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Reviews from customers

December 05, 2011
Such a great program
I love your Game Collector program, it's is such a great program with amazing'up-to-date' servers. An absolutely fantastic cataloging program! Great job! =D — Stefan Richards (USA) on Game Collector
December 05, 2011
Show Off Your Collection With Pride!
First off, this app is great... I love being able to carry around my collection with me, both for bragging rights and just incase anything were to ever happen to it, God forbid...

Overall, a great little app, the movie one is nice too... — DoctorQuackers on CLZ Games

December 02, 2011
It is perfect!
A while ago I began to make my own game organizing programme and I invested a huge amount of time in it but then some weeks ago I got a condition with my brain which causes me to have problems concentrating and remembering, so I had to stop designing my programme further.
So when I saw yours, I thought it was a bit expensive at first and almost didn't buy it but then I got so happy when I did. It has EVERYTHING I ever wanted in an organizer, it is perfect! Thank You so much for this programme, now I can really organize my 500 games. — B.Y. (USA) on Game Collector
November 25, 2011
Great program!
Works great and is insanely helpful.
Of my 950 games, less than 10 weren't already in the system. I added them easily enough and love this program! — Knuckles the Echidna on CLZ Games
October 31, 2011
Great way to check what games I need while on the road. — Koopa132 on CLZ Games
September 05, 2011
Great work!
Amazing Android apps!
Now Collectorz.com is on my PC, iPad, iPod Touch and now my Android phone! Great work! — Maurizio Pistelli (Italy) on Game Collector
August 31, 2011
One of the finest
One of the finest programs i've ever seen. — Eugen Janke (Denmark) on Game Collector
August 16, 2011
CLZ Games!
Perfect app. Great price!
This app has worked out great for me. I don't know how much money I have wasted not knowing what games I have or don't. This is a great companion app! — Cody on CLZ Games
July 15, 2011
HIGHLY Recommended!
Ive been using Collectorz.com software for my Movie and Game collections since there first release, there programs have come a long way since then.
I HIGHLY recommend any product by clz, there mobile apps further extend the capabilities of there main software letting you have your collection info while on the go. Soon they will be releasing CLZ Barry a barcode scanner app that saves the scans so they can be uploaded to your Collector software on your PC.
Very excited. Don't hesitate, this is a solid app! — HIROLLER on CLZ Games
July 01, 2011
Great viewer
A really cool companion app for the pc database program.
It's great to carry my collection with me to show friend or remind me which games I'm missing.
Keep going with it guys! — blKliZrd on CLZ Games
June 14, 2011
Most Useful App Ever
I use this app daily and I love it. This, in combination with the PC application, has been a life saver for me.
I recommend this to all my friends and I love showing off my Collection on my iPhone and my iPad. I have all the apps.

Thank you for the Best App on iTunes. — EJMorabito on CLZ Games

June 06, 2011
Fantastic software
This program is excellent.
I have categorised my video game collection perfectly and the server is amazing.
Again, though - fantastic software. — Stefan Richards (USA) on Game Collector
May 03, 2011
Easy to use
Use it all the time. Excellent product. — j_caust on CLZ Games
May 02, 2011
Great app
Everything I expected and more. — N on CLZ Games
April 11, 2011
Cool program
I have used many catalogue programs. This is by far the best.
I stopped using my last one due to lack of uptates and support. No such problems with this one. Follow them on facebook and there is lots of info there.
I have the books, movie and now the game programs. — Djmike247 on CLZ Games
March 22, 2011
Love this app!
I have been using this for a while now and find it extremely useful when out and about for referencing games.
Yes, you need the desktop app as well, but it is worth it. — BluePaulH on CLZ Games
January 16, 2011
Wonderful program
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for producing such a wonderful program.
I very rarely buy software like this as quite often I can set up something myself and customize it to what I want. However when I downloaded a trial version of Game Collector I brought it almost immediately once I saw how well designed it was.
I recently upgraded to the Pro version and am disappointed that I did not do so sooner.

Thank you again. — Louise Martin (United Kingdom) on Game Collector