July 29, 2016
It does the job!
It's easy to search for titles, allows you different level to organizing your collection, layout is nice and it puts it in alphabetical order! Downloaded this app first actually deleted it to try other came back it's the best one out there. — Capodon Yeti on CLZ Games
July 25, 2016
Fácil uso y completa
Sencilla de manejar y de mantener en diferentes dispositivos. Gran base de datos. — Emili Bocigas on CLZ Games
July 23, 2016
Love it!
Cannot rate the app highly enough. Perfect for any avid game collector. Easy to use. Great support. BEST in the app store. — David J Quinn on CLZ Games
July 23, 2016
Einfach genial
Noch einfacher und schneller kann man nicht seine ganze Sammlung erfassen. — Stefan W on CLZ Games
July 22, 2016
It's the best
Originally thought there were limitations but their aren't thanks to helpful advise. This is best app of its kind on the market and we'll worth the money. Great work. — Liam Roberts on CLZ Games
July 20, 2016
Best App for Video Game Collectors
This cloud based video game data base app will save you time and headaches. You can scan or manually input your video games. It spans pretty much every system from C64, TG16,NES,PC,XBOX 1, PS1, Virtual Boy,Sega Genesis, ect... — kfarrel6 on CLZ Games
July 19, 2016
I'd does what you want it to. I'm using it to track what games I have completed. — Riaan Kruger on CLZ Games
July 17, 2016
Good app to keep track of your games
Im using it with my physical copies. — Gaizka ib on CLZ Games
July 10, 2016
Prima software om je game collectie mee bij te houden
Meeste games worden herkend op basis van streepjes code (ook de oude retro games) er fijne en overzichtelijke app. Aanrader! — Frankii2011 on CLZ Games
July 10, 2016
Just started and this app is great!!! — CGAAQUA on CLZ Games
July 09, 2016
Love scanning barcodes to enter my games! — Gt80g on CLZ Games
July 09, 2016
Been a satisfied customer for a few years now using the movies
and game software. — Carol DeMoss Storey (USA) on Game Collector
July 08, 2016
Keeping tabs are enjoyable
Awesome. — eevee445 on CLZ Games
July 07, 2016
Great databases
Great way to keep track. — Chris Ricci on CLZ Games
July 07, 2016
I got this after getting CLZ MOVIES, which I love! (I have the unlimited database purchased for CLZ MOVIES) Set it up, logged in with my existing account. I love that it identifies ps3, ps4, Xbox one, etc. I got the expanded database and CLZ games is synced to the cloud and now my husband knows what we own and won't accidentally buy duplicates. App support is great. Emails are answered quickly. — Katherine Rosenthal on CLZ Games
July 04, 2016
Get it!!!
Get this app if you are a game collector!!! Love it!! — Gueropelirojo on CLZ Games
July 02, 2016
Almost perfect
A great app for tracking your collection, especially when used in tandem with the desktop version and cloud sync. The only gripes stopping me awarding 5 stars are its tendency to default to US titling - many games have different titles in PAL territories - and the lack of a pricing feature. Other than that, it's the best tracker I've used! — Matt Dillon on CLZ Games
July 01, 2016
Collector's Dream!
Great app for keeping track of your game collection! Keeps track of what games you have by system and also has a wish list section to keep track of games you are looking for. — SamWiseSAF on CLZ Games
July 01, 2016
Greatly improved over the last months. The database still lacks some European barcodes but finding the games by title works. — Manuel Priester on CLZ Games
June 30, 2016
Good App
Great App for game collectors. You can have all your game list in one app also it give you good description and info about each game you added. — Uaer on CLZ Games
June 29, 2016
Game Collector
Superb game collection app from retro to new! — Darren Maycock on CLZ Games
June 24, 2016
Easy yet efficient
Ray Charles could've used this app with ease. User friendly interface and not glitchy. — Larry Robinson on CLZ Games
June 20, 2016
La mejor de su tipo
Cumple perfectamente y es muy fácil de usar. No le encuentro ninguna carencia. — FRAN Ortega on CLZ Games
June 18, 2016
No more doubles
CLZ games has been incredibly helpful for keeping my game collection organized. It also prevents me from buying doubles, so over time it pays for itself. Great software! — Cliff Friedel on CLZ Games
June 16, 2016
At last I've found an app for my video game collection that works great. — Bloodyjames on CLZ Games
June 14, 2016
Great app
This help keep all my games. So I know what games I have for what system. — Rickspub on CLZ Games
June 14, 2016
Great app keeps getting better
I love the fact I can use this app across platforms. My son and I use android and iOS so we can always keep our collection up to date without having to ask the other which games we already have. — George Llama on CLZ Games
June 13, 2016
Great Game Catalogue
This app really has everything and has an elegant way of charging you for having a large collection. At $5 per thousand games in a Cloud database is pretty reasonable. The scanning makes, cataloging CIB games a breeze. — Beaut0x on CLZ Games
June 09, 2016
Great app! — Shawn Reddex on CLZ Games
June 09, 2016
Money saver
Online services are making duplicate purchases common place. Buy this and save duplication and save cash. — Craig Giles on CLZ Games
June 07, 2016
Huge fan
Your products are amazing and second to none. — Josh Martin on CLZ Games
June 06, 2016
Keep getting better
Have been a loyal user of the desktop and mobile apps for many years and they just keep getting better. Highly recommended for collectors to help keep track of all your games and hardware. — Tehkella Neverwinter on CLZ Games
June 02, 2016
Love cataloging my games
Easy to scan in barcodes or update manually so that you can review your collection when ever you like. I think its cool. Got the films one too. — Kiidou on CLZ Games
May 30, 2016
Amazing Game Collector
100% recommended. Amazing!!! — Diegodnr on CLZ Games
May 28, 2016
Actually scans!
Tried other apps and this is the first one to actually scan my barcodes! Nice setup, easy to use and I can see all my games! — Philly Starkey on CLZ Games
May 28, 2016
Best Cataloging Program
Scanned over 1000 games in a matter of a few hours. Finds all cover art. You can type your game in and it will let you pick your variant (limited, steel book). Very nice. Worth every penny. Bought the full unlimited version, use it on multiple devices. 5 star in my book. (LG G4) — Ozzy Oswald on CLZ Games
May 26, 2016
Five Stars!
Just Perfect. — Raphael Kariger on CLZ Games
May 16, 2016
Dream come true!!!
I love this app, its the best one out there, if you need to keep track of your games look no further i highly recommend it. — Fabian Ortega on CLZ Games
May 15, 2016
Another Great Catalog tool from CLZ
Another great catalog tool from CLZ for video games. I was losing track of what I have and don't especially for digital games and handhelds with missing boxes. Does what it should with ease. — Kemanorel Kin on CLZ Games
May 11, 2016
Solid Database App
One of the better apps for database use. Was a bit annoyed you only got 100 free entries, but was okay to buy more to cover collection. — RichVGS on CLZ Games
May 11, 2016
Me a salvado la vida!
Cuando llevas mas de 10 años coleccionando videojuegos necesitas llevar un orden, y ciertamente esta app es la mas completa de todas las que e usado se complementa con el PC perfectamente. Si fuese en castellano seria lo máximo! — GAME CLOUD CHANNEL on CLZ Games
May 06, 2016
Simple et complète Un must à avoir. — Ebi we on CLZ Games
May 03, 2016
Easy to use
It is what it is it works well and is easy to use. — Jon Jenneke on CLZ Games
May 03, 2016
Great App
Adding games is great! Never have to worry about buying the same game twice. I have the Comic and Movie apps can't wait to use those as well. — Mario Saldana on CLZ Games
April 30, 2016
I have so many
I have so many games that I can never remember all of them. Using this app I can catalogue them all and categorise them. This way I can easily find them all and others can see my collection. It's a great app. — Marcus O'Brien on CLZ Games
April 30, 2016
Game Collector
Superb game collection app from retro to new! — Darren Maycock on CLZ Games
April 25, 2016
Verzamel er op los
Fijne app. Werkt lekker. Je hebt zo je collectie er in staan via de barcode scan functie. Lekker overzichtelijk. — Thanos_666 on CLZ Games
April 19, 2016
It's great
With a collection of well over 400 titles I love the app. I don't have to worry about buying double of anything. Been using the app as well as the pc version for a few years now. I am glad that I was able to unlock the unlimited usage since I payed for the app a few years back. — Joshua Sweeney on CLZ Games
April 17, 2016
Incredibly useful
Using it to organize and scan games is a breeze! — Stephen Swan on CLZ Games
April 17, 2016
Très bien
Ça fait quelque année maintenant que je gère ma collection avec clz il et vraiment super complet et fonctionnel. Un ptit coup d'œil à l'apli et hop on c direct si on va acheter in jeux en doublon ou pas super manque juste la langue française et c le top . — Korn62 on CLZ Games
April 17, 2016
Great App for serious collectors
Simply put, this is the best app I've found for tracking my collection. Long in the last are days I haggle at yard sales for 2&3 copies of the same game, or buy ones I already have. It also lets me organize by a ton of filters which is super useful for organizing. Best app I've paid for on the App Store hands down. — Urza208 on CLZ Games
April 12, 2016
The app to manage your collection!
I used to control my collection through an electronic spreadsheet, but it was too manual and not fancy. With CLZ not only can I manage my game collection, it adds extra features like game covers, platform, release dates and the feature that helped me the most: add a game through the barcode! Saved me lots of time! — Don Takumi on CLZ Games
April 12, 2016
Gir god oversikt
Flott app for samlere. Oversiktlig og enkel i bruk. — Pkmaiden on CLZ Games
April 11, 2016
Great support
I don't usually write app reviews, but this app deserves it. I've been using this app for over 4 years in conjunction with the Windows program and I've never had an issue until recently. Customer support was fantastic and resolved my issue in less than a day. 5 stars all the way. — Jim Lewandowski on CLZ Games
April 10, 2016
Great app
Excellent app, by far my favorite on the ipad. Highly recommended. Never had any trouble finding games in the database. Excellent customer service as well. — LordCnt on CLZ Games
April 08, 2016
Pretty cool
Better than using an excel spreadsheet. — SnaZZy_M00gle on CLZ Games
April 08, 2016
Excellent collection tool
I frequently use this to search my collection before making new purchases to make sure of what I do and don't have. It works great. I wish it had more options for show statistics of your collection and customization of icons. — Chris Jelle on CLZ Games
April 07, 2016
So far so good
So far so good added a few games pretty simple, easy. — Legns on CLZ Games
April 06, 2016
Thanks guys. Keep up the awesome work. Best app I've ever bought. — iplayforkeeps0013 (USA) on Game Collector
April 05, 2016
Great organization tool
A complete and robust easy to use user interface. — JoeZiehmer on CLZ Games
April 03, 2016
Very nice app with some excellent graphics. Ability to sort by folders with different categories is very welcome. — arremelle on CLZ Games
April 03, 2016
Must Have !!!
Not just this app but all the Collectorz apps are top Quality..... — Rob Small on CLZ Games
April 03, 2016
Great Collection Database app
Very good app in combination with PC version. Using cloud to sync works flawless. This kind of database app is what every collector needs. Five stars if you can manage to get statistics in the Android app. :) — Niels Kolkman on CLZ Games
April 01, 2016
A must-have for any collector!
Specially useful when you're out hunting for games on garage sales or swap-meets. — Christian Jon Garcia Cox on CLZ Games
April 01, 2016
No complaints!
Not too bad! I don't mind paying for extra space, as I have 1,000's of titles. It's worth it to keep them organized in the palm of my hand. I'll test it with some more obscure titles I own soon..... I'll update this then, and then maybe boost that score to 5 if handles them all. — Aladdin66 on CLZ Games
March 31, 2016
Awesome app!
I've been using Collectorz software to catalog my game collection for about 6 years now. Each update provides more ways to better find and organize titles, the customer support is great and using the Android app along with the Windows version, I can add out in the wild, sync with the cloud and make edits at home. I will continue to support Collectorz as long as they are around. Don't hesitate - buy now! — Jason Romano on CLZ Games
March 30, 2016
Love it even more with the update
Thank you for fixing the problem i had. The update is excellent .. i can now recommend this application to all my friends..best application for games ever.. — Theyab Me on CLZ Games
March 30, 2016
Fantastic app
I love this app I use it to log my whole game collection. It's a really cool how they add the pictures & making grouping by system easy. — Povertmobile on CLZ Games
March 30, 2016
Best app ever
Best app I've ever had for organizing my collection would never be able to switch now. — rocksolid gaming on CLZ Games
March 24, 2016
Game Collection
One word, outstanding! — Basil The Sane on CLZ Games
March 21, 2016
Great games database
Easy to setup, use and customise. Would recommend especially if you use both steam and gog to keep track of both together. — Miltiades on CLZ Games
March 16, 2016
Slick product
Best game collecting app. Nothing else I've tried comes close. — MarkoGee on CLZ Games
March 16, 2016
Best app for game collectors, simple and basic to use... No complaints. — TiggerXII on CLZ Games
March 11, 2016
For me the best App for categorizing my Videogames!! Must have!! — Jad31 on CLZ Games
March 09, 2016
A Game Collector Must Have
Fun, easy, powerful. — Pete408 on CLZ Games
March 06, 2016
Muy práctica
Para llevar un control de mi colección de videojuegos. Además puedo puntuarlos y marcar si me los he acabado. — ThaSniper on CLZ Games
March 06, 2016
Nuff said...;) — Morgawr on CLZ Games
March 06, 2016
CLZ Games
I will say that this is a fantastic way to organize your games and gives the user satisfaction once they have everything updates. Looks great, easy to use, and no bugs I've come in contact with.... What I do wish is that there was a back button on each screen and settings to make your default view what you want. In the end though you will find yourself enjoying this app if you're a game collector such as myself. — BurmyKnowsBest on CLZ Games
March 03, 2016
Good app for your game collection
This app is for you to have your own games at home and use scan the game and keep your memories for your favorite games. — Vrvjr on CLZ Games
March 02, 2016
Great App
Love how quick and easy this app is. I run a few apps from this company and have no problem paying for the quality and ease of use that comes with each one. — Anibu410 on CLZ Games
March 01, 2016
Great for keeping track of my games!
Could use a boxed or unboxed checking system for my old cartridge collection, otherwise it's great! The barcode scanner is a thing of beauty! Even scanned my NES and Master System games! Wonderful! — Gamesnotmoney on CLZ Games
February 27, 2016
The best app I've used to catalogue my games! I've tried a lot of then and this is the best option! — Rodrigo Reche on CLZ Games
February 25, 2016
Great library for video games
Pleasant surprise for a free app. Just scan your barcode of your game or manually enter the game by searching the online database. Games automatically get put in alphabetical order. Nice to keep a list of owned games with you on your phone so that you know what games you need or have! Wish there wasn't a limit for the amount of games though! — Yrrag Nosral on CLZ Games
February 24, 2016
Great way to see what games I ha e in my collection while I'm out game hunting. — Hutnah Jones on CLZ Games
February 21, 2016
Very impressed
So far I have been using this app for 48 hours. I am really amazed at the amount of information that there database has as far as bar code to relevant data. Provides trailers for each game, a small bit about each game, and the ability to rate and give notes on each game. — ShadwProphet on CLZ Games
February 19, 2016
Great dub program!
I have used Gamecollectorz many years and love the iPad edition. They have made some awesome improvements ! — Aaron512 on CLZ Games
February 15, 2016
Parfait pour gérer sa collection
C'est l'appli la plus jolie pour gérer sa collec, il ne manque qu'une gestion des prêts et ce serait top. — Pinot 33 on CLZ Games
February 15, 2016
Wird immer besser
Echt gute App für Sammler die kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt wird! Als ich via App in einer Version keine Hardware mehr hinzufügen konnte, gab es nach einer Mail an den Support direkt drei Monate kostenlos Cloudzugriff um meine Hardware am Rechner hinzufügen zu können. Daumen hoch dafür! Einige Funktionen der Cloud wie "aktueller Wert" nach Pricecharting.com wäre für die App noch wünschenswert. — Al Whoa on CLZ Games
February 14, 2016
Gebruik de app al jaren maar ben er vooral erg tevreden over dat nu bijna alle Europese games ook ondersteund worden. Was vroeger voornamelijk Amerikaans gericht. Enigste flaw is bij het bekijken van een filmpje wat bij het spel hoort je het scherm van je divice niet mag draaien, want dan stopt het filmpje (minor bug). Desondanks dat euvel en de prijs zeker meer dan 5 sterren waard. — Polke de peer on CLZ Games
February 14, 2016
This app is just what it says it is. Five stars. — Cubbieman84 on CLZ Games
February 13, 2016
Awesome app
This is by far my favorite app. It is great to have my collection on my ipod and the search is great for finding games in a hurry. This app works great on my iPad, iPhone, and Mac. By far the best app for keeping track of games. — cconwell on CLZ Games
February 11, 2016
Great app
So far I'm really enjoying the app. It does a great job of keeping track of my collection. — Ratedgforgamers on CLZ Games
February 08, 2016
Best app
The best app to keep tracking of the games you already have. — Bymbones on CLZ Games
February 06, 2016
Buena App pero su precio es elevado
Esta aplicación tiene una amplia base de datos. He agregado por código de barras muchos videojuegos y es raro el que no reconoce. El precio es un factor que hace dudar para comprarla, pero ya existe la versión gratuita y en base a tus necesidades, puedes ir comprando espacio poco a poco. Dale una oportunidad, es muy buena. — Kamui Shirow on CLZ Games
February 06, 2016
Great app!
Easy cataloging, huge database for 20 bucks! Awesome app for collection. — Mrmenstrate on CLZ Games
February 05, 2016
Great app
Best game database on the appstore. — ThomasSollok on CLZ Games
February 05, 2016
Great App
Best video game collector app I've seen. — Aerek on CLZ Games
February 05, 2016
Cataloging made awesome
This is just another excellent offering from Collectorz.com For any true collector who puts any value in their gaming collection this is the best multiplatform app. Cataloging requires two vital things that this app does quickly, cleanly, and easily... 1. Adding new games to the catalog, and 2. Customizing collection details. Now with a free option for beginners, it's a must have! — Lecks Loother on CLZ Games
January 31, 2016
This is the best app paid or free for video game database I don't pay for apps but I would pay way more for this app great job guys! Now just need a funco pop app let me know when it is ready! — Pb and z on CLZ Games