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Reviews from customers

September 09, 2009
Brilliant program
I now proudly own your excellent program!

Brilliant program and a brilliant support team, perfect!

I can't thank you enough, you've been much easier to deal with than any other company I've encountered! Microsoft could do with taking some tips from you about customer support!! :) — James Stringer (United Kingdom) on Game Collector

August 21, 2009
Works great.
Good companion to their game collection software . I use this program constantly. — ShaddowME on CLZ Games
August 09, 2009
Great app
I have been along time fan of collectoz.com software.
Now that I can have my video game collection on the go I don't buy any duplicate games.
This is great!! — SnappedSteve on CLZ Games
June 24, 2009
Awesome App
This is by far my favorite app.
It is great to have my collection on my ipod and the search is great for finding games in a hurry. — cconwell on CLZ Games
June 19, 2009
My 1,367 games
I love Game Collector and Clz Games. I have it already on my Iphone and lets me track my 1,367 games. You have no idea how many duplicates I used to buy on accident.
And it's great not having to lug a big binder full of lists around.
Now, I'll be able to start doing the same thing with Collectorz Movies!!
Thanks again. — Brian Huffman (USA) on Game Collector
June 01, 2009
Awesome piece of software
Hi Guys -
Well just got this a few days ago and find it an awesome piece of software to use and it's something I've really needed for some time.

I'm scanning everything to show the true state of my collection as I have just CD's,CD's & Manuals and box'd editions and when I'm done it will make buying online via Ebay etc alot easier and I won't end up buying the same game twice like I have done in the past.

My scanner has been running hot since and I hope it doesn't blow up :lol: as I'm only 1/5th (400 entries so far)of the way through my PC game collection. Ian — Ian Eldridge (Australia) on Game Collector